Wow, the last games in the regular long home and away season are now nearly upon us.
It is a fact that all games this week will have considerable interest, whether it be for promotion or demotion.
Probably the two games with most interest though, will be the top of the table clash between Mosman Park and North Beach1, and the clash between North Beach2, now ninth,and Spearwood now eighth.
The top four has been decided, at this point in order they are, Mosman Park, North Beach1, Kardinya, and Wanneroo.


C Hoffman, T Cranswick,     D Adams, M Van Bremmel
C McKenna, P Daley, K Manton, P Collins
P Walker, L Beurteaux, P Fair,     M Barrett
G Wishart, A Gryta, C Edson,     M Robertson
IN: M Barrett
OUT: G Hagan

G Devenish, T Jones, M McConnell, J Clayton
M Douthie, P Augustson, R Hutchinson, R Dempsey
R Kuziela, R Hunter, R Aitken, L Mola
J McGinlay,     B Gillingham, P Retallack, M Buttel
IN: No change

Even though the Mossies are assured of promotion to Premier League next year, I believe that they will be keen to assert there superiority over The Blues.
A couple of hiccups away from home last week, will probably make the Walker and Wishart rinks fire up for this one.
North Beach1 on the other hand, will be keen to win and make sure they stay in second spot. Both Kardinya and Wanneroo are in a position to pass them, so they may just have a lot more to play for here.
It would be fascinating if the rinks of McGinlay and the Rooster drew each other, both normally have very competitive foursomes.


    A Howe, J Bartorillo, B Abrahamson, S Stevenson
    G Crosthwaite, E Retallack,      D Anderson, S Palmer
S Wattleworth, M Vitale, R Munday, G Yabuka
A Schrauf, G Barr, G Gregson, T Bannon
IN: R Dunn
OUT: S Wattleworth

I Perica, K Gavranich, D Tomasich, J Favazzo
N Silich, B Yakas, B Dropulich, N Gaspar
K Nadilo, I Dragicevich, J Smith, I Petkovich
I Unkovich, F Petkovich, B Vidovich, B Bavcevic
OUT: No change

The scenario is quite simple, if the Blue Boys gain seven points then they will avoid automatic demotion, and Spearwood will go down to First Blue. Even six and a half points will save them from automatic demotion.
If on the other hand, the visitors grab two points only, they will retain First White status for next year.
Either way, both sides have an enormous amount to play for on Saturday in Trigg/North Beach.
Both teams have tried very hard all year, without a lot of luck though.
Will the Spearwood selectors pull a surprise or two, like stacking a couple of rinks?
Wattleworth a big in for the Blues.
Good luck to both sides anyway.
North Beach. 6-2


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The Wolves should be able to win this encounter, and so avoid the bottom two, with automatic relegation then to follow.
They obviously didn't handle the Kats surface last week, but I would expect them to romp in at home.
As I have said before, the Storm playing for pride only.
Stirling. 7-1


N Costello, D Griffin, S Boyd, H Whitman
P Flack, D Triffit, J Hewton, W Neilson
S Fewster, H Ward, B Parmenter, B McMurdo
D Turra, A Grundy, N Palmer, D Burns
IN: No change

J Thorn, J Carter,     R Clark,      I Bryden
M Dewson, D Guelfi, B Poggi, L Bell
T Weir, C Fleay, B Gertig, M Kitto
F Di Giuseppe,     B Boyd, M Carmichael, W Markham
IN: No change

With the battle on to attain second or third on the ladder, it is now over to the Roos who are at least playing at home this week. Whilst both North Beach1 (2nd) & Kardinya (3rd) are both away from home, with hard games.
The Roos to finish second would need to win on all rinks, but then hope that Kardinya or North Beach1 do not gain any points, or at the most one, in the case of the Blues.
Osborne Park on the other hand, have a battle on their hands to try and avoid the relegation play offs. To be sure of keeping sixth spot, and being safe, the Roos need at least two points from this game.
Humphreyson not playing for the Roos is a big out again.
Wanneroo. 7-1


G Hinge,     G Smith, R Loren, K Humphrey
J Post, I Sparrowhawk, V Giuffre, R Newstead
B Ledingham, J Sheppard, A Hornby, H Ferguson
J Borkowski, D Dunstan, C Boyle, D Herbert
IN: R Newstead
OUT: J Mather

R Knapp, C Booth, M Cooper, T Regan
T Cocodis, J Rochford, L Philips, S Ivory
G Eades, I Barrie, G Knight, W Lee
G Fewings, K Stower, W Bezant, J Terrell
IN: C Knapp, J Rochford, W Lee
OUT: O Dawson, S Vinci, C Booth

Yet another interesting encounter, as Kardinya will be trying hard to win convincingly, and hope other results go there way, to jump one spot to second on the ladder. They would want the double chance in the finals, so getting to second will be their goal.
Whilst the Warwick guys are in no mans land, regardless of whether they win or lose, they will retain fifth spot. A very good year for the newcomers to this tough division.
Warwick. 6-2