Most of us have had a short Saturday break from bowls, so with only four rounds of pennants left, bar finals, we should all be fresh and raring to go.
Cockburn are still on top, and you may remember that they lost there last game away from home in the last fixture. even so they still have a healthy lead. They are playing away from home again this week, so they had better be on their game this time around.
Probably the most crucial game this week will be the clash between Hilton and Melville, who sit eighth and ninth on the ladder.
I will have a crack at picking the finishing order at seasons end:

Top Three. Cockburn, Leeming, Safety Bay.
Going No Where Rossmoyne, Thornlie, Gosnells
Bottom Four. Vic Park Carlisle, Hilton Park, Melville, Mt Pleasant

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Both of these teams will be desperate for a win here, because they are fighting hard to avoid being in the automatic relegation zone at seasons end.
Only three points separate them on the ladder, with the Hawks able to win the first game between these two, away from home.
So that may give us an indication in this game, maybe.
I have mentioned before, that the Lions have four very capable skips, so on that basis, and with good up front play, and a home ground advantage, they may just scrape in here.
Hilton have only just got up to 1st Blue, so they will be throwing everything at this game, you would think.
Hilton Park. 6-2


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T Alberti, I Ashworth, S Dobie, R Bellis
G Ford, D Clayton, G Freeman, R Lipple
K Vandersluys, P Boys, D Johnson, W Birrell
J Newton, G Burgess,     A Andersson,     D Anderson
INS: T Alberti
OUTS: J Bowden

The Mounties are a different team at home on their beautifully prepared grass greens, magnificently prepared by Jeff Hall.
Do they have enough fire power to challenge the Lions?
The Lions have very good skips, and on paper they should win, but I reckon the Mounties will put up a good fight. The rink of Karl Vandersluys, could just be the difference here. Alberti back too, so that will help.
Leeming. 6-2


R Hall,     A Holmes, P Daynes, H Wilson
C Carruthers, J Radford, S Adams, S Foran
R Kennedy, C Owen, G Ogg, S Gallon
P Beaumont, A Daddow, B Taylor, S McBriar
INS: B Taylor
OUTS: S Hide

W Heldt,     S Harris, R Bishop,   D Bradbury
N Tulett, C Watters, M Beauchamp, I Farley
B Holland, C Hickinbotham, T Auckland, M Rickard
M Crabb, F Carbone, G Lynch, D Innes
INS: M Beauchamp
OUTS: G Strachan

The boys in green should account for the Kookaburras quite comfortably on their synthetic, which can be very tricky if it is windy.
Both teams have a lot to play for, with Safety Bay keen to keep the pressure on Cockburn at the top of the ladder, and Gosnells very keen to avoid the bottom four, where they sit close to at the moment.
For Gosnells to have any chance at all, they will need to contain the Ron Hall rink, who have had a very good year.
Safety Bay. 7-1


G Vaughan, M Separovich, P Pohe, P Riggio
G Beckwith, N Holden, J Stean, J Thorn
G Sewell, D Dobb, I Quayle, J Mitchell
J Francisco, M White, I Rewell, T Finlayson
INS: T Finlayson
OUTS: T Churcher

E Gollan, L Jervies, G Maesepp, P Lees
A Petchell, D Price, R Mitchell, P Feszczak
R Lang, J East, W Harvey, M Hughes
D Green, R Halse, D Haddow, B Cranswick
INS: G Maesepp
OUTS: V Andrews

Fifth versus Third in this clash, with both teams a very realistic chance of playing in the promotion play offs. Only 4.5 points separate these proud clubs at the moment. Will it be more by Saturday evening? I think so.
The rink for the Rivers Rats, skipped by Eddie Gollen sit second on the skip ladder. So the four from the home of the Ravens that draws this group, need to beat them, or at least hold them for the Ravens to have any chance of taking the major spoils. Having said all that, this rink had a major hiccup in the last game, beaten quite easily.
Maybe they have been missing the steadiness of Graeme Maesepp, who returns this week.
But the visitors have some very good skips in the other rinks as well, as do the home side.
Rossmoyne, but just.
Rossmoyne. 6-2


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Another away game for the Roosters, on the normally nice grass at the home of the Reds.
Both teams obviously have a lot to play for, with the Roosters hell bent on keeping top spot, and the Reds trying to make sure they are not in the relegation play offs.
The Cockburn Roosters have a very balanced outfit these days, with the rinks of Marevich and Musulin leading the way, with the Krajancic four the only rink in negative territory.
Michael Simms and his team from the Reds, just may have a big say in the outcome of this clash.
Cockburn in another close one.
Cockburn 6-2