After a very even round 2 with sides well matched this week the results with the exception of Doubleview v Swan contest fairly predictable. In 1 Blue with just three teams in finals playoff and there are four teams who are vulnerable to demotion. At the end of the year there are small margins between success and failure, early points are invaluable.


P Augustson, G Yabuka, D Anderson, B Brown
A Schrauf, S Stevenson, M McConnell, T Bannon
R Hunter, S Matthews, E Retallack, D Vinicombe
G Gregson, M Vitale, B Abrahaamson, R Wilkinson
INS: G Gregson, S Stevenson, M McConnell
OUTS: L Mitten, J Bartorillo, S Palmer

A Bartlett, D Wooltorton, H Clifford, M Thomas
R Cooper, R Pringle, B Farrant, M Clancy
W Olive, P Pringle, G McDonald, M Lane
P Townsend, N Bycroft, D Guy, V Hughes
INS: No change

The Beach Boys have swung changes this week with two new skippers, perhaps they are a little concerned with the start to this year. I thought they would have done more in the first two games and they were among my picks for top three. Kalamunda would be pleased with their start, a narrow defeat away to Mundaring and a thrilling 1 point home win against Mt Lawley. At home North Beach should prevail
North Beach 7, Kalamunda 1


M Masel, J Cottier jnr, S Connell, P Callison
A Einfeld, A Graham, T McElvenny, M Glasson
L Kelly, C Lenzo, P Roberts, J Fielding
P Sinden, M Palumbo, R Armstrong, K Scott
INS: No change

R Beazley, D Burns, J Weir, D Hampton
M Nievelstein, J Miller, A Wright, G Jack
G White, B McMonagle, P McGinn, J Tailor
K Toster, G Scorer, P Gooch, C Johnson
INS: J Weir, R Beazley
OUTS: C Tee, M Brown

If Mt Lawley are to have a chance to play finals they will need to beat the lower ranked side comfortably at home and win away aggregates which they just failed to do last week. They come up against a Wanneroo side which is affected by off season player losses and have struggled this year as a result. My Lawley would want to do a Doubleview and win the full 8 points against Wanneroo.
Mt Lawley 7, Wanneroo 1


G Bear, K Green, T Watson, D Gavin
R Cox, J O'Sullivan, M Dayman, P Rhodes
J Doncon        , P Van Der Reest, M Critchell, R Ross
L Pickles       , T Smith, I Smith, R Coumbe        
INS: J O'Sullivan
OUTS: M Cousins

T McGillvray, J West, T Needs, G Robertson
S Shaw, I Cooper, M Sharp, F Faigenbaum
B Morrison, M Lemos, W Morrison, P Hunter
T Kay, W Coffey, P Griffiths, B McGrechan
INS: No change

This will be an interesting match. Yokine are been most impressive while Mundaring have yet to lose an aggregate, though they have yet to met a top tier side. It changes this week and how quickly the Yokine boys adjust to the quick, wide carpet at Mundaring will play a big role in the result. Yokine has experienced the Mundaring green yearly for the past three or four so I suspect adjustment will not be an issue and I think they will continue to roll along.
Yokine 6, Mundaring 2


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B Crawford, S Smith, R Cole, E Moore
B Axford, C Parr, D McKenzie, T Hines
J Berecz, A Barker, R Thomas, S Cavanagh
M Hinchcliffe, C Bartle, M Ong, L Johnson
INS: No change

The strong side of 1 Blue, Quinns, up against the weakened Stirling side which is struggling to overcome loss of quality players but did get an important 2 points against North Beach last week. Even at this early stage I am tipping Quinns to finish top, and based upon results to date I think I will be vindicated. I cannot mount an argument for a Stirling victory, or even a rink win, Quinns are good.
Quinns Rock 8, Stirling 0


G Herriot, J Bessant, D Hayden, A Faulkner
M McKeague, W Langdon, S Whitfield, F Williamson
G Nelson, C McKenna, G Hayden, M Fredericks
E Johnson, B Pearce, B Leed, S Curtis
INS: S Curtis
OUTS: A Wetzler

A Southern, T Southern, G Foster, D Foster
P Park, G Tibbles, P Hilsz, M Eckett
D Park, R Hutchison, G Rowlinson, R Kosovich
I Cornthwaite, T Natalotto, M Garner, B Owen
INS: T Southern
OUTS: G Malspina

The game of the round without a doubt, however home ground advantage will play a part. Swan at home played a closely fought contest against Quinns last week to get 2 points losing aggregate by just 7, while Yokine surprised with the ease of their win at home against a somewhat disappointing Doubleview who just won 1 rink. I think with the quality of the players in the Doubleview side they will bounce back at home against a Swan side who I respect.
Doubleview 6, Swan 2