Round Fifteen looks to be a fairly cut and dried series of fixtures, with the game between Leeming and Thornlie the most interesting. Both teams were beaten last game, and both striving for that top three spot. Manning with a big chance to cement their spot in the top three, playing Vic Park at home. A little birdie told me that there has been a little more trouble at Vic Park, not ideal at this time of the year. This Division is now a cut throat competition, with every single point valuable as teams strive for wins.


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I Unkovich, F Petkovich, T Rusden, B Bavcevic
N Silich, I Dragicevich, B Yakas, A Stojan
V Pesich, D Tomasich, B Vidovich, I Petkovich
K Nadilo, M Krajancic, T Fiamengo, N Sokol
INS: K Nadilo, T Rusden
OUTS: I D'Ascenzo, I Perica

The Bay would certainly be hoping that they can turn their fortunes around, having lost the last three games. Only losing two all year, up until then.
Spearwood have not been overly impressive this year, but they do normally put up a good fight. Not sure what has happened way down south lately, as far as I can see, there has just been some tinkering with the rinks.
The visitors certainly look must more settled with Ken Nadilo back skipping, with young Mark Krajancic as his third also. I would confidently predict that the home side will get back in the winners circle and will run out winners here.
Safety Bay. 6-2


S McCormack, M Gill, P Claussen, R Ireland
B Coote, W Heldt, M Starcevich, J Chessell
K Manton, J Stewart, K Bowden, P Kelly
P Wachmer, M Ngui, K Gavranich, M Holt
INS: W Heldt, R Ireland
OUTS: M Craig, A Hocken

F Carbone, I Farley, E McCurdy, R McKay
M Crabb, G Lynch, C Watters, P McElvie
B Holland, C Hickinbotham, N Tulett, M Rickard
G Nicol, D Bradbury, T Auckland, J Hoskin
INS: No change

Even though the Mariners won their last game, I believe that the Kookaburras are not on top of the ladder through good luck, so they should win down at windy Fremantle.
The Kookas have only lost two games all year, while the Mariners have lost ten so far. The visiting team are a very stable and competitive outfit, with few changes week to week. The Kookaburras possess four good skips, with a very steady and reliable front end. Whilst down at Fremantle, they too have some good back end combinations, but seem to lack the steadiness up front. I think this game will come down to the brilliance of the Holland and Nicol rinks for the Kookas, just having too much firepower for the Mariners
Gosnells 7-1


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C Standley, L Garbutt, B Smith, R Butler
R Hunter, C McMahon, G Saint, S Farrell
T Simpson, Dave Newton, P Stone, R Fortini
G Dodd, J Bajic, K Willis, F Kuhnl

Davey Newton returning to his old home to assist the Hawks win by the length of the straight I firmly believe. The visitors, as mentioned before, have set this division alight this year, and now sit in fifth spot on the ladder. They are only eight points behind second placed Safety Bay, with this game and fixtures against Safety Bay at home, Fremantle away, Leeming at home to come. All winnable games for the Hawks for sure.
Hilton. 7-1


S Hughes, J Andrew, A Lill, J Evans
A Pryce, G Hogg, N Rees, S Lambert
S Adams, B Adams, B Connell, P Barrow
G O'Brien, D Mcllheney, M Ellis, M Hughes
INS: No change

M Simms, N Staude, K Wilson, C McKay
R Johnson, H Lim, G Archell, D Eastcott
J Holland, P Long, B Frizzel, R McCallum
J Jermalinski, D Florence, E Hogarth, E Costello
INS: H Lim, E Costello, K Wilson
OUTS: J Hiskins, P Freund, J O'Leary

The Eagles who now currently sit in third spot on the ladder, come up against the Reds, now lying ninth. Just on statistics alone, you would have to pick the home side to win comprehensively, to keep their top three chances alive.
The Eagles with arguably the most dominant front end combination in the division. Names like Merv Hughes, Rees, Connell, Lill, Evans, Ellis, are all very good at their trade. This is where most games are won and lost, and on their own turf, they almost always win the day.
The Eagles possess some handy skips too, so they should be too strong for the visitors.
Manning. 7-1


K Vandersluys, P Boys, D Johnson, W Birrell
A Anderson, N Shannon, M Hosking, D Cleal
G Ford, G Burgess, G Sims, R Lipple
J Newton, S Dobie, P Hickey, A Andersson
INS: M Hosking
OUTS: R Bellis

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I pick this game as the clash of the round, for I believe that the Lions must come right at some stage, and unfortunately for the Ravens it may be this Saturday at Leeming. The Vandersluys rink for the Lions has been wonderfully consistent all season, but the other rinks need to lift to give the home side some traction.
The Ravens were of course, surprisingly beaten at home last week by the lowly Mariners, so they will certainly be hoping to put up a fight, and they normally do.
The Ravens have a steady side normally, as do the Lions, so this game promises to be a good clash. Who ever draws the tough Beckwith rink from the Ravens will need to play well though, to give the Lions a fighting chance.
Leeming to turn the corner.
Leeming 6-2