The Mossies still cling on to top spot after fourteen completed rounds of pennants, now 12.5 points in front of the improved Blue boys from the beach side suburb of Trigg. The Roos with no show of reaching top spot now, sit in fourth spot, just six points behind Kardinya.
Probably the game with most interest this week is the clash between Osborne Park, seventh versus Warwick in fifth spot. The Saints can leap frog Stirling this week if they can get the aggregate here, as the Wolves should lose against North Beach1.

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C Hoffman, T Cranswick,     D Adams, M Van Bremmel
C McKenna, P Daley, K Manton, P Collins
P Walker, D Tinley, C Edson,     M Barrett
G Wishart, A Gryta, G Hagan,     M Robertson
IN: D Tinley
OUT: L Beurteaux

The well drilled Mossies will have far too much fire power, and they will well and truly snuff out any chance that the Storm have of avoiding the inevitable demotion spots.
The visitors have four very good skips, backed up by a vast number of capable and experienced bowlers. All four skips sit inside the top ten, a great effort in itself. While the Storms top skip is the ever reliable stalwart in Hugh McKay who occupies twenty third spot on the ladder, but sits in negative territory. The Storm appear to have " given up the ghost ", let's see.
Mosman Park. 8-0


G Devenish, T Jones, M McConnell, J Clayton
M Douthie, P Augustson, R Hutchinson, R Dempsey
R Kuziela, R Hunter, D Moore, L Mola
J McGinlay,     B Gillingham, P Retallack, M Buttel
OUT: No change

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The Blue boys should romp in here, and maybe collect eight points into the bargain.
They too have four very good skips in McGinlay, Kuzelia, Devenish, and Douthie, backed up by the likes of Ross Dempsey, Brad Gillingham, Peter Retallack, Damien Moore, Jerome Clayton, just to name a few.
They won by a cricket score in the last fixture before the break, and they just might repeat that this week, as they appear to be at full strength.
North Beach1. 8-0


F Di Giuseppe, J Carter,     R Clark,      I Bryden
M Dewson, D Guelfi, B Poggi, L Bell
T Weir, C Fleay, B Gertig, M Kitto
J Thorn,     B Boyd, M Carmichael, W Markham
IN: M Kitto
OUT: C Taboni

G Hinge,     G Smith, R Loren, H Ferguson
J Post, J Mather, I Sparrowhawk, K Humphrey
B Ledingham, J Sheppard, A Hornby, R Newstead
J Borkowski, D Dunstan, C Boyle, D Herbert
IN: No change

The Saints also seem to be at full strength, so they might just sneak this one in, and in so doing, creep up the ladder a little. They have some older reliable players, plus a good sprinkling of up and comers, such as Michael Dewson, Jason Thorn, Tod Weir, Daniel Guelfi, Wayne Markham, to name just a few.
Warwick as we know though have given everyone a good fight this year, and won't go down without putting up a good showing here.
The home side for me though.
Osborne Park. 6-2


I Perica, B Yakas, B Vidovich, K Gavranich
N Silich, B Dropulich, B Sumich, N Gaspar
K Nadilo, I Dragicevich, J Smith, I Petkovich
I Unkovich, F Petkovich, D Tomasich, B Bavcevic
IN: B Yakas, B Sumich, N Gaspar
OUT: A Stojan, J Stojan, J Sgro

R Knapp, O Dawson, M Cooper, T Regan
S Vinci, T Cocodis, L Philips, S Ivory
G Eades, I Barrie, J Rochford, G Knight
G Fewings, K Stower, W Bezant, J Terrell
IN: I Barrie, T Regan
OUT: W Lee, C Booth

Eighth versus Third in this must win game for the home side of Spearwood.
The Kats have had a great year, and have been very competitive for most weeks fixtures, they have had the luxury of not too many changes each week, which has helped them enormously.
Whilst the home side have had a number of different combinations most weeks, which must be unsettling, to say the least. True to form, the selection pan at Spearwood have made massive changes again Anyway, regardless of that I am going to pick the visiting Kats to win comfortably.
Kardinya. 6-2


N Costello, D Griffin, S Boyd, H Whitman
P Flack, D Triffit, J Hewton, W Neilson
S Fewster, H Ward, B Parmenter, B McMurdo
D Turra, A Grundy, N Palmer, D Burns
IN: S Fewster, A Grundy
OUT: B Bucowski, L Bryson

R Aitken, S Wattleworth, B Abrahamson, S Stevenson
    G Crosthwaite, E Retallack,      D Anderson, S Palmer
    A Howe, M Vitale, R Munday, G Yabuka
A Schrauf, G Barr, G Gregson, D Vinicombe
IN: D Anderson
OUT: L Mitten

The Roos have slowly slipped down the ladder of late, but they should win this one comfortably I predict.
They still have three teams, skipped by Fewster, Triffitt, and Costello, all with more wins than losses. But the fourth combination has been letting them down big time.
The Blue Boys second side, started off the season with a bang, but they have been robbed of two of their skips, who have been promoted to the first side, and this has not helped them unfortunately. Mitten out too, which won't help.
The Roos should get their season back on track in this game.
Wanneroo. 7-1