The 2nd round of the pennant season commences this weekend, the reverse fixture. The shock ladder leaders Bassendean, can they continue their good form with last years grand final players Doubleview and South Perth right up their jaxie. The intriguing section of the draw is 4th to 8th, only 7 points cover those teams, which one will break away and make a dash for the finals? It would appear our teams to be demoted is decided, but thats not to say they aren't good sides and capable of an upset. Teams playing Warnbro and Mosman Park would not want to take them too lightly.


R Moyle, S Edmonds, B White, T Whitfield
C Slavich, C Bessant, A Tennant, A Wetzler
K McIlroy, S Gosstray, S Cerff, G Faulkner
J Slavich, B Brandsma, R Haring, J Barry
INS: A Wetzler
OUTS: E Gallipeau

A Williams, S Withers, M Allan, S O'Brien
L Such, P Ker, N Jones, P Herbert
T Mitchell, S Patterson, G Quann, K Jolly
S Knott, A Heal, B Butler, L Herbert
INS: G Quann
OUTS: L Grigg

A tough game for Manning here, a loss will see them drop out of the 4 but a win would be huge against the flag favourites, not many sides will do that in the run home so any win against Doubleview will give your team a great chance of making finals. First time around saw Doubleview with a 7-1 win at Manning.
Changes and we see the Canadian import Eric Galipeau go down to the 2nds so that Addy Wetzler returning can find his spot. Galipeau looks pretty good so it shows their depth at the moment when a young player like that has to wait his turn. For Manning, Lewis Grigg drops back out again and Greg Quann comes in.
It's going to be pretty hard to go past Doubleview at home this year. They are undefeated at home this year, and probably over the last 5 years would have an enviable home record. Manning have a great side and capable of the upset. If they can string it together this game then a win would not surprise from the Eagles. I will be going Doubleview though
Doubleview 6-2


L Strahan, C Harris, W Manning, R Bolton
S Perica, N Lewis, D Jones, D Leeson
C Adams, A Foster, N Bolton, L Bolton
P Harris, S Rushforth, C Wooldridge, M Bolton
INS: N Bolton
OUTS: B Nairn

G Caffell, P Quinlan, R Lawrence, I Lilburne
N Stevens, T Ingram, E Martin, G King
K Pickering, R Brown, S O'Neill, M Kitto
C Packer, J East, M Rollings, T Weir
INS: T Weir
OUTS: D Rowland

Another enticing game with a huge effect on to the finals aspirations of both sides, both teams taken a hit with regular players missing but Cambridge probably more so with Blake Nairn unavailable due to him playing in the PBA Monday night, he flies out today and we wish him all the best. I'll be watching and I have a fiver on him to win the game. Neil Bolton comes in for Blake. For Osborne Park, Darren Rowland embarking on the next chapter of his life as he moves to Copenhagen, what an adventure! Good luck Cavey in that new country living, Tod Weir comes in for Rowland.
Tough game to choose a winner. 1st round saw Cambridge with a decisive 7.5-0.5 win and that was away from home. Osborne Park though had a new look time which took a few weeks to gel and probably over the past 6 weeks have looked a bit better, but over the last 4 weeks both have a 1-3 record. It becomes a must win game for these sides, not only to keep in touch with 4th spot, but also to find some winning form for the 2nd half of the year. Both sides boast some of our best bowlers in the state, Clive Adams and Cody Packer, wouldn't it be great if they drew each other.
Cambridge 6-2


D Nicholls, N Smith, D Killisch Von Horn, A Elmer
B Manton, S Fewster, L Pike, R Kenyon
D Rhodes, C Margin, M Simpson, L McKay
S Alden, S Davies, R Ellis, M Whitely
INS: L McKay
OUTS: W Neilson

N Reagan, A Sharp, S Kelly, T Reid
G Pauling, T Alberti, M Biglin, D Angell
J Opie, T Kinnane, R Havercroft, K Pride
R Bresland, N Griffin, D Mortley, F Anderson
INS: R Havercroft, S Kelly
OUTS: S Walker, T Antonio

Another really good game, 1st vs 3rd and Bassendean got their season underway in Round 1 with a 8-0 win away from home. Our home ground record hasn't been so good this year 2 win from 4 starts and South Perth did beat us last year at Bassendean so the venue won't hold any fears for them. Since that round 1 South Perth have hit the mark, winning their past 6 games on the trot so they are in some serious form. Both sides taken a bit of a hit with unavailable players, Wayne Neilson not playing so Lloyd McKay comes back into the team. For South Perth Scott Walker currently flying home from London, not sure what time he lands but he may be a late in but not named yet, Tom Antonio also not available. Ryan Havercroft and Steve Kelly are in.
A really tough game to select a winner for I think, unless you play for Bassendean! South Perth will want to return the 8-0 favour to Bassendean so it will be a tough hard fought game. Looking forward to it, gonna be a cracker
Bassendean of course!


L Strange, C Biddle, L Kellow, D Phillips
B Kalinowsky, J Hudson, M Wilson, D Kitson
K Cousens, Dr G Jackson, M Miller, P Guelfi
W Baker, D Pattullo, I Gibson, J Maley
INS: M Miller
OUTS: D Wagstaff

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Warnbro have another game at home, this time around against North Beach. In Round 1 North Beach got off to a great start in the PL with a 7-1 win, but they will be up against it at Warnbro. Daryl Wagstaff makes way for Miller at Warnbro, changes unknown at North Beach.
Warnbro pushed us all the way last week, slow out of the gates but came home hard, they have some spunk and will fight games out which is great. North Beach been a bit hot and cold, some good wins and bad losses and I think this game will be quite evenly contested. The fast synthetic surface won't be a disadvantage for the visitors, hope they don't get car sick as it one of the longest treks in the PL, but it should be a close game. North Beach should win, but I am going for an upset of sorts.
Warnbro 6-2


D Brown, B Henley, D Wood, S West
K McKay, R Foy, D Flintoff, K Stower
S Novak, M Abonnel, D Radford, J Terrell
D Rankin, P Davies, D Golem, D Comrie
INS: D Brown

W Tan, A Daley, B Hoffman, M Barrett
P Daley, C Edson, O Dawson, M Van Bemmel
C Hoffman, A Gryta, T Cranswick, M Robertson
D Marsland, L Beurteaux, S Swanson, M Bigg
INS: No changes

Our final game and probably the easiest of the week to select. Kardinya starting to string some games together and home against the side currently 9th will look enticing for them to get maximum points and charge into the 4. Last time and Kardy won that one 6-2 before their season imploded a bit early but they are back on track now. Daniel Brown is back but not sure who dropped out from last week as Darryl Radford both skippered and played as a 2nd according to the results page. No changes at Mosman Park but a few rink changes sees Willy Tan skippering a rink
Mosman Park started the year so promisingly but the grind of 18 games is starting take it's toll and a bad 0-8 loss last week and in fact have only scores 3.5 points from the last 5 games and they really need a spark. Maybe Tan is hit, but it's great to see them trying new things, new people in new positions. Kardinya looking good last week and with Brown returning look even stronger. Gee they look scary on paper, they get a sniff and they will be damaging to a lot of sides.
Kardinya 8-0