Some closely contested games in this second round of fixtures, with four of the games a little hard to pick. However the clash between two of the divisions heavyweights in Leeming and Safety Bay takes the cake as a mouthwatering game so early in the season.
The only match that appears to be a walkover is the one between Armadale and Manning.


K Vandersluys, P Boys, D Johnson, W Birrell
A Anderson, N Bennetts,     M Hosking, D Anderson
G Ford, G Burgess, A Green, R Lipple
J Newton, S Dobie,     A Andersson, R Bellis
INS: D Anderson
OUTS: D Cleal

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The two favourites in this division will clash at the home of the Lions this Saturday, and what a match it promises to be. You may remember that both of these sides were always in the top three of the table last year, both very consistent sides, chock full of good players.
The Leeming skips of Vandersluys, Anderson, Ford, and Newton are all good at their craft, and they have a host of steady players in front of them.
The Safety Bay sixteen also possess two excellent skips in Hall and Carruthers, backed up by the experienced Alan Daddow and Warnbro recruit Troy Dellar. They too have a number of good players up front.
It would be great to see the rinks of Vandersluys and Hall draw each other, two fine skips.
The fact that Leeming are playing at home, gives me confidence that they will win, even handsomely.
Leeming. 7-1


F Carbone, G Lynch, G Strachan, R McKay
M Crabb, D Innes,     S Harris, M Beauchamp
B Holland, C Hickinbotham, N Tulett, J Hoskin
G Nicol, T Auckland, D Vaulters,   D Bradbury
INS: M Crabb, J Hoskin
OUTS: D Black, I Farley

I Unkovich, I D'Ascenzo, M Hodzic, B Bavcevic
K Nadilo, I Dragicevich, B Yakas, I Perica
V Pesich, D Tomasich, J Stojan, I Petkovich
N Silich, N Sokol, B Vidovich, F Petkovich
INS: I D'Ascenzo
OUTS: A Stojan

An intriguing clash between two pretty good sixteens, will be played at the home of the Kookaburras. The home side winning an important away game in the first round of fixtures, which will give them plenty of confidence for this clash.
However the visitors are great fighters as we know, and they will be smarting from their unusual loss at home last Saturday. Can the General win his second game? He will have his work cut out if he draws Ivan Unkovich and his team though.
The home ground advantage may be enough for the Kookaburras to pick up their second aggregate in a row, and give them a flying start to the season.
Gosnells. 7-1


A Pryce, D Mcllheney, M Hughes, P Bowden
S Adams, B Adams, N Rees, A Lill
G Quann, M Ellis, B Wright, J Evans
S Hughes, G Hogg, B Connell, S Lambert
INS: J Evans
OUTS: P Herbert

B Davis, C Davis, M Byrne, R Baker
Ken Mackay, D Earl, R Duncan, L Martin
B Heta, J McKay, G McKenna, E Holt
B Griffiths, B Lifddell, K Shean, B Lander
INS: unknown

Based on last weeks game alone, the Eagles playing at home will demolish the Storm, and obtain eight valuable points into the bargain.
The Eagles look very strong through all rinks, with a good sprinkling of ex Premier League bowlers and some newcomers as well. The old master in John Evans comes into this side to make it even stronger.
Armadale have listed their side, and it contains a lot of unfamiliar names.
Manning 8-0


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This game could be a cracker of a contest at the home of the Ravens, who could just start the season with two aggregates wins out of two.
The Hawks surprised all of the pundits last Saturday, but this week away from home on an unknown surface, things might be different i think.
There are some good solid and consistent players in both teams, with the skips at Hilton looking very strong indeed. The Ravens skips are all very solid, with Vaughan the standout for sure.
The Ravens normally play with a lot of confidence at home, so I will go for them.
Thornlie. 7-1


P Wachmer, M Ngui, B McCarthy, R Ireland
B Coote, M Gill, K Gavranich, M Gittins
D Bacich, J Stewart, K Bowden, M Holt
W Heldt, G Gibson, C Moore, J Chessell
INS: B McCarthy
OUTS: N Gaspar

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Well I predicted that the Mariners would struggle down at Safety Bay last week, and that is exactly what occurred on what I believe was a windy day.
However the Reds also succumbed to the experienced Kookaburras at home.
So who will win?
Both sides are much changed to last year, so it would appear that there is still a bit of work to do yet in getting the different combinations to work. Freo were very good last season, but that was in second division, whilst the Vic Park boys just hung on to Blue division by a slender thread.
I don’t have much confidence in either team as yet, but at home the Mariners may just scrape in.
Wachmer would be smarting after his big loss last week, so he and his rink will need to lift.
Fremantle. 6-2