The second round kicks off this Saturday, with a fairly predictable story line to the results I firmly believe. The two most interesting games will be those games between Manning versus Hilton, and the game at Thornlie, who play Spearwood. The Ravens would be very keen to atone for last weeks dismal effort, played also at home.
Leeming, Gosnells and Safety Bay should all have comfortable victories to keep their seasons on track.


A Pryce, D Mcllheney, N Rees, S Lambert
S Adams, B Adams, S Salamon, A Lill
G O'Brien, M PIggott, M Ellis, J Evans
S Hughes, G Hogg, M Hughes, P Barrow
INS: M Hughes
OUTS: R Connell

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Sixth versus third here, with Hilton a chance to keep in touch with the top two teams.
This clash should be an absolute thriller on the slick turf at the home of the Sea Eagles, who were not overly convincing last week. While the Hawks took it right up to Leeming, also away from home. Maybe an upset looming I think, with the visitors looking very strong on paper. But as you know, games are won on the track, and on the day. The visiting back end players are really doing their job for their team at the moment, and that could be the case on Saturday.
There could be some fireworks if Steve Hughes draws Robbie Hunter, both very competitive skips to put it mildly.
The Hawks appear to be at full strength again, whilst a couple of regulars are missing for the Eagles.
Hilton. 6-2


K Vandersluys, P Boys, D Johnson, R Bellis
N Shannon, J Bowden, M Hoskins, D Cleal
G Ford, G Burgess, G Sims, R Lipple
J Newton, S Dobie, P Hickey, A Andersson
INS: M Hoskins
OUTS: A Anderson

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The Lions haven’t been setting the world on fire, they got the bikkies last week in a thriller, and that momentum will definitely carry on this week. They have a very stable sixteen, which would help them gain compatibility. The Storm are putting up a reasonable fight each week, but are not winning unfortunately, so let’s hope for their sake that they can start picking up the odd aggregate. It’s not much fun losing each week, but they certainly put up a fight last week, on two rinks anyway it would appear. The Lions have very good skips, backed up by some solid front ends across the rinks, so they should have a very big win come Saturday.
Leeming. 7-1


F Carbone, D Innes, E McCurdy, R McKay
M Crabb, G Lynch, C Watters, P McElvie
B Holland, C Hickinbotham, N Tulett, M Rickard
G Nicol, T Auckland, D Bradbury, J Hoskin
INS: No change

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Second versus ninth in this game out at the home of the Kookaburras, who possess a synthetic green which can prove difficult for visiting sides to master. And that will be the case on the weekend, when the home side will have a comfortable win. They have only lost two aggregates all year, and their rinks change very little from week to week. Good skips in Holland, Crabbe, Carbone and Nicol with some experienced foursomes across the board, will see them keep in touch with the top side in Safety Bay.
The Reds were very competitive down at the bay last week though, so you never know, but Gosnells will get my money.
Gosnells. 8-0


G Beckwith, M White, I Rewell, P Riggio
N Holden, P Pohe, J Thorn, T Williams
G Vaughan, T Churcher, J Stean, M Separovich
G Sewell, D Dobb, J Walker Jnr, J Mitchell
INS: D Dobb
OUTS: G Collier

I Unkovich, N Silich, I D'Ascenzo, B Bavcevic
B Yakas, I Dragicevich, M Krajancic, F Petkovich
V Pesich, N Sokol, J Stojan, I Petkovich
I Perica, B Vidovich, A Stojan, T Fiamengo
INS: A Stojan, I Perica
OUTS: D Tomasich, J Favazzo

The home side would definitely be smarting after their hiding last week, and will be keen to turn their fortunes around and win this one. If Thornlie play on their grass they “ should “ win, but as mentioned earlier they have been quite inconsistent this season. The Beckwith and Vaughan rinks for the Ravens have been good all year, some very good consistent and seasoned bowlers their.
For the visitors the Unkovich rink, skipped by Ivan the Great are very talented and Spearwood generally look to them for an aggregate win.
I will go for an upset here.
Spearwood 6-2


S McCormack, J Stewart, M Gittins, R Ireland
W Heldt, B Coote, K Manton, J Chessell
M Gill, B Ciccotosto, J Carlino, K Bowden
P Wachmer, M Ngui, B McCarthy, M Holt
INS: B Ciccotosto, J Carlino
OUTS: A Hocken, D Bacich

C Owen, R Kennedy, S Gallon, Z Boddy
R Hall, A Holmes, H Wilson, S McBriar
C Carruthers, B McVicar, J Radford, S Foran
P Beaumont, A Daddow, G Ogg, A Ashworth
INS: No change

The talented and top of the table guys from down south on the coast, travel up the beaches to play the very inconsistent Mariners this Saturday. Apart from their positions on the table, miles apart, the Bay pack a powerful punch with basically the same sixteen, week in, week out.
None of the Fremantle rinks feature anywhere near the top of the skips table, while three of the Safety Bay teams figure prominently.
The teams skipped by Owen, Hall and Carruthers, are all in the top six, a great achievement by this talented group.
Even though Safety Bay are playing away from home on grass, I still think they will belt the Fremantle boys.
Safety Bay. 7-1