Round 13 and the most important game probably is the match between Bassendean and Warnbro. If Bassendean lose then their PL dream may be over. Warnbro lose no biggie as they still have 3 games at home to win. A couple of exciting matches for the top of the table though as the top 4 positions far from finalised, but 9th spot might be come 6pm Saturday night.

D Nicholls, N Smith, D Von Horn, P Harber
C Margin, R Kenyon, J Morss, D Daley
D Rhodes, L Pike, A Elmer, M Simpson
S Alden, R Ellis, B Tie, M Bessant
INS: No change

J Trewhella, A Cowie, D Nagle, M Trewhella
K Cousens, D Pattullo,     G Jackson, T DeBrouwer
S Novak, B Kalinowsky, W Tan, D Wagstaff
B Cole, P Cole, C Biddle, P Guelfi
INS: A Cowie, T deBrouwer
OUTS: L Strange, D Phillips

Huge game for us at home, lose and it looks pretty grim to hold Premier League this year but with other solid home ground wins over Kardy, Doubleview and Manning hopefully we can get the job done. Warnbro though while a loss will see them slip to 9th, they still have 3 home games remaining from the next 5 so it's not critical just yet but they would certainly like to win this and put some breathing space to that dreaded 9th position
No change for Bassendean and Warnbro see 2 changes, Lindsay Strange and Dave Phillips unavailable and they have been 2 players in some form lately so they will be a big loss but Kieran Cousens skippered before and they lose nothing with Alan Cowie coming in to the side.
Gee I hope we win but it certainly is no gimme


S Perica, N Lewis, D Jones, H Christensen
C Adams, P Harris, C Wooldridge, L Bolton
D Opie, S Rushforth, A Foster, D Leeson
L Strahan, C Harris, N Bolton, R Bolton
INS: P Harris
OUTS: A Byres

J Opie, B Manton, T Kinnane, K Pride
N Griffin, A Durrant, T Antonio, M Biglin
G Pauling, A Sharp, D Downey, M Cranswick
S Walker, N Reagan, T Reid, F Anderson
INS: No change

1st versus 6th here but the ladder is so squished that the position alone does not tell a story. Interestingly Cambridge have won more rinks than South Perth but the Millers obviously finding a way to win. And it's not reliant on the same rink, the team sits on top but Glenn Pauling is the leading skipper in 8th overall and only Justin Opie sits in the top 20, so they find different ways to win each week.
Cambridge though welcome back Pieter Harris into the fold and with 3 games under his belt will be ready to go in the Premier League and he goes back to an already strong rink of Clive Adams, already sitting 5th and just got a whole lot stronger. With Sam Perica also having a good year in 4th spot, and David Opie in 13th you would think Cambridge will win this one, especially back at home. They nearly got there last week at Warnbro only losing on 1 rink. South Perth defeating the very strong Kardinya team albeit at home.
Tough game and really both sides could win but I think the Cambridge side will be wanting to get back in to the 4 and a strong win here will likely see them do that
South Perth 7-1


R Moyle, B White, T Whitfield, G Faulkner
C Slavich, C Bessant,     A Tennant, L Thorn
S Edmonds, B Brandsma, S Cerff, B McNamara
J Slavich, K McIlroy, R Haring, J Barry
INS: No change

A Williams, AJ Heal, S Collins, G Quann
T Mitchell, S Patterson, N Jones, A Lil
D Marsland, L Such, P Kelly, N Rees
S Knott, P Ker, M Kemp, B Butler
INS: N Jones
OUTS: M Ellis

In terms of quality this is the match of the day, 3rd playing 4th at their venue, but look at the quality of the back ends. 12 of the 16 players are either state players or current state squad members, and you could argue Lee Such close to that level anyway, so it's a huge game of talent and two teams that traditionally make it to the deep end of the season. Mark Ellis out is a bit of a loss for Manning but Nathan Jones coming in to the side after his softball commitments and the Manning side still looks strong. Doubleview no changes after their good win over Bassendean last week.
So the game is at Doubleview, the greens were super last week and with the strange Easterly was a very pleasant afternoon apart from the result, but I doubt the Easterly will be around 2 weeks in a row and with the sea breeze in play I would expect the Doubleview side to win this one. I feel they are 2 of the noisiest sides going around so the other divisions better expect some noise, but then they both indulge in a drink or 10 after the game. Should be a good close game
Doubleview 6-2


D Brown, D Golem, B Henley, S West
K McKay, D Radford, D Flintoff,     J Galipo
R Foy, M Abonnel, C Stokes, D Wood
D Rankin, D Comrie, P Davies, C Vinci
INS: No change

C Lander,     G Taylor, B Gunson,     P Morgan
R Butler, T Murray, M Burton, P Murray
S Loftus, R Cunningham, A Barron, M Browne
B Eagles, M Hulbert, P Crow, G Murray
INS: M Browne
OUTS: I Linford

I would expect this to be a one sided affair as Sorrento travel to Kardinya but Sorrento have been very solid on the road this year with some good scalps and who's to say this weekend won't be one of them? No change to the Kardinya team that travelled to South Perth last week and gave up top spot on the ladder so they will be smarting and back at home will want to exert their dominance at home and win again. Sorrento have made 1 change, Mike Browne returning at the expense of Ian Linford.
Being at home you have to go for the Kats but I think Sorrento will be in this for some time before Kardinya pull away at the end
Kardinya 7-1


E Apps, B Kukich, B Driscoll, W Hinchliffe
T Ingram, V Princi, T Dawson, Neil Minchin
W Mitchell, L Sanders, W Anderson, C Hamilton
P Aungier, K Perks, B Geikie, R Dunstan
INS: K Perks
OUTS: S Aungier

B Nairn, D Rowland,     M Rollings, P Potts
G Caffell,     S O'Neill, E Martin, I Lilburne
C Packer, K Pickering, R Lawrence, G Nicol
L Grigg, N Stevens, R Brown, G King
INS: R Brown
OUTS: J Carter

Our final game and Morley has another game to play before the end of the season, many people think they will win 1 game before the year end, will it be this one at home? I don't think so, Osborne Park have sprung some changes, none bigger than Blake Nairn back to his favourite skippering role at the expense of Neville Stevens, which on stats alone seems strange as he has won 6 of his past 7 including a 13 shot win last week and Nairn gets nearly a new rink, Darren Rowland his 3rd and Mark Rollings 2nd with Pottsy still leading in that rink. So the result has seen a lot of positional changes and a good week to do it playing the bottom of the table Morley. Gives them a week to get used to the new possies and then hit Kardinya at home the following week ready to go.
Can Morley do it? Not this week
Osborne Park 7-1