A predictable round on paper but as we all know an upset is likely to happen, what game will it be. With 6 teams in contention for 2nd and 3rd and the same 6 with a chance to finish 7th all teams will need to be on their game.


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Home ground advantage will be a significant advantage for Stirling, however, if they their usual blow out rink it will be difficult to win aggregate. Mundaring must win, with Mt Lawley next week, also away, their chances of top 3 will evaporate with any loss and leaves the door wide open for 7th. They were very good against Doubleview last week, they are near full strength and should win.
Stirling 2 Mundaring 6


E Johnson, G Herriot, S Deering, S Curtis
W Langdon, C McKenna, R Waugh, F Williamson
G Nelson, E Galipeau, D Hayden, M Fredericks
S Edmonds, B Watts, B Pearce, A Faulkner
INS: D Hayden
OUTS: K Cornell

A Einfeld, A Graham, J Fielding, M Glasson
L Kelly, C Lenzo, I Watt, K Scott
M Masel, J Cottier jnr, S Connell, P Callison
P Sinden, M Palumbo, P Roberts, D Evans
INS: P Roberts
OUTS: R Edmonds

Doubleview with the quality of players they have under performed this season and sitting 7th, 4 points from 8th, they are very vulnerable, though their next two games after this are winnerable. Mt Lawley should have sown up top 3 excepting for upset losses against Kalamunda and Wanneroo, they can probably afford to drop one game out of the next three. A hard game to tip, the quality of Mt Lawley's top rinks in Masel and Einfeld makes me lean their way.
Doubleview 2 Mt Lawley 6


T McGillvray, W Coffee, J McGrath, B McGrechan
P Griffiths, J West, T Needs, G Robertson
S Shaw, T Kay, M Sharp, F Faigenbaum
B Morrison, M Lemos, W Morrison, J Bills
INS: W Morrison
OUTS: I Cooper

S Boyd, M Brown, G Jack, A Wright
P Geus, B McMonagle, C Johnson, J Tailor
C Tee, G Scorer, D Hampton, J Weir
J Miller, T Studds, D Charles, P Gooch
INS: S Boyd, B McMonagle, J Weir
OUTS: D Anderson, D Burns, B Parmenter

The first of two games against the bottom two for Yokine at home and, if they want to play finals they must win lots of rinks to closethe gap on the leading pack. Wanneroo were good last week in beating Stirling, and enjoy quality greens at home which will help negate home ground advantage. They will give Yokine a real contest.
Yokine 6 Wanneroo 2


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R Aitken, R Hutchinson, S Stevenson, J Watt
J Carlsen, A Howe, B Abrahamson, B Farrant
R Hunter, A Schrauf, G Barr, T Bannon
L Mitten, J Bartorillo, R Munday, G Gregson
INS: R Hutchinson, R Munday
OUTS: N Costello, E Retallack

Win this game and Quinns will be totally safe on top of the ladder and looking forward to 1 White next season, a great achievement after coming up from 2nd division this season. North Beach found form last week to defeat Swan and have the opportunity to shape the ladder over the next three weeks, though them rising above 8th is a huge ask. If this game was at home I would be tempted to select North Beach but home ground advantage will win.
Quinns Rock 7 North Beach 1


A Southern, G Foster, S Anning, D Foster
P Park, G Tibbles, P Hilsz, M Eckett
D Park, R Hutchinson, G Malaspina, G Rowlinson
T Natalotto, D Wood, I Cornthwaite, M Garner
INS: D Wood, S Anning
OUTS: K Hickey, T Southern

W Olive, G McDonald, P Pringle, M Thomas
A Bartlett, P Townsend, H Clifford, T Mountford
R Cooper, R Pringle, B Farrant, M Clancy
D Wooltorton, C Higham, P Gilsenan, V Hughes
INS: B Farrant
OUTS: N Bycroft

Swan on a losing steak of 2, Kalamunda a disappointing loss last week by the smallest margin. Swan are probably finishing 2nd, Kalamunda could, and they do have a hard draw, be in the contest for 7th, win all 3 and they could play finals if the sides above them drop games. Swan have a very solid 16, i think they will prevail, they want 1 White and they need to win all 3 to have that chance.
Swan 6.5 Kalamunda 1.5