A somewhat predictable round, match of the day undoubtedly is Mt Lawley v Swan. Form this year has been very much up and down with teams performing very well at home and the next week away very differently. Is home ground advantage that significant?


G Herriot, J Bessant, B Pearce, A Faulkner
M McKeague, W Langdon, S Whitfield, F Williamson
G Nelson, S Edmonds, S Deering, M Fredericks
E Johnson, C McKenna, B Leed, S Curtis
INS: S Edmonds, M McKeague, E Johnson
OUTS: K Cornell, G Hayden, D Hayden

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Scott Edmunds returns for Doubleview, we would not expect him to be in blue for long but needs a run after injury. Doubleview are currently the bottom of the teams that have two wins, a very low percentage but they have played the better teams year to date. Stirling won their first aggregate last week, they will find this a lot tougher.
Doubleview 7 Stirling 1


A Bartlett, D Wooltorton, H Clifford, M Thomas
R Cooper, R Pringle, B Farrant, M Clancy
W Olive, P Pringle, G McDonald, M Lane
P Townsend, N Bycroft, D Guy, V Hughes
INS: V Hughes
OUTS: P Forward

R Beazley, D Charles, D Hampton, G Jack
M Nievelstein, J Miller, A Wright, S Boyd
G White, B McMonagle, P McGinn, J Tailor
K Toster, G Scorer, P Gooch, D Burns
INS: G Jack, K Toster, D Burns
OUTS: V Street, G Cox, C Johnson

A winning Wanneroo teams travels to play on the good synthetic at Kalamunda who lost to Stirling last week. Wanneroo does have a similar synthetic to Kalamunda and I would imagine that the boys have been practising on it this week. Kalamunda yet to taste defeat at home, they have played well this year and it is hard to see them losing this game.
Kalamunda 7 Wanneroo 1


P Augustson, G Barr, D Anderson, G Yabuka
J Bartorilla, A Schrauf, M McConnell, T Bannon
S Wattleworth, G Crosthwaite, E Retallack, D Vinicombe
G Gregson, M Vitale, R Munday, S Palmer
INS: G Gregson, S Wattleworth, G Crosthwaite, M McConnell, S Palmer
OUTS: R Hunter, S Matthews, L Mitten, B Abrahamson, R Wilkinson

T McGillvray, J West, T Needs, G Robertson
S Shaw, I Cooper, S Morris, F Faigenbaum
B Morrison, M Lemos, W Morrison, P Hunter
T Kay, W Coffee, P Griffiths, B McGrechan
INS: No change

Certainly at lot of changes at North Beach this week who have disappointed this year. Unchanged at Yokine who are sitting in fourth position on the ladder and have already faced Quinns. This is a difficult one to tip, the Beach boys are overdue to show how good they are, Yokine were well beaten by Mundaring in their only game on synthetic this year.
North Beach 6 Yokine 2


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B Crawford, R Cantrill, S Smith, R Cole
B Axford, C Parr, D McKenzie, T Hines
J Berecz, A Barker, R Thomas, S Cavanagh
M Hinchcliffe, C Bartle, M Ong, L Johnson
INS: B Crawford, L Johnson
OUTS: T Park, E Moore

Perhaps the first test for the mighty Quinns, the trickly Mundaring carpet has claimed many victims over the years. Mundaring must be shell shocked after their 39 point lost to Swan last week, though big away losses in Blue North are not unusual. Quinns have been impressive in 2019 and did beat Swan away and had a big win at home against Doubleview last week.
Mundaring 2 Quinns 6


M Masel, J Cottier jnr, S Connell, P Callison
A Einfeld, A Graham, T McElvenny, M Glasson
L Kelly, C Lenzo, P Roberts, J Fielding
P Sinden, M Palumbo, R Armstrong, K Scott
INS: No change

A Southern, T Southern, G Foster, D Foster
P Park, G Tibbles, P Hilsz, M Eckett
D Park, R Hutchinson, G Malaspina, G Rowlinson
I Cornthwaite, T Natalotto, M Garner, B Owen
INS: T Southern, G Rowlinson
OUTS: D Russell, R Kosovich

Mt Lawley have been very good at home, but have yet play an in contention side at home. They were good last week against Yokine, up on aggregate with a few ends to play but how good were Swan in beating Mundaring by 39 shots. Both sides have a reasonable expectation to be challenging for finals at year end and Mt Lawley needs secure victory here to confirm those expectations.
Mt Lawley 6 Swan 2