Another exciting round of bowls in the Premier League this week. Crunch game coming up between Bassendean and Sorrento, Cambridge and Osborne Park an interesting battle for that vital 4th spot on the ladder, also 1st vs 3rd, if Doubleview lose they may actually find themselves out of the top 4 this week and Warnbro need to keep winning at home and have another tough game against Manning. I think the Bowls WA website will be hit hard at 6pm when the scores for each game go in.

D Nicholls, N Smith, D Von Horn, P Harber
C Margin, R Kenyon, J Morss, D Daley
D Rhodes, L Pike, A Elmer, M Simpson
S Alden, R Ellis, L McKay, M Bessant
INS: J Morss

C Lander,     G Taylor, B Gunson,     P Morgan
R Butler, T Murray, M Burton, P Murray
S Loftus, R Cunningham, I Linford, M Browne
B Eagles, M Hulbert, P Crow, G Murray
INS: No change

Big game here for both clubs, Bassendean have to at least win there remaining home games and win them well especially this one against Sorrento as both sides battle to stave of demotion. If Sorrento get a spurt on with a very tough draw they could even mathematically still play finals, but one game at a time for them and they need to focus on winning this game. No change for Sorrento and 1 for Bassendean as John Morss comes back in to his old rink and Brett Tie drops out injured.
Last time at Sorrento we won on 3 rinks so for us hopefully that trend continues but this time grab the aggregate. The greens will be squashed flat with all the Countryweek activity this week but a bit of rain yesterday may take the sting out of the speed. Still they should be running gloriously and with a coolish day predicted it will be a pleasant day to play bowls. Sorrento aren't pushovers and also have a lot to play for, so it will be a good contest


S Perica, N Lewis, D Jones, H Christensen
C Adams, P Harris, C Wooldridge, L Bolton
D Opie, S Rushforth, A Foster, D Leeson
L Strahan, C Harris, N Bolton, R Bolton
INS: No change

B Nairn, D Rowland,     M Rollins, P Potts
G Caffell,     S O'Neill, E Martin, I Lilburne
C Packer, K Pickering, R Lawrence, G Nicol
N Stevens, L Grigg, R Brown, G King
INS: No change

For mine the big match of the round with both sides so much to play for. Whilst demotion seems a long way away, mathematically both sides if they win 4 can play finals, if they lose 4 can get demoted. So one of these sides will be on either of those paths, so massive implications to come out of this game. In reality the losers is probably pretty safe anyway as they are both quality teams, but we are talking mathematics, and it could happen.
So for this game, no changes to either side as both squads settle in to the remainder of the year with the people in the side. So who will win? The artificial surface of Cambridge an obvious advantage, the recent form sways to Osborne Park. Both sides match up well on paper with stars, front ends and quality club, so it is a 50/50 selection here. I'm going to run with the form of Osborne Park to find a way to win the points away from home.
Osborne Park 6-2


R Moyle, B White, G Faulkner, T Whitfield
C Slavich, C Bessant,     A Tennant, L Thorn
S Edmonds, B Brandsma, S Cerff, B McNamara
J Slavich, K McIlroy, R Haring, J Barry
INS: No change

J Opie, B Manton, T Kinnane, K Pride
N Griffin, T Antonio, R Bresland, M Biglin
S Walker, N Reagan, T Reid, F Anderson
A Durrant, D Downey, D Mortley, M Cranswick
INS: R Bresland, A Durrant
OUTS: G Pauling, G Reagan

This would be the onfield match of the day, 1st playing 4th and a cracking match coming up. No change at Doubleview but 2 changes at The Millers, Glenn Pauling visiting family in NZ and Greg Reagan drops back to the 2nds, in comes Adrian Durrant and takes over the Pauling rink and Ross Bresland makes an appearance this year, not sure how many games that is but it would be a good idea to get him to 4 games and qualifying for finals should he be required.
South Perth haver had a happy knack of winning close games this year and this will be another close game, however I think Doubleview will win this one. A win to the View will see them shore up a finals berth, South Perth unlikely to lose top spot after the result of this game, although a win for them will probably see them tie down top spot and that coveted home finals on Saturday and the double chance at your home venue. Another close game in store but I will favour the home side.
Doubleview 6-2


D Brown, D Golem, B Henley, S West
K McKay, D Radford, D Flintoff,     J Galipo
R Foy, M Abonnel, C Stokes, D Wood
D Rankin, D Comrie, P Davies, C Vinci
INS: No change

E Apps, B Kukich, W Hinchliffe, P Jones
T Ingram, V Princi, T Dawson, Neil Minchin
W Mitchell, L Sanders, W Anderson, C Hamilton
S Aungier, K Perks, P Aungier, R Dunstan
INS: No change

If the last couple of weeks for Morley have been tough, 0 points and -160 in shots then it appears this week will be even more brutal. Kardinya at Kardy is a road trip good sides in the PL find tough, a side that is in essence a 1 White side will really find the going tough. In a great show of confidence though they have named an unchanged line up, as have Kardinya, and we can hope Morley put up a fight.
Sadly I can envisage a pounding here, maybe even a 75 shot win to the Kats. 8 points for them and a big percentage booster means the % is effectively an extra point which may come in handy at the end. They are 7 points shy of South Perth and if The Millers lose, they mayb only be a shot behind with a better percentage, again critical to get that home ground Saturday advantage to get the final dance at Yokine.
Kardinya 8-0


J Trewhella, A Cowie, D Nagle, M Trewhella
L Strange, K Cousens,     G Jackson, D Phillips
S Novak, B Kalinowsky, W Tan, D Wagstaff
B Cole, P Cole, C Biddle, P Guelfi
INS: L Strange
OUTS: D Pattullo

A Williams, AJ Heal, S Collins, G Quann
T Mitchell, S Patterson, N Jones, A Lil
D Marsland, L Such, P Kelly, N Rees
S Knott, P Ker, M Kemp, B Butler
INS: No change

Our final game is another intriguing battle, a win to Warnbro and they maintain that gap to 9th position, but a loss sees them in red territory. Manning currently 3rd but no shots really between 3rd and 8th, only 9 points separating those 6 teams, so they will be travelling with a view to get the aggregate and remain in the top 4 positions. One change for Warnbro, Lindsay Strange back and Dennis Pattullo drops back to the 2nds.
Another tough game to select a winner. Warnbro have a significant home ground advantage proved last game against Doubleview with their biggest loss for the year. Manning have had a patchy year but have strung 3 wins out of their last 4 games, finding some well needed form going into another finals series. I suspect another close game here, but will favour the home side to continue their wins at home.
Warnbro 6-2