A quick glance at the ladder shows us that the mighty Cockburn club should be back in First White next pennant season. Remember that it was not that long ago that the Roosters were a dominant force in WA bowls. They now sit sixteen and a half points clear of the chasing pack, and look assured of promotion. Reiterating, that the team on top gains automatic promotion. The next two spots up for grabs in the promotion play offs, will be hotly contested by four teams, namely, Safety Bay, Leeming, Thornlie and Rossmoyne, with only four points separating them on the ladder. So, there are some exciting and anxious times ahead for players and selectors alike in the coming weeks. This week sees one outstanding clash, that between Safety Bay and Leeming down at the bay, should be a ripper.

W Tepania, P Brotherston, D Ravlich, J Wray
Marko Krajancic, J Ricci, M Zusman, L Bloomfield
J Marevich, I Mateljak, J Ravlich, J Sgarlata
M Musulin, M Simunovich, K Yakas, B Blagaich
INS: M Krajancic, J Ravlich
OUTS: G Powell, M Armstrong

B Holland, C Hickinbotham, T Auckland, M Rickard
C Watters, N Tulett, M Beauchamp, I Farley
W Heldt,     S Harris, R Bishop,   D Bradbury
M Crabb, F Carbone, G Lynch, D Innes
INS: No change

The Roosters should bolt this one in, and further cement their spot on top of the ladder, and in the process keep the Kookas on their toes in trying to avoid the bottom four on the table. I note that Marko Krajancic Snr and Johnny Ravlich are back in the top side this week, so this will certainly strengthen them. Steve Srhoy, not likely to be available for a while I have heard. Gosnells struggled at home last week, so I cannot possibly see them being able to challenge the home side in this game.
Cockburn. 7-1


G Dodd, T Simpson, B O’Byrne, G Annandale
R Hunter, L Garbutt, G Saint, S Farrell
D Wood, J Bajic, R Turner, R Butler
C Standley, K Willis, P Stone, F Kuhnl
INS: No change

G Vaughan, T Churcher, P Pohe, M Separovich
G Beckwith, N Holden, T Finlayson, J Thorn
G Sewell, D Dobb, I Quayle, J Mitchell
J Francisco, M White, I Rewell, P Riggio
INS: No change

This game is crucial to both teams chances in the battle for demotion and promotion respectively. The Hawks showed they are possibly improving after their win away from home last week, although it was against the cellar dwellers in the Mounties. Whilst the Ravens had a good home win, and were able to beat the second side Safety Bay. The Ravens seem a much more settled side now, and the " little master " in Glyn Vaughan appears to be hitting his straps in the skipping role also, which is certainly benefitting the sixteen. Should be a cracker, I will predict a draw.
Hilton and Thornlie 4 apiece


J Welsh, J Coghlan, B MacDonald, K Swan
T Maras, S Montgomery, A McGill, A Peters
H Booth, G Pinkus, G Thorn, D Murray
B Elliss, R McNamara, K Robertson, J Evans
INS: R McNamara, A McGill
OUTS: D Bodlovich, K Timmel

E Gollan, L Jervies, P Lees, V Andrews
A Petchell, D Price, R Mitchell, P Feszczak
R Lang, J East, W Harvey, M Hughes
D Green, R Halse, D Haddow, B Cranswick
INS: P Lees
OUTS: G Maesepp

A crucial game for the visitors who need to keep winning away from home to show they are capable of challenging for promotion for next year. The River Rats seem to have settled sides at the moment, although the steady influence of Graeme Maesepp will be missed this week. To have any chance of avoiding, what looks like certain demotion, the Mounties would have to get the majority of the spoils here. I think the visitors will have too much firepower at the back end though, could be dangerous eh.
Rossmoyne. 6-2


R Hall,     A Holmes, P Daynes, H Wilson
C Carruthers, C Owen, J Radford, S Foran
R Kennedy, S Adams, G Ogg, S Gallon
P Beaumont, A Daddow, S Hide, S McBriar
INS: S Hide
OUTS: A Freeman

T Alberti, I Ashworth, J Bowden, R Bellis
G Ford, D Clayton, G Freeman, R Lipple
K Vandersluys, P Boys, D Johnson, W Birrell
G Burgess,     A Andersson, P Bamber,     D Anderson
INS: P Bamber
OUTS: J Newton

As I mentioned in my prelude, this game has it all, should draw some of the home sides supporters hopefully. Second versus third on the ladder, and throw in skips like Vandersluys, Ford, Alberti, Hall, Beaumont, Carruthers, and Kennedy, and you have a smorgasboard of treasures, unfortunately though Newton is missing this week. Of course, good skips like to have lots of quality players in front of them as well, and they are well spread around both teams. Playing at home the Bay should win, especially with Newton mission for the Lions, who sits eighth on the skip table.
Safety Bay 6-2


D Florance, J Hiskins,     J Holland, J O'Leary
M Simms, D Angell, G Archell, J Kenyon
P Freund, N Staude,     P Long,     J Jermalinski
W Butler, R Johnson, G Douglas, C McKay
INS: G Archell, J Kenyon
OUTS: J Crudeli, R Hall

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This could be good clash also, as not much separates these sides on the ladder, position wise. But the Reds are twenty points in front of the Magic, and they also won the first encounter away from home. Michael Simms and his team will be keen to atone for last weeks hiding, so watch out here Melville, he regains Archell and Kenyon this week, will help.
Vic Park 6-2