And here we go again folks, what a season of bowls we have ahead and who knows what's ahead but I'm sure it will be great fun and played in the best of spirits and comraderie.
1 White is a very tough division, let’s not get away from that. Only 4 teams survived from last year with 2 down from PL & 4 up from 1 Blue. We have some quality teams coming down & some bright talent coming up from 1 Blue. Some selections have not come through yet so we’ll try our best to cover what we can knowing who’s currently selected. We would encourage all teams to post selections as it helps & makes for enjoyable weekly entertainment. Best of luck to all bowlers & have a wonderful season ahead.


W Mitchell, K Nazareth, T Vlahos, C Hamilton
G Grieve, T Dawson, B Geilke, N Minchin
L Sanders, W Barker, J Engelen, W Hinchcliffe
J Thomas, P Leyland, B Driscoll, R Dunstan

J Post, M Golding, I Sparrowhawk, R Newstead
G Hinge, L Hill, V Giuffre, R Loran
J Borkowski, A Hornby, P Marinovich, D Herbert
B Ledingham, B McNamara, D Dunstan, E Richardson

Morley need to post early ‘W’s’ on the board to wipe the memories of last year & they get a chance to do just that against Warwick. They play a good side here in R1 but arguably played 9 very good sides last year too. Some close games like Basso (-14shots) & Manning (-6shots) but also had 9 games where they leaked 100+ shots which is a concern against a good defensive team like Warwick.
Warwick were only marginally off having a very good run last year & they play well away so they’ll certainly be seeing this game as an opportunity to collect big. Coming into the late rounds they had every chance of finals but that cancelled Ossie Pk (R15) & the later loss to North Beach 1 just seen them miss finals.
It would of been nice to see Morley hold that back end selection that gained that PL experience last year but unfortunately there’s more changes which pushes my selection to Warwick for this week.
Warwick 6 - 2


J Krstic, T Lynch, W Davidson, N Kirkup
E O'Sullivan, N Strachan, J Morss, D Blight
R Revell, B Dinnison, M Cook, J Holman
A Smith, P Madigan, G Stokes, D Snelgar

R Halse, L Jervies, M Hughes, W Wetter
E Gollan, R Vind, A Herbert, B O'Brien
R Lang, D Haddow, D Price, B Cranswick
A Petchell, W Harvey, R Mitchell, P McSherry

This game should be a great barometer of the 1 Blue North & South talent from last year. Personally, in my humble & irrelevant opinion, I deemed 1 Blue North to be the tougher of the 2 divisions last year & my point was somewhat proven when Basso took Cockburn quite convincingly in the Pennant Flag. Bassendean have maintained the majority of that core team & are a formidable force at home. Smith has come in to skipper a very good side so I think they’ll gel quite well.
Rossmoyne need Gollan to be firing early but if the Lions get a good matchup with maybe Rocket I think the rest will push through quite easily. The River Rats had a wonderful season last year & certainly wouldn’t be phased from travelling to Basso & have some nice backend players to cause them all sorts of problems. Maybe there Achilles is the over reliance of Gollan. Suffice to say if he didn’t carry the Agg in R15 & that huge R18 double pointer v Safety Bay I don’t think they would be here in 1 White but they are & they deserve respect.
However, it’s a cruisey win for me with Basso close to all 8.
Bassendean 7 - 1


G Fewings, W Bezant, J Rochford, R Hawke
R Knapp, T Cocodis, R McNamara, J Edgar
M Yates, S Vinci, K Stower, J Terrell
I Barrie, C Booth, G Knight, M Monteiro

J Thorn, J Carter, G Smith, I Bryden
M Dewson, A Garlick, B Poggi, L Bell
T Weir, C Fleay, R Clarke, M Kitto
F Di Giuseppe, M Carmichael, B Boyd, P Allan

A nice ding-dong here with 2 of the surviving 4 teams from last year. Many would fancy Kardinya to top the table this year so expectation are high. Some might say with the ‘ins’ of Kardy in PL it’ll push at least 2 players to 1 White & probably the opposite movement for Ossie Pk over the last few weeks.
The Kats took them quite easily by +22 shots at home last year & then by +30shots Away so it’s hard to see either gap closing dramatically. The Kats haven’t changed much but no selections on Osborne Pk so hard to comment yet.
The only real change is Barrie into skip & Cocodis back to 3rd, so good to see them maintain the consistency. Fewings funished off the season well, winning 9 of 11 & Knapp went well with 56% win ratio. A lot to like about their season ahead.
Kats by +20 in a comfortable win to get off & running.
Kardinya 7 -1


C Buchholz, D Griffin, R Humphryson, H Whitman
D Turra, E Widermanski, B Nelson, B McMurdo
H Ward, S Denny, G Sarich, B Bucowski
N Costello, D Anderson, N Palmer, L Bryson

C Lander, R Cunningham, I Linford, F Tyson
R Butler, M Burton, B Gunson, Kain
S Loftus, P Flack, B Lucas,     P Morgan
    G Taylor, M Hulbert, R Bone, P Murray

Quite a contrast here against 2 very good sides. Wanneroo are close to my pick for top this year & I just can’t see them outside the top 3. Sorrento lose Eagles who posted a solid 50% win ratio last year & was marginally Sorrento best performing skipper but they moved Talyor in for the moment so let’s see what happens there. However overall Sorrento have held or improved on last years selection which also elevates them into the top 3 for me.
So we have a real top of the table clash here right from R1 which should be a fantastic & exciting game.
Wanneroo at home are very good only dropping against Beach & Ossie last year but on the flip side Sorrento were impressive Away too, picking up scalps from Cambridge, View, Morley, Ossie & Warnbro. Hard call but I’m sliding into the Wanneroo camp as I really liked that consistency in defence they showed last year by conceding the 2nd least & even less than a very good North Beach, now PL team. Lander & Loftus are the obvious targets on their matchups & looking at the extensive stats I’m watching out for Costello’s side & not because of the obvious with Costello wining 11.5 of 18 last year. We all talk about skippers each week instead of the team but acknowledge that we collectively speak for the whole team & this is why I see Costello’s side as the danger side because of Neville Palmer. Palmer moved around last year but still managed 14 wins from 18 games, running a 78% win ratio. To take this into context that’s was the 8th best win ratio of 1 White last year & everyone above him & many below were all Mossie Pk or The Beach, hats off to a great year & my dark horse for Wanneroo this year. Overall a super R1 starter.
Wanneroo 6 -2


Marko Krajancic J Ricci G Maesepp J Wray W Tepania P Brotherston D Ravlich B Blagaich J Marevich I Mateljak M Simunovich V Drupolic S Srhoy M Zusman M Sokol J Wylie IN:

D Bandy, M McRae, P Holmes, S Frosh
B Roelefs, M Petrich, R Negus, B Owen
D Calvo, S Kelly, J Percival, L Moretti
R Havercroft, G Reagan, V Santostefano, J Cunningham

Cockburn will certainly fancy themselves after topping 1 Blue South in such convincing fashion last year & roll into this fixture on a high. No team selections in yet & we don’t expect much either so let’s assume it’s much the similar setup as last season. If so, the Millers need to get good matchups especially on Marevich to have any chance on containing their usual high scoring at home. They averaged 97 shots per home game last year & that would easily be enough to see off any side. It might not be that easy this year but there’s still many members of this side that played a significant amount of PL only a few years ago.
South Perth did manage to knock off Spearwood in the playoffs to rightfully earn their right in 1 White & they’ll look to get off on the right note & probably won’t mind the new Cockburn surface either. There’s enough talent there for them to probably hold their spot if things go well this year but there’s that concern over team consistency. This is again apparent from this weeks selection as we see a slightly different back end selection from that structure that got them promoted, so hopefully they can lock down those key combinations early. What the Millers did brilliantly last year was defend and won plenty of rinks. If they keep the scoring competitive with a few ends to go I won’t bet against the likes of Roelofs & Bandy driving them over the line.
With their superb home record last year it’s very difficult to see past Cockburn to open their account in a convincing fashion by 10+ shots.
Cockburn 6 - 2