Really looking forward to a few matches this weekend and I'll start with Wanneroo v Warwick, in what I think will be the match of Round 3. Both teams have shown a fair bit already this season playing against the better sides to start off the season so I can see both finishing the pre-Xmas run strongly against the weaker sides.
I'm leaving 4th place open at the moment as it's too early to call but I just can't get past these 2 sides and Sorrento for the Top 3 on current form. However, Rossmoyne is definitely the cat amongst the pigeons & it's impossible not to be impressed with the way they are winning games and not dropping rinks either, which shows the depth across the 4 rinks.
We still have 35 players running a 100% record from the 171 players who have played the first 2 Rounds but I'm sure that top 20% will reduce to around 10% after R3. For fun, we'll try to keep a tracker on who's hot & who's not to see if we can establish trends & get some kudo's to those doing well. At the moment we have 2 runaway rinks unbeaten with SD +33 & SD +32, so congrats to the Newstead/Sparrowhawk/Golding/Post rink & the Bucowski/Sarich/Denny/Ward rink respectively.

R Halse, L Jervies, M Hughes, W Wetter
E Gollan, R Vind, A Herbert, B O'Brien
D Green, D Haddow, D Price, B Cranswick
A Petchell, W Harvey, R Mitchell, P McSherry
IN: D Green
OUT: R Lang

D Bandy, M McRae, P Holmes, S Frosh
B Roelefs, M Petrich, R Negus, B Owen
S Kelly, F Anderson, J Percival, L Moretti
R Havercroft, G Reagan, V Santostefano, E Munnelly
IN: F Anderson, S Kelly
OUT: D Calvo, J Cunningham

Rossmoyne are certainly travelling very well are maybe the inform team at the moment, proudly sitting aloft of the table by 0.5pt on Warwick. They are scoring for fun and have only dropped 1 rink across 8 over the first 2 weeks, so a lot to like about their start to their 1 White campaign.
Again no fundamental changes across the 16 & over the first 2 rounds have maintained the same 16 & why not considering the results. In saying that South Perth only have 1 rink that's dropped both rounds & nearly half haven't lost a game which shows they are close but just not getting over the line late on in games.
If the Millers are to have any chance this week, it must be on the preferred matchups. It would be great to see a Gollan v Bandy matchup, both tight rinks that defend very well. Holding that Gollan rink will be critical for South Perth & they'll need serious support across the other 3 rinks to see them prevail. There's been some movement with personnel with Munnelly coming into to Havercroft which will should strengthen that rink & Kelly & Calvo doing a PL swap.
The River Rats have only dropped 1 rink from 8 over the first 2 rounds and its hard to see that not continuing here.
Rossmoyne 7 - 1


J Krstic, T Lynch, W Davidson, N Kirkup
E O'Sullivan, N Smith, J Morss, P Harber
R Revell, B Dinnison, M Cook, J Holman
A Smith, P Madigan, G Stokes, T Alden
OUT: No change

C Lander, R Cunningham, L Oldham, F Tyson
R Butler, S Rixom, M Burton, B Gunson
S Loftus, P Flack, B Lucas, G Murray
G Taylor, M Hulbert, R Bone, B Kiely
IN: I Linford, P Morgan
OUT: S Rixom, G Murray

Close to match of the Round but I've given that to Wanneroo so these guys are a close 2nd. I mightn't look like a match of the Round yet but I really like the balance of both teams so I believe this game will really shed some light on the way forward for the next few rounds.
Sorrento are cruising very nicely & that R1 win is holding form, indicating that they'll be very difficult to beat home or away. Having Lander/Loftus/Butler on the backend certainly helps when things get tight.
Basso are finding their feet a little in 1 White but could be very close to getting some good momentum going if they can beat a Top 3 side. They have some tough games ahead against Ossies, Warwick & Kats so something from this would be a great springboard. Smith/Madigan rink will have it hard but they'll be pushing every end not to go 0-3 start to the season so expect a big game from that rink.
Basso at home have been superb but Sorrento won't be worried about the surface & if any team is going to take Basso at home this year it just might be this game. Cannot see this decider by anything more than a few last end bowls, Sorrento by 6.
Sorrento 6 - 2


Marko Krajancic, J Ricci, G Maesepp, J Wray
W Tepania, P Brotherston, D Ravlich, L Bloomfield
J Marevich, I Mateljak, M Musulin, M Simunovich
S Srhoy, M Zusman, M Sokol, B Blagaich
IN: M Musulin
OUT: V Dropulich

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I am very close in given Ossie Park a good look in on this fixture. I think they'll play the surface well, as they showed similar ability in R1 v Kats and they probably just dropped the head a little last week at vital times to allow the Roo's come over the top in the 2nd half.
Cockburn are still bullet proof at home. Unsure how long that will last but its certainly worth 3-4 shots per rink at the moment until everyone gets more familiar with the surface, so big advantage for the Roosters.
Ossie Pk will be very disappointed with last weeks home loss so they'll be pushing hard to ensure they have a good chance of picking up another strong away Agg. On the flip side, Cockburn will be in lock down after last weeks big loss to Sorrento as they put up the fortress walls of playing at home. That record is 2nd to none & they'll be confident of adding another good home win to the record book.
There's really no player or rink that has played the first 2 Rounds that has not lost so there's no real dominant side for either side to be aware of. Other than the obvious Marevich rink but I'm sure Ossie Pk will have a concerted focus on controlling that if they want the win.
Cockburn 6 -2


W Mitchell, K Nazareth, T Vlahos, C Hamilton
G Grieve, T Dawson, B Geilke, P Leyland
L Sanders, W Barker, J Engelen, W Hinchcliffe
J Thomas, V Princi, B Driscoll, R Dunstan
IN: V Princi
OUT: N Minchin

G Fewings, W Bezant, D Wood, R Hawke
R Knapp, T Cocodis, R McNamara, J Edgar
M Yates, C Booth, L Phillips, W Lee
C Stokes, I Barrie, J Rochford, G Knight
IN: L Phillips, W Lee, D Wood
OUT: K Stower, J Terrell, S Vinci

Morley have the next 2 games at home and boy of boy don't they need to maximise these opportunities or they'll be sitting in an awkward position playing R5 Wanneroo & R6 Sorrento, then away to Cockburn for R7.
Kats only lost 5 games last year so they certainly do not want to go 0-3 from the start & expect Top 4 later in the season, so I'm sure they'll be pushing hard across every rink to grab the full allocation.
Both teams are in a similar position of losing both games which is somewhat of a surprise considering the talent across both sides. Kardinya ring the changes with 3 out & 3 in, mostly across the front end. Morley have only 1 change with Princi back in for Minchin. Huge game for both sides with alot at stake at such an early stage of the season. Morley need to shake off the blues & start in the believing process to stay competitive here.
Kardinya 7 - 1


C Buchholz, D Griffin, R Humphryson, H Whitman
D Turra, E Widermanski, B Nelson, B McMurdo
H Ward, S Denny, G Sarich, B Bucowski
N Costello, D Anderson, N Palmer, L Bryson
IN: No change

J Post, M Golding, I Sparrowhawk, H Robartson
G Hinge, G Smith, V Giuffre, R Loran
J Borkowski, A Hornby, P Marinovich, D Herbert
B Ledingham, L Hill, D Dunstan, B McNamara
IN: H Robartson
OUT: R Newstead

This one should be a pearler of a game with 2 teams playing very well both home & away. It was hard last year to separate these sides as they finished within 1 game of each other 4th/5th. The Roo's did have the better percentage with a tighter defence and they beat them by 24shots at home in the same feature game last year. The Away game at Warwick had only 1 shot (77-76) in the result to Warwick, so there's no doubt it will be a very tight & exciting game.
The Roo's probably just have the marginally edge here as they only lost 2 games at home last year and Warwick only won 3 on the road. Both are quite similar this year with only minor tweaking on both sides so its Wanneroo for a narrow win in what should be an absolute thriller.
There is some unbeaten sides in both teams so it'll be very interesting to see the matchups but the Roo's just seem to edge it for me on the back end talent by a single rink which maybe the difference in the end.
Wanneroo 6 - 2