After this weekend we only have 3 games to go...where has the season gone? Doubleview need Yokine to do them a favour and knock off Basso to make the last few weeks interesting if not only for the spectacle of entertainment. Yokine have South Perth in their sights and play them in R17 so they would not like to drop points against Basso.
Round 15 is huge for Finals positions as 1st plays 4th, 2nd plays 6th and 3rd plays 5th. To put this in perspective, there is only 7pts between 2nd and 5th so come 5pm this weekend I believe the table will have some significant changes. No team wants to be more than 1 win away from 2nd spot (say 6-7pts) and since most teams are playing each other it's a Round of double points for whoever carries a good Agg.

A Bartlett, W Olive,   B Farrant,     M Thomas
D Wooltorton, R Cooper, H Clifford,     P Townsend
S Gosstray,      I Cornthwaite,      G McDonald, P Young
    P Coyle, V Orchard, V Hughes, R Chalmers
INS: M Clancy
OUTS: P Townsend

G Herriot, J Bessant, B Pearce, M Fredericks
G Nelson, C McKenna,     S Whitfield, F Williamson
W Langdon, A Wetzler, S Curtis,     R Castledine
E Johnson, K Cornell, G Papadopoulos, B Leed
INS: No change

Kalamunda probably need something out of this game to ensure safety although they have 2 ok games to in R16 and R17 to also makeup some points so they should cruise in from here with a good performance. If Gosstray and Bartlett can keep their strong momentum going and maybe one of that pair draw Herriot's rink and keep that game very tight then the Cougars will have a great opportunity to pick up the majors here.
Doubleview are sitting 2nd for good reason as they tend to really take teams apart with 1 or 2 runaway rinks putting up big scores. Last week was an example of this against a very strong Mundaring side and Kalamunda need to prevent that blowout. Kalamunda probably need to put up some bigger numbers at home but if they break that 80 shot margin which they have only done against a bottom side, they should do well overall.
Going with The View is probably the easier decision but their away form looks nothing like their 100% home form so it should be a close game and with the closer games I tend to slide towards the home team to finish stronger. There probably won't be more than 10 shots after the 84 ends should another great game to look forward to.
Kalamunda 5 - 3


A Herbert, L Souster, P White, B Arendts
G Beacroft, B O'Brien, G Bateup, P Voon
R Vind, S Bartlett, N Blyth, C Youdell
K Edson, P Sadler, D Horniman, L Brown
INS: P White, G Bateup, P Sadler
OUTS: P Chappell, J Roberts, A Currie

S Denny, B McMonagle, S Binnie, J Tailor
D Anderson, K Toster, J Weir, D Burns
E Widermanski, C Tee, M Brown, B Anderson
C Buccholz, G Sarich, J Miller, D Hampton
INS: E Widermanski, D Burns
OUTS: M Nievelstein, A Wright

The River Rats are getting better as the weeks progress so they are not without chance here, especially at home. Since that Basso drumming in R8 (which pretty much every team has felt this year), they have only lost the Agg on the last or 2nd last end or won (SP/Swan). They know they are very close in games and with a little more polish on the last few ends they could easily have double the points they are currently on. What has worked for them is the switch up and rink changes. After that big loss in R8 to Basso they have conceded maybe 1 big rink loss over the next 6 rounds which speaks volumes. Tightening those loose rinks up has provided them with the platform to win for the other skippers to finish games off strongly instead of playing for a dead duck over the last 5 ends.
Wanneroo were finally great last week with all 4 skippers but 20+ shots on the board for a near 30 shot victory over Swan. This is the momentum they need to build on if they have the hunger to get themselves out of trouble. They are sitting 8th from last weeks 9th which really helps their cause and they would be sizing this game up as their game to collect points before that huge double pointer against Cambridge in R18 to see who drops down. The Roos do have 2 games in a row at home over R16 & R17,so plenty opportunity for them to sneak out of trouble.
I do like the way the River Rats are now going about their business but I can see this one going down to the very last end.
Rossmoyne 6 - 2


B Roelefs, V Santostefano,     W Skuza, B Owen
M McRae, R Negus, J Percival, P Keeffe
M Petrich, E Munnelly, D Calvo, S Frosh
D Bandy, G Reagan, P Holmes, L Moretti
INS: G Reagan, D Calvo, L Moretti, P Keeffe
OUTS: B Robertson, S Masterson, R Havercroft, S Kelly

L Pickles       ,    C Reynolds    , P Van Der Reese  , R Coumbe        
R Cox, N Marsh, M Dayman, D Gavin
G Bear, K Warne      , M Hagdorn, M Critchell
J Lynch       , M Cousins,     J Doncon        , P Rhodes
INS: No change

Unsure whether to call this game as game of the Round with 3rd v 5th, or Kalamunda with 6th v 2nd or even Basso 1st v 4th. Although I am going to go with this one purely based on Mundaring brilliant away form and ability to grind a result out over the 2nd half of the season. The Red Tails are running like the bulls at the moment and not even the mighty Basso could hold them back in R13. Tipping Mundaring to win this one certainly would not be in the category of calling an upset and I think they have a massive chance of reversing the corresponding R6 fixture, where Bandy orchestrated a brilliant smash and grab for the Agg, against none other than Bear which speaks volumes.
Mundaring have a few to thank for the renewed form but alot of the heavy lifting has continued to come from that Bear's rink. Another good win here, especially if he gets a dream match up with Roelofs who himself needs some good wins to maintain top wazza, could put him front and centre for the skippers bragging rights. I like his chances as his run home should be on the easy side for a rink of that ability given their heroics so far this season. Having 2 away games in a row over the last 2 rounds has not being easy for the Red Tails and probably comes at the wrong time of the season but that's the draw and they picked up a valuable 1,5pts v DB last week which helps. Up to the last round they had won 5 from 6 but even 5 from 7 is still a solid number.
Who would of thought South Perth only winning 4 of the last 10 after that amazing near perfect 4-0 start to season. Some very close games just have not dropped their way but even after failing to pick up any rinks last week at Basso they still have +35 rinks, only 2 behind Basso for the season. This shows the quality across the team and this is reflected in the strong SD so they will be tough to beat at home. Again we see some changes across the rinks which is a slight concern but there is good depth there this year. Every game is huge from here but the Millers need to refocus on regaining that 2nd spot, hoping Doubleview drop some pts away. Anything more than a 6 shot difference would be a surprise here. Great game to look forward to.
South Perth 6 - 2


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W Manning, G Allen, J Van Der Werdt, M Bolton
G Jones, D Hughes, D Phillips, W Sherrington
A Byres, T Leahy, P McShane, A Ness
S Buckley, P Easom, D Foulsham, B Mason
INS: No change

Swan will look to finish the season on a high after the disappointment since R9 when they were just 8pts off the top. Now 30pts off the top, their season is all but over after losing 4 on the trot, although sitting 7th is probably not an indication of where this team should be. Only 12pts off Cambridge in 9th, although if Cambridge get a win here it would be entering into the unthinkable zone of relegation with only 3 games left and the nightmare would continue as Swans last 3 games are Basso, Mundaring and South Perth. Cambridge and 8th placed Wanneroo have the easier run home so it is with genuine concern that this could be Swans last chance at pulling a big Agg.
Cambridge have no changes this week but are within the same conversation and are unfortunately quiet used to the relegation conversation after failing to close out some tight games. Maybe this is the best time all season to head to Swans considering their form but I'm sure anywhere the Knights go now they will fight to the end. There is easily enough potential in the Knights to give the Swans a right headache if they are quick out of the blocks and provide them with a tortuous run home if they drop points here. The Knights put their only 100 shots on the board this season for a 8-0 in the corresponding fixture so they certainly will not mind the match-ups with Buckley putting 16 shots on a good Tibbles the highlight rink. Cambridge score well enough away from home so if they can keep it tight to the last few ends they have the back-end to bring it home. Still Swan have only lost 1 home game all season.
Swan 6 - 2


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J Krstic, T Lynch, W Davidson, N Kirkup
R Revell, P Madigan, G Stokes, D Snelgar
E O'Sullivan, B Dinnison, B Maynard, T Alden
M Erceg, P Hutchinson, A Cacciopolli, J Holman
INS: No change

If it's possible, Basso might be travelling even stronger over the last 4-5 rounds as they have put all the top teams to the sword excluding the mighty Mundaring. They are putting up some big scores and the backend are playing with elite confidence, especially at home. To have 4 skippers in the top 10 with a few games to go really speaks volumes to their consistency across all 4 rinks with only 10 loses from 47 games across the rinks. It would be a treat to see a McGillivray v Revell matchup to see who might take that coveted top skippers spot. And I'm sure O'Sullivan wouldn't mind another crack at Coffey to seek some revenge for the touch-up in R6.
Yokine were very good in the corresponding fixture, losing by 22 shots but it was only really the Krstic v Kay blowout that covered 23 of those shots and the Doggies picked up 2 pts at Basso which only 1 other team (Mundaring) have collected 2pts off Basso at home. A repeat of that performance at home will put Yokine right in the mix for a big win.
The Doggies could be clear 2nd if they bring their A game as both Doubleview and South Perth have very tricky games against good sides. What a story that would be from a few weeks ago?! Generally Yokine have done very well this year in closing games out or holding a tight margin to the finish with very few big margin wins which shows solid support across all rinks but they will need something better this week and possibly need one of those top rinks to sneak a runaway score to help balance the broad talent across the Basso rinks. Basso don't really allow any team more than 80 shots playing away from home but on the flip side don't win by big margins averaging only 7 shots margins so the Doggies should be right in this up to the last 2-3 ends.
Bassendean 7 - 1