Whatever gives in the Mundaring v Basso game will probably define what will happen to many others in this Round 13, so all eyes on the Red Tails who are cruising through the gear now and looking very smart both home and away. It would be expected to see the rest of the Top 6 continue to move up on the points scale so some movement in the Top 6 is expected but I doubt we'll see any new names within that reshuffle.

L Pickles       ,    C Reynolds    , P Van Der Reese  , R Coumbe        
R Cox, N Marsh, M Dayman, D Gavin
G Bear, K Warne      , M Hagdorn, M Critchell
J Lynch       , M Cousins,     J Doncon        , P Rhodes
INS: P Van Der Reese
OUTS: R Ross

J Krstic, T Lynch, W Davidson, N Kirkup
R Revell, P Madigan, G Stokes, D Snelgar
E O'Sullivan, B Dinnison, B Maynard, T Alden
M Erceg, P Hutchinson, A Cacciopolli, L McKay
INS: No change

As well as Mundaring are travelling I think this one might be a little too much of a stretch for them even at home. They are running very well at the moment but so were a few others until they meant The Lions. In saying that, their performance in R12 at Cambridge was fantastic across all rinks and they haven't lost a game since that very close contest v Yokine in R7. With the 2nd, 3rd & 5th teams all playing the bottom 3 sides, the Red Tails need a big performance here just to maintain all that hard work over the last five rounds. Unfortunately for the Red Tails they have got to have the hardest run from R13 to R17 playing some big teams so any points here will be well appreciated.
Basso were very good last week against a very talented Doubleview team and haven't lost much away from home so it is very hard to discount any aspect of their game whether playing at home or away. From the current setup of skippers they have all 4 in the Top 15 with all those playing a combined 39 games for a miserable 9 losses....ouch.
Mundaring were not far away in the corresponding R4 fixture, losing by only 10shots for a 6-2 loss. In saying that, there is merit in stating that the Mundaring side are certainly playing better now but so are Basso. Basso should probably take this one but if the Red Tails were ever to play the top team I think this week is the perfect time.
Bassendean 7-1


K Edson, A Currie, D Horniman, L Brown
R Vind, S Bartlett, N Blyth, C Youdell
G Beacroft, B O'Brien, G Bateup, P Voon
A Herbert, L Souster, P White, B Arendts
INS: G Bateup
OUTS: P Lees

G Herriot, J Bessant, B Pearce, M Fredericks
G Nelson, C McKenna,     S Whitfield, F Williamson
W Langdon, A Wetzler, S Curtis,     R Castledine
E Johnson, K Cornell, G Papadopoulos, B Leed
INS: No change

If The View haven't seen what is going on over at Rossmoyne over the last few weeks they better start looking at get tuned in for a proper contest but the River Rats are back in style. They have made a few nice changes across some rinks and hitting teams hard right to the end of games.
Doubleview probably will not lose much sleep over last weeks trip to Basso as there was a number of highlights that easily can be taken aboard for the next time they meet (finals)?! It is a week on consolidation for the top 6 so they need 6pts or more from this fixture just to maintain status quo.
Who is not loving what Rossmoyne are bringing for the fight but Doubleview should bounce back from last week to refocus their finals aspirations.
Doubleview 6-2


M McRae, M Petrich, R Negus, P Keeffe
D Bandy, G Reagan, P Holmes,     W Skuza
B Roelefs, V Santostefano, E Munnelly, B Owen
S Kelly, D Mortley, J Percival, S Masterson
INS: R Negus
OUTS: L Moretti

W Manning, G Allen, J Van Der Werdt, M Bolton
G Jones, D Hughes, D Phillips, W Sherrington
A Byres, T Leahy, E Henning, A Ness
S Buckley, P Easom, D Foulsham, B Mason
INS: A Byres, E Henning
OUTS: P Harris, P McShane

South Perth was magnificent last week at Wanneroo and will look to build on that by locking away this home form. Defence will key for this game as The Knights do not mind knocking up some big scoring games and need something big from this fixture to get them out of trouble.
The Millers need this one in the bag to have any chance of heading to Basso in R14 for an epic encounter that will define the finals layout. Rolling Roelofs is steaming along just like last year and the reason he's on top is quite simple, he's only lost 1 game all year (as Rex Cox smiles). And the Bandy rink is playing great and is owning the cans with 5 big carries this year for The Millers, which shows you the bloke has a complete inability to check his rear view mirror and a heavy foot for the finish line.
If Buckley and Manning can hold the charge, the Knights could easily have a nice look at this one with a few ends to go, so the match-ups will be great to see. I think a few will fall foul to Cambridge in the coming weeks when they start matching that talent to the scoring but just maybe not this week.
South Perth 7-1


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, , ,
, , ,
, , ,

W Olive, V Orchard,     M Thomas, R Chalmers
R Cooper,     P Coyle, H Clifford, M Clancy
S Gosstray,      I Cornthwaite,      G McDonald, P Young
A Bartlett, D Wooltorton,   B Farrant, V Hughes
INS: R Chalmers
OUTS: M Potente

Swan urgently need to get home and regroup after 2 disappointing away trips over the last few rounds. Losing to Doubleview and Rossmoyne and accumulating only 2pts on the road have put a serious dent in their Finals chance. After R10 they were only 7pts off top spot but now it is 22pts so it is now more about making that Top 4 from here.
Swan at home are very impressive only losing 1 game all season and beating most of the top teams in the process so it is not hard to see them bounce right back here with a big win. Unfortunately they have 3 of the top 6 teams on the home run so they will see this as an important opportunity to lock away some valuable points. Although they do have Wanneroo and Cambridge over the following few weeks, so plenty of chances to knock together a treble of wins before they hit that dreaded last 3 games.
Probably the wrong time for Kalamunda to head to Swan looking for some much needed points with Swans looking to bounce back, however some might see this as the perfect time to head over there and look to steal a quick start. The Cougars we very good last week against a hot Yokine and have recently applied some very nice team performances. Kalamunda have a tidy run home (until R18) but overall one of the easier runs home so a win here could see them swap spots with Swan, then they have 2 back to back homes games starting with Rossmoyne, so this could be huge for their season.
Swan 6-2


T Kay, W Morrison, J McGrath, B McGrechan
T McGillvray, J West, T Needs, J Kaplan
W Coffee, T Fulcher, M Sharp, F Faigenbaum
P Hunter, M Lemos, J Bills, G Robertson
INS: J West
OUTS: B Gartrell

M Nievelstein, S Denny, K Toster, B Bucowski
C Tee, B Parmenter, J Miller, J Weir
D Anderson, M Golding, M Brown, D Burns
C Buccholz, C Johnson, B McMonagle, D Hampton
INS: J Miller
OUTS: G Sarich

Yokine will look to make amends for one that got away last week with another big performance at home. The Doggies have only lost 1 game at home all season so it won't be easy for The Roos to collect themselves after last weeks loss.
The Roos are without Turra again and this week is probably a week they need him, although like a number of players elevated from various 1 Blue side, he seems to be doing the job quite well up there. Another loss this week for Wanneroo will see them nearly 2 games behind from real safety so that would be a major driver for them to perform well this wkend.
Ykine for me, as they are travelling very well and maybe should of gott something out of last wkend in a tight game. Putting some big scores on the board would certainly help a lowly SD so I can't see Doggies not showing strong for this one.
Yokine 7-1