Round five sees the clash of the only two unbeaten sides in Gosnells and Safety Bay, and are they close, only one point and just a small percentage separating them at this stage. Come Saturday evening we should only have one unbeaten sixteen though. A couple of other very interesting clashes also present on Saturday, with Leeming versus Manning, and Hilton against Vic Park.


R Hunter, C McMahon, G Saint, S Farrell
T Simpson, Daniel Newton, Dave Newton, R Fortini
G Dodd, K Willis, P Stone, F Kuhnl
C Standley, J Bajic, B Smith, R Butler
INS: T Simpson, Dan Newton
OUTS: R Turner, L Garbutt

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The Hawks had a very good win last week, so they will be cock a hoop come Saturday when they host the Reds, who also had an extremely creditable win against the Lions.
Both teams have serviceable grass greens, but the wind can be a factor at Hilton occasionally, so they will definitely start favourites for mine. Never sure how the Reds will line up, but either way I will back the home side. Simpson and Newton both inclusions from last week, only strengthens the Hawks.
Hilton. 7-1


K Vandersluys, P Boys, D Johnson, W Birrell
A Anderson, N Bennetts, P Hickey, D Cleal
G Ford, G Burgess, G Freeman, R Lipple
J Newton, S Dobie, A Andersson, R Bellis
INS: G Freeman, M Hosking
OUTS: A Green, P Hickey

A Pryce, D Mcllheney, J Andrew, M Hughes
S Adams, B Adams, N Rees, A Lill
B Jeppesen, M Ellis, B Wright, J Evans
S Hughes, G Hogg, B Connell, S Lambert
INS: B Wright
OUTS: R Dolton

The Eagles had a monstrous win over the Mariners at home last week, but away from home on a very tricky surface at the home of the Lions, they may just struggle. The Lions have had their last two games away from home, so they will relish the opportunity to play on their favourite surface, and should win. Very good skips in both sides, but I believe the more capable ones come from the Lions, especially at home.
The rinks of Vandersluys and Pryce are stacked with good players, so that would be a game worth watching, if they are drawn together.
Leeming. 8-0 Yes, that’s right.


S McCormack, J Stewart, A Hocken, R Ireland
B Coote, C Gibson, N Gasper, J Chessell
M Gill, G Hill, K Gavranich, M Gittins
D Bacich, D Gibson, B McCarthy, P Kelly
INS: N Gasper, G Hill, D Gibson, A Hocken, R Ireland
OUTS: W Heldt, P Wachmer, C Moore, M Starcevich, B McCarthy

G Beckwith, M White, I Rewell, P Riggio
N Holden, G Sewell, D Dobb, J Thorn
G Vaughan, P Pohe, J Stean, M Separovich
T Churcher, G Collier, T McCormack, J Mitchell
INS: T McCormack
OUTS: J Walker

Wow, something must have happened at Freo, as they are missing their two best skips in Wachmer and Heldt, plus about four other players i reckon. Massive changes from last week, it is no doubt warranted after the huge lost they suffered against the Eagles.
The Ravens are little changed from last week, and will start short odds on favourites from where I sit.
Vaughan and company would be licking their lips and would be eager to get to Freo to get the job done I believe.
Thornlie. 8-0


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Both of these teams have not had a good start to the year, and would be keen to do well in this vital game.
Spearwood have had a very shaky start, only winning one aggregate, and being beaten at home last week.
Whilst the Storm have had an extremely poor start to the season, only winning two rinks out of thirty two, with a score difference of -190, after only four games.
But they appeared to put up a good fight last week at the home of the laughing Kookaburras, so they may have turned the corner.
Spearwood on paper look too strong though I believe.
Spearwood. 6-2


C Owen, R Kennedy, S Hide, Z Boddy
R Hall, A Holmes, H Wilson, S McBriar
C Carruthers, B McVicar, J Radford, S Foran
P Beaumont, A Daddow, G Ogg, A Creyk
INS: No change

F Carbone, G Lynch, R McKay, G Strachan
M Crabb, D Innes, C Watters, I Farley
B Holland, C Hickinbotham, N Tulett, M Rickard
G Nicol, T Close, D Bradbury, M Beauchamp
INS: D Bradbury, M Beauchamp, G Strachan
OUTS: D Vaulters, J Hoskin, S Harris

This will be a really good test for Frank Carbone and his boys as they travel down the coast to take on The Bay. A very different proposition for the Kookaburras playing at this venue, but on a somewhat similar surface to what they have, who know they could do it
I note that the General in Grant Nicol is the only skip with four wins, an easy job isn’t it Grant.
Will you stay unbeaten? I don’t think so, especially if you draw Hall who will be smarting after an unusual loss last week.
Hall, Carruthers, Owen, Carbone, Crabb, just to name a few, are all very capable skips.
Both sixteens possess some good quality, and very experienced players, but away from home I think the unbeaten run of the Kookaburras will finish.
Safety Bay. 7-1