SOUTH PERTH v NORTH BEACH (Friday night @ 6.30pm)

S Walker, N Reagan, D Mortley, T Reid
G Pauling, A Sharp, T Alberti, D Angell
J Opie, T Antonio, T Kinnane, K Pride
N Griffin, R Bresland, D Calvo, M Biglin
INS: N Reagan
OUTS: F Anderson

M Douthie, R Dempsey, R Hutchinson, J Clayton
R Kuziela, L Mitten, G Crosthwaite, L Mola
J McGinlay, B Gillingham, P Retallack, M Buttel
P Walker, G Devenish, S Wattleworth, R Aitken
INS: S Wattleworth, R Hutchinson, L Mitten
OUTS: M McConnell, G Gregson, M Sear

Our first Friday night game for the year, and while it hasn't been confirmed to me, I'm guessing there will be some food on offer for purchasing at South Perth. If not, there are plenty of cafes and good food eateries in the area, so why not make a night of it and travel to South Perth and watch some high quality bowls in action tonight
This game being played on Friday primarily because of the number of BPL Cup qualifiers in the South Perth team who are travelling to Queensland Saturday. We hope they go very well and we see 1 or 2 of them on the TV in the final. More on the BPl and the BPL Cup in another article. In order to do that, Dean Calvo has come into the side and Farley has volunteered to drop out to accommodate and play on the Saturday. Very sporting of you Farley. For North Beach, also very sporting to make the change to the Friday night and I've heard the lights at North Beach are very good so we may see the reverse fixture played on a Friday night as well later in the season. For them they have made 3 changes from the side that pushed Bassendean all the way last week. Steve Wattleworth, Lee Mitten and Hutchinson come in, replacing Mick McConnell, Gary Gregson and Marcus Sear.
As it happens I have played against both of these teams already this year and both played exceptionally high quality games so this should be a ripper. North Beach had us on toast and jumped away early before being reeled in, while South Perth fought out a close game to the halfway point before pulling away. So it might be a battle of the early game and the late game. If South Perth jump away early and then what happened last week to both teams happens again this could get very ugly, so North Beach have to bring their A game straight away. Night conditions and the surface will not be a factor as they have the same stuff, so it comes down the little intricacies of the home ground and the willingness to win. I think South Perth will win this one, they won't want to lose 2 games at home out of 2 so early in the season.
South Perth 7-1


D Golem, S Vinci, B Henley, S West
K McKay, R Foy, J Galipo, K Stower
S Novak, M Abonnel, D Radford, J Terrell
D Rankin, P Davies, D Comrie, C Vinci
INS: P Davies, S Vinci, J Terrell
OUTS: C Booth, D Brown, D Flintoff

L Strahan, B Nairn, N Bolton, M Bolton
S Perica, N Lewis, D Jones, H Christensen
C Adams, C Harris, A Foster, L Bolton
P Harris, S Rushforth, C Wooldridge, R Bolton
INS: C Adams
OUTS: D Leeson

Match of the day status for mine, Kardinya always so strong at home but a real surprise loss last week will see them keen to return to the winners chair and Cambridge have looked pretty strong in both games but this a real test for them but they get better, Clive Adams returning and Ross bolton back to leading which means Don Leeson goes out. For Kardinya, Daniel Brown has travelled back to Tasmania to be with family after the death of his cousin Luke Richardson and I did hear he will be playing for the club over there this weekend in honour of Luke, our thoughts are with you this weekend Browny. Also going out is Chris Booth and Darryl Flintoff, in comes Paul Davies after his hamstring injury last weekend, Steve Vinci and John Terrell back playing Premier League again.
Yes an interesting game and don't know which way to go. Last week Cambridge won as expected over Mosman Park after a solid win the week before but this their first real test for the year. Cambridge are my flag favourites so we'll see after this game how close I might be. I did hear Ross Bolton was superb last week skippering but can't hold out Clive Adams one of our premier skippers and someone who has played more games in that position since 2001 than anyone else, so he naturally comes back in that spot.
Kardinya will be smarting after last week and will want to turn that around. Like South Perth they rely on good home results to get high on the ladder and last week will need to be pushed away, re-group and come out fighting. The loss of Brown hurts, he is a star, but the club is pretty strong and united and they will bond and be a unified outfit for this game really important game. I really don't know which way to go, I think both teams quite capable of winning and be interested in this result. I will tip Cambridge in a close game
Cambridge 6-2


L Beurteaux, T Cranswick, S Swanson, M Barrett
P Daley, C Edson, D Adams, P Collins
C Hoffman, R Moran, K Manton, M Robertson
D Marsland, A Gryta, O Dawson, D Daley
INS: R Moran
OUTS: B Hoffman

R Moyle, B White, G Faulkner, T Whitfield
C Slavich, C Bessant, A Tennant, A Wetzler
K McIlroy, S Gosstray, S Cerff, E Galipeau
J Slavich, B Brandsma, R Haring, J Barry
INS: A Wetzler
OUTS: L Thorn

The third of the Mosman Park horror start to the year this weekend see them host Doubleview and they have made 1 change, Moran in for Hoffman while The View travel to the club with the million dollar view and have also made 1 change, Addy Wetzler comes in for Prickles Thorn. I notice Thorn not playing in any division so must be unavailable for this game. **edit have been informed he has had surgery on his finger and will be out for 6 weeks, see you back in the top flight soon Prickles
You know Mosman Park have been really competitive so far without winning and while I don't see them winning this game either, if they can maintain that form they will start winning games in the coming weeks. They have conceded 79 shots as a team in both games so far while scoring 66 and 68, so the focus for them is to maintain that defence but build on the offence if they can. Conceding 79 is actually pretty good, a touch on the high side but improving the offence will naturally improve the defence as well.
Doubleview have been rock solid in their defence of the title with good wins over Manning and Osborne Park so this will be a little easier for them but as mentioned Mosman Park been quite competitive and at home they won't lay down but Doubleview should be too strong. I think Mosman Park to get 1 rink, but can't see them getting more than that, the following weeks will be there chance to start getting some wins.
Doubleview 7-1


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W Baker, D Pattullo, I Gibson, J Maley
B Kalinowsky, W Tan, M Wilson, D Kitson
L Strange, C Biddle, M Miller, D Wagstaff
K Cousens, Dr G Jackson, L Kellow, S Christie
INS: M Miller, D Wagstaff
OUTS: D Phillips, A Shone

Osborne Park have had a rough start to the year so they will be viewing this game as winnable and to get their campaign underway. Not sure of their changes if any. Likewise though Warnbro will view the start that Osborne Park have had and look at this as some chance of winning. They have made 2 changes, Miller and Wagstaff come in for Phillips and Shone.
With the 40 degree temperature predicted who will this favour more, who will want it to get to 41 and take the 4 points? Maybe both but Osborne Park should win this game and will set up fans around the green if necessary to get this game going. Their top end of Cody Packer, Nev Stevens, Kevin Pickering and Gary Caffell still reads better than the Warnbro back end so I suspect Osborne Park will be too good and give the juniors in the side a taste of victory.
Osborne Park 8-0


A Williams, N Jones, G O'Brien, S O'Brien
L Such, A Heal, M Allan, P Herbert
T Mitchell, S Patterson, M Kemp, K Jolly
S Knott, P Ker, S Withers, L Herbert
INS: No change

D Nicholls, C Margin, D Killisch Von Horn, A Elmer
B Manton, S Fewster, R Kenyon, L McKay
D Rhodes, L Pike, M Simpson, W Neilson
S Alden, S Davies, R Ellis, M Whitely
INS: No change

Our final game sees the top of the ladder Bassendean travel to Manning, a venue where historically they have not tasted success now for a couple of years. No change for either side as they were both quite happy with how last week panned out
As mentioned we got out of jail last week and wouldn't want to give Manning a 25 shot start as the stars they have on their list will not let you reel that back in. We are hearing Tom Mitchell in great form and fellow state players Shane Knott and Ant Williams that is a lot of class at the back so the key for Bassendean will be to pressure the front end and ensure that after the 2nds bowl that they have shot or 2 most of the time and make the stars play the big shots end after end. We have a good set of skippers as well, the rink led by Nicholls in white hot form early days and they will be the one to continue their form and hopefully set up the victory for the Lions
I know it's not going to be easy, Manning are a great club and a great side, so I'm, hopeful our early form can see us be really competitive and push them all the way and grab the win
Basso of course!