Only 3 games to go & most spots are locked down to a certain extent so there's more focus on the mid-section of the table rather than the top & bottom which won't change. Few sides hitting the heebie jeebies at the wrong time of the season & letting other teams pull back the gap, which makes it very entertaining for the run home.
No real change in the predictions other than Osborne Park & Rossmoyne swap spots but overall the majority of the ladder seems to be tracking as expected but let's do another update after this Round.


W Mitchell, T Vlahos, B Driscoll, C Hamilton
T Dawson, G Grieve, V Princi, B Harris
L Sanders, G Lowry, J Engelen, W Hinchcliffe
W Barker, P Leyland, P Wharam, R Dunstan
IN: No change

M Sokol, M Zusman, S Srhoy, G Maesepp
W Tepania, P Brotherston, J Wray, D Ravlich
J Marevich, I Mateljak, J Ricci, A Edwards
M Krajancic, M Simunovich, M Musulin, B Blagaich
IN: No change

Where Morley might have a chance here as they'll see Cockburn as an opportunity considering they're sitting 9th & Morley 10th, however the Roosters have done quite well on the road & although they have lost nearly every game they have kept them competitive against some of the better sides.
Morley don't have a lot to play for here but of the 3 remaining games this is probably their last chance of grabbing another W before the season closes out, so they are not without a chance.
This game couldn't be more important for the Roosters & they'll be in positive spirits after last weeks big win against Wanneroo.
Cockburn 6 - 2


E Widermanski, D Anderson, B Nelson, B McMurdo
H Ward, K Toster, G Sarich, D Burns
C Buchholz, D Griffin, R Humphryson, H Whitman
M Nievelstein, S Denny, N Palmer, L Bryson
IN: B Bucowski, D Turra
OUT: D Anderson, D Burns

J Krstic, T Lynch, R Ellis, N Kirkup
E O'Sullivan, M Erceg, M Potente, T Alden
R Revell, J Morss, P Madigan, T Parravicini
B Dinnison, G Stokes, N Smith, J Holman
OUT: No change

Massive game for the Roo's given the speed bump from last weekend. Only 1.5pts ahead of Osborne Park, they'll be looking to capitalise on the Saints game v Sorrento to put a gap between 2nd & 3rd. They'll be a focus on Wardy rink after last week but either way they just need his side to lift to match Buchholz considering they are without their other top skipper. Turra is a big out for the Roo's but they should have enough firepower to run over the Lions late on but I'm expecting this game to be close, probably 8-10 shots.
Wanneroo 6 - 2


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C Lander, R Cunningham, B Lucas, F Tyson
R Butler, A Barron, M Burton, B Gunson
S Loftus, P Flack, L Oldham, G Murray
S Rixom, M Hulbert, T Murray, G Taylor
IN: No change

The Saints are in free fail at the moment winning only 1 from 6 games when they had won the majority of the games before that & were travelling superbly. They'll need every touch of form to trouble the Swans here as they cruise into PL with little stress for most of the year.
Osborne Park need the dominant rinks to find form & not just for this game but if they want to stay in Finals contention. Kats are only 0.5pt behind so if they beat the River Rats they'll be in Finals contention. They do play well at home so it should be close enough for most of the day but hard to not go with the Swans given the dip in Saints form.
Sorrento 7 - 1


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D Haddow, D Price, R Mitchell, V Andrews
E Gollan, R Vind, D Green, B O'Brien
R Lang, R Halse, B Cranswick, P Voon
A Petchell, W Harvey, A Herbert, G Beacroft
IN: No change

Another hard game to call but given the increase in form from the Kats & the drop in form from the River Rats probably sees the advantage going towards the Kats but I won't be surprised to see the River Rats put in a huge performance to get rid of the frustration from last week.
Kats win this, then they are more than likely top 4 & ready for Finals. From there they just need to win the remaining 2 games & they'll surely play Finals. Rossmoyne are somewhat like Osborne Park where they have 1 eye on PL & Finals & then drop multiple games in a row. They are 1 from 4 now which has seriously damaged their run home & some tricky games from here so they'll need a big performance this week.
Kardinya 6 - 2


J Post, M Golding, V Giuffre, D Herbert
J Borkowski, A Hornby, C Boyle, I Sparrowhawk
L Hill, G Hinge, B McNamara, R Loran
B Ledingham, G Smith, D Dunstan, P Marinovich
IN: No change

D Bandy, M McRae, G Reagan, M Petrich
R Havercroft, P Holmes, J Percival, J McDonnell
S Kelly, D Calvo, R Negus, J Robertson
A Durrant, V Santostefano, B Roelefs, B Owen
IN: S Kelly, J Robertson
OUT: A Sharp, T Reid

Tough game for both sides considering how much is on the line for both sides. Warwick will be buoyed by last weeks heroics & so will South Perth from their big home win so this could swing either way.
If Basso don't get the result at Wanneroo then the winner of this could get to 6th & give themselves every chance of staying in the safe zone & not having to entertain the playoffs for survival. If the Magpies are to win this they need all rinks firing & if they get over the line it will probably be from 1 blowout rink from one of the weaker South Perth rinks. Cockburn should get up to 50pts so they'll be only 2-4pts behind the loser here so there's a lot to play for. Not a huge amount of changes across the board but great to see Lou Moretti getting a chance in PL, so congrats on the promotion.
Warwick might just shade this as South Perth record there on the fast grass isn't great & it hasn't been a good hunting ground for them over the years.
Warwick 6 - 2