Unlike R1 I think this week is the week for the home teams to triumph. There are a few sides here looking for a nice 2 from 2 start to the season & after last weeks upsets they'll be other doing their best to ensure it's not a 0-2 start to theirs.
We will start to get a nice handle on the look of most teams after the first home/away results so it will be very interesting to see who gets the flier & who's chasing from R3. Hopefully the weather will hold up to bring a great R2.


D Bandy, M McRae, P Holmes, S Frosh
B Roelefs, M Petrich, R Negus, B Owen
D Calvo, E Munnelly, J Percival, L Moretti
R Havercroft, G Reagan, V Santostefano, J Cunningham
IN: E Munnelly
OUT: S Kelly

J Krstic, T Lynch, W Davidson, N Kirkup
E O'Sullivan, N Smith, J Morss, P Harber
R Revell, B Dinnison, M Cook, J Holman
A Smith, P Madigan, G Stokes, T Alden
IN: N Smith, P Harber, T Alden
OUT: D Snelgar, D Blight, N Strachan

The Millers will be disappointed about not bringing home the Agg at Cockburn last week after such a tight game. However that will have to disappear quickly if the want to be competitive this week as they come up against the only team to beat them home & away last year. Those were close fought games so the Lions will be coming for every point they can grab.
South Perth are very strong at home & can run away with scoring if given half a chance. The matchups will be critical here & who won't love to see the Roelofs v Rocket rematch from R15 last season.
Basso have the wood over South Perth over the years & they continue to maintain a very well balanced side. They ring 3 changes from last weeks surprise duck egg, with Smith, Harber & Allen brought in. With some minor tweaking it might just strengthen things up enough to grab a good away win.
The Millers need this win as R3 is at Rossmoyne, who wouldn't show mercy. I would nearly back the draw here as it is hard to separate these sides.
South Perth 5 - 3


J Post, M Golding, I Sparrowhawk, R Newstead
G Hinge, G Smith, V Giuffre, R Loran
J Borkowski, A Hornby, P Marinovich, D Herbert
B Ledingham, L Hill, D Dunstan, B McNamara
IN: E Richardson
OUT: L Hill

G Fewings, W Bezant, J Rochford, R Hawke
R Knapp, T Cocodis, R McNamara, J Edgar
M Yates, S Vinci, K Stower, J Terrell
C Stokes, I Barrie, C Booth, G Knight
IN: M Monteiro
OUT: C Stokes

Warwick put in a balanced performance last week across the rinks and we would expect more of the same this week & probably on the same or bigger scale. Hill & Smith do a tactical switch after Smith comes in for McNamara to Hinge & Ledingham, maybe support the Ledingham rink after last week.
Kats will be licking the wounds a little after dropping the first at home, which will put pressure on them not to drop more than 1 more home game for the season. No massive changes for the Kats as Stokes comes in to push Barrie, Booth & Knight one down the playlist. Seems an obvious counter move after their 11 shot loss probably was the difference in the Agg last week. In saying that Fewings also lost by 11shots so making up the 22 shots across the other 2 rinks was probably a step too far.
Tough game to call as there's clear quality across both sides. Probably siding towards the home side. I like the overall balance of Warwick with some clever & seasoned players over the back ends. They only dropped 2 homes games all season & no surprise to who....Mossies & The Beach, both of whom are now PL. Kardinya away from home last year were good winning 5 of 9 but 1 of those loses was against Warwick by 12shots. Suspect a close game by <10 shots.
Warwick 6 - 2


C Lander, R Cunningham, I Linford, F Tyson
R Butler, M Burton, L Oldham, B Gunson
S Loftus, P Flack, B Lucas,     P Morgan
G Taylor, M Hulbert, R Bone, B Kiely
IN: B Kiely, L Oldham
OUT: P Murray, P Kain

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Sorrento were impressive last week but slight concern over the Taylor rink after last weeks blow out. Few changes across 2 rinks to mabe tighten up the loose front ends and I'm sure Sorrento are ready to put on a big performance.
Cockburn need to bring the A game this week against a quality outfit & will trouble them more than what they had last week. Normally very strong home or away they'll be looking for nothing less than the win.
A consideration for Cockburn is that Sorrento only won 3 home games last year so it's not the fortress, yet. Yes Cockburn only lost 2 away games all season last year but those were mostly small margin wins against lesser opposition. Not impossible but they'll need a top performance to stop Sorrento picking up the full 8.
Sorrento 7 -1


J Thorn, J Carter, G Smith, I Bryden
M Dewson, A Garlick, B Poggi, L Bell
T Weir, C Fleay, C Taboni, A McCullagh
F Di Giuseppe, M Carmichael, B Boyd, P Allen
IN: C Taboni, A Garlick
OUT: M Kitto, R Clark

C Buchholz, D Griffin, R Humphryson, H Whitman
D Turra, E Widermanski, B Nelson, B McMurdo
H Ward, S Denny, G Sarich, B Bucowski
N Costello, D Anderson, N Palmer, L Bryson
IN: No change

Osborne Pk will be quite content to sit back & easy themselves into this game after a wonderful showing last week against the Kats. They won well with 2 rinks winning by 11 shots each so well played overall. From last year their home form was very similar to there away form so no doubt they'll be putting a focus of getting that to 6 or 7 from 9 this year. Only 2 changes for Ossie Pk so they'll honour a similar side this week and will be looking for the majors here to get a flying 2 from 2 to start the season. If they can win here, they have Cockburn in R3 which gives them a nice chance of 3 from 3.
The Roo's lost nothing in their very close lose to Sorrento last week & will be eager to make amends this year. They certainly don't want to talk of PL next year & loss 2 from 2, so this game should be close. The Roo's do very well Away, yes they only won 5 of 9 last year but those 4 loses were mostly down to the last end/last bowl so a lot to like about that form.
Very impressed with Ossie Pk last week but with no changes on the Roo's side it looks like they still back those 16 to deliver and if they want the top prize this year they'll need to win these games. Roo's by 7.
Wanneroo 6 -2


R Halse, L Jervies, M Hughes, W Wetter
E Gollan, R Vind, A Herbert, B O'Brien
R Lang, D Haddow, D Price, B Cranswick
A Petchell, W Harvey, R Mitchell, P McSherry

W Mitchell, K Nazareth, T Vlahos, C Hamilton
G Grieve, T Dawson, B Geikie, N Minchin
L Sanders, W Barker, J Engelen, W Hinchcliffe
J Thomas, P Leyland, B Driscoll, R Dunstan
IN: No change

The River Rats made the selectors meeting very simply this week and I would be surprised if the even had a meeting about their top side. No changes to mention and everyone stays exactly as they were & why would they change anything after last week's performance?!
They ran a nice home record last year and will look to build on that this year. The Gollan/Vind/Herbert/O'Brien rink is settling is nicely & all eyes on them this week to drive an early lead & cruise from there bringing the calvary behind them.
Morley are not without chance but given the away form & transfer of surface to Rossmoyne's greens, it is slightly difficult to push a significant amount of belief. Thomas & Sanders are needed again this week to ensure they stay competitive on the run home & thy will need good support throughout.
The River Rats should take this one with the full complement if they can bring last week's form but I don't think we are looking at blow out scores.
Rossmoyne 8 - 0