S Walker, N Reagan, D Mortley, T Reid
G Pauling, A Sharp, T Alberti, D Angell
J Opie, T Antonio, T Kinnane, K Pride
N Griffin, R Bresland, M Biglin, F Anderson

D Nicholls, C Margin, D Killisch von Horn, A Elmer
B Manton, S Fewster, R Kenyon, L McKay
D Rhodes, L Pike, M Simpson, W Neilson
S Alden, S Davies, R Ellis, M Whitely

Right our first game and I reckon a ripper first up. Bassendean travel to South Perth with some new recruits in the off season, Beau Manton returns from South Perth, Stein Davies after a year off, Wayne Neilson also with some time away fronm the game, Stephen Fewster joins from Wanneroo, Matt Whitely makes the trek in to town from Bindoon. So quite a new side from the one that just made it into 8th spot last year, so we are hoping for rapid improvement, how will we all gel and work with each with all the new positions being played?
South Perth obviously has lost Beau Manton, and from the grand final side, Adrian Durrant is not here, Dave Downey, Mitch Cranswick have left, but they have gained Ross Bresland, Derek Angell, Tyrone Alberti and Doc Mortley returns, some very good ins to be sure.
South Perth making the grand final last year will be wanting to go one better and they get a very winnable game here to get their season underway. The changes I think keeps the team at about the same level as last year, Bresland a good in but Manton a good out. The home ground advantage that The Millers have will always see them start as favourites in their home games and most people will have them winning this game. I am confident our team can go there and be very competitive, last year at South Perth it was a 6-2 result to South Perth, by 8 shots. From a Basso perspective I think we have got 8 shots better in the off season so I feel it will be a very close game. We know in the off season 9 of the South Perth team qualified for the BPL Cup being played in Queensland in a couple of weeks, so they are all in form and ready to hit the ground running. I'm looking forward to the hit out
Bassendean of course!


L Beurteaux, G White, S Swanson, M Barrett
P Daley, C Edson, D Adams, P Collins
C Hoffman, T Cranswick, K Manton, M Robertson
D Marsland, A Gryta, O Dawson, A Daley

D Brown, D Golem, B Henley, S West
K McKay, R Foy, D Flintoff, J Galipo
S Novak, M Abonnel, D Radford, D Wood
P Davies, D Comrie, C Stokes, C Vinci

Welcome to the Premier League Mosman Park, here's your reward, playing 3 exceptionally strong teams first 3 weeks. Oh and by the way, you are going to lose 3 top line skippers from last year in Chris McKenna, Rooster Wishart and Paul Walker. But you can have 1 to counteract that, Dale Marsland crossing from Manning but that is still some ability that has left the club. Also joining is Otto Dawson, Geoff White, Drew Daley that I know of.

Kardinya remain fairly constant from last year, Dave Rankin not available for this game as he attends a wedding in NZ, but he will be back in Round 2. Paul Davies skippering for this game but I assume he will drop back to 3rd upon Rankins return. They also have gained Steve Novak from Warnbro and he had a really good year last year so he was a good pickup in the off season. The others are regular Kardy players and the team was on top most of last year until the final game and unfortunately saw them drop out of the finals.
Who wins? Going to for Kardinya despite the absence of Rankin, Davies a more than adequate fill in. The Kats just look too strong at the back end, that probably sells their front end short a bit as it is also a very good combination. I have picked Kardy to finish on top and Mosman Park to be demoted, Kardy will play 5 games on grass this year, most of them in the early part of the season as well and will want to win this one.
Kardinya 7-1


M Douthie, R Dempsey, R Hutchinson, B Palfrey
R Kuziela, M Sear, G Crosthwaite, L Mola
J McGinlay, B Gillingham, P Retallack, M Buttel
P Walker, G Devenish, M McConnell, R Aitken

D Pattullo, M Wilson, I Gibson, J Maley
B Kalinowsky, W Tan, L Kellow, B Starling
L Strange, C Biddle, A Shone, D Phillips
K Cousens, Dr G Jackson, T deBrouwer, P Guelfi

Our other newbies to Premier League this year in North Beach host Warnbro and a nice start for North Beach who I think should win this game. In the off season North Beach hired Paul Walker as club manager, and gained him for the side and this gives them a nicely rounded group of skippers. Thay have some good backups as well, should one of the skippers find themsvles struggling, they can draw upon pick up Marcus Sear who's competitive juices start flowing when that kitty gets rolled, but they also have Brad Gillingham, Geoff Devenish and even Ross Dempsey who could all skipper and not be out of place. It's a solid back end but without who I see as that real game breaker. A real unknown quality at the front and this might be their Achilles heel this year and put too much pressure on the back
They play Warnbro who were decimated in the off season and for a team which narrowly avoided demotion this is not a good thing. A swag of players have departed the club including John and Matt Trewhella, Peter and Brad Cole, Alan Cowie amongst them. That is some serious ability no longer there and they will really struggle to remain in the PL. They will win games, they have a great home ground advantage but away from home I can't see them winning any games this year.
On the back of that, North Beach should win at home and start their year on a positive note.
North Beach 7-1


A Williams, S Withers, G O'Brien, S O'Brien
L Such, A Heal, N Jones, M Allan
T Mitchell, S Patterson, M Kemp, K Jolly
S Knott, P Ker, L Grigg, L Herbert

R Moyle, B White, G Faulkner, T Whitfield
C Slavich, C Bessant, A Tennant, L Thorn
K McIlroy, S Gosstray, S Cerff, E Galipeau
J Slavich, B Brandsma, R Haring, J Barry

Match of the round status here, 2 of the strong sides in the comp go head to head at Manning in what I predict will be a very close game which will go right to the wire. Manning lose Dale Marsland and make Lee Such the skipper for that rink, outside of the skippers remain the same. Other movements are Lewis Grigg and Steve Withers come in to this side and strengthen it no end, departures are Blake Butler with work committments and Steve Collins moving back to NSW. It's certainly a stronger side than last year and will be extremely competitive.
Our carry over two-time flag winners looking to make it 3 on end and they have lost one of their premier winning skippers in Scott Edmonds due to injury, but capably replaced with Kyle McIlroy. Stewart Gosstray joins from Kalamunda as does our first international player since Rob Paxton played at Mosman Park all those years ago. Welcome Eric Galipeau from Canada, looking forward to seeing this kid play. Basically though it is the same side which won the flag and they will be hard pressed to topple again this year.
But gee who to pick? A tough game and a 6-2 result either way. In these tight games I always favour the home side, but Doubleview to me look just that bit too strong and will go for them, but will not be surprised to see Manning win either. A ripper to start the year off
Doubleview 6-2


K Pickering, G Caffell, R Lawrence, P Potts
N Stevens, D Rowland, T Ingram, G King
S O'Neill, E Martin, R Brown, I Lilburne
C Packer, J East, M Rollings, P Quinlan

L Strahan, B Nairn, N Bolton, M Bolton
S Perica, N Lewis, D Jones, H Christensen
C Adams, C Harris, A Foster, L Bolton
P Harris, S Rushforth, C Wooldridge, R Bolton

Our final game is a another tough one to predict. Osborne Park have had a big turnover of players in the off season from the team that played Round 18 last year. Out go Lewis Grigg, Grant Nicol, Blake Nairn and in comes Jack East, Patrick Quinlan and Travis Ingram. When you line them up like that they have certainly lost more than they have gained, but all three ins are young, have promise and with work can make a good contribution to the team.
Cambridge also with some big names in and out, Blake Nairn coming in will offset the loss of David Opie. Pieter Harris committing for the full season is like a new recruit. Matt Bolton also being selected now sees 4 members of the Bolton family, a super effort from that family. They again look strong, good front end, powerful back end, match winners on all lines. they will be hard to topple this year.
So I will go for them, yes it is away from home but they just look like they will pack too many punches in this game. With a full year under the belt of East and Quinlan am looking forward to seeing their progression, but at the start they might be vulnerable and expect Cambridge to capitalise on that
Cambridge 7-1