So Round 5 is upon us, the heat looks as though it has left us for this weekend and looks like a wonderful weekend for bowls. Some interesting games ahead, let's have a look!

A Williams, N Jones, G O'Brien, S O'Brien
L Such, P Ker, M Allen, P Herbert
T Mitchell, S Patterson, M Kemp, K Jolly
S Knott, A Heal, G Quann, L Herbert
INS: G Quann
OUTS: S Withers

S Walker, D Mortley, S Kelly, T Reid
G Pauling, T Alberti, M Biglin, D Angell
J Opie, T Antonio, T Kinnane, K Pride
R Bresland, N Griffin, R Havercroft, F Anderson
INS: S Kelly, R Havercroft
OUTS: N Reagan, A Sharp

Manning look as though they have hit some form last week but it was away from home, their home record has been pretty ugly lately and this is no easy game for them either with the visiting South Perth team undefeated away from home, in fact haven't even lost a rink yet!
Changes, and Steve Withers is unavailable for this game so in comes Greg Quann, for South Perth Steve Kelly and Ryan Havercroft also return, out goes Nick Reagan and Ash Sharp
MMM, who to choose. Normally at home and with the team they have we should be tipping Manning, but their wonderful green makes it very friendly for visiting teams and South Perth is a very good team and comparible on paper. I think the 2 outs for the Millers will hurt more than the one out for Manning, so I will be tipping the home team in a tight contest
Manning 7-1


L Strahan, B Nairn, N Bolton, M Bolton
S Perica, N Lewis, D Jones, G Allen
S Rushforth, C Harris, A Foster, L Bolton
P Harris, C Wooldridge, H Christensen, D Leeson
INS: D Leeson, G Allen
OUTS: C Adams, R Bolton

R Moyle, B White, G Faulkner, T Whitfield
C Slavich, C Bessant, A Tennant, A Wetzler
K McIlroy, S Gosstray, S Cerff, E Galipeau
J Slavich, B Brandsma, R Haring, J Barry
INS: No change

Another tight game coming up here, Doubleview back to form last week with a crushing 8-0 win last week while Cambridge lost their first game albeit by only 8 shots, but they have now got their 3 away game in 4 out of the way and they would be well pleased with their 3-1 record. Changes, Doubleview have named an unnamed line up while Cambridge have made 2 changes, Clive Adams unfortunately missing due to Rinkside Clive committments at the Trans Tasman and Multi Nations and Ross Bolton also not playing, in comes Don Leeson and Grant Allen, both leading. Steve Rushforth will this week skipper in Adams and Boltons absence.
Normally I would go for the home side in a close game like this but i think the absence of Adams is going to hurt, Rushforth a more than adequate replacement but the Doubleview team look very strong. I notice Scott Edmonds returning from injury in the Doubleview 2nds so they have a very handy replacement should someones form waiver. I just think Doubleview too strong again in a tight contest
Doubleview 6-2


D Brown, B Henley, D Wood, S West
K McKay, R Foy, D Flintoff, K Stower
S Novak, M Abonnel, D Radford, J Terrell
D Rankin, P Davies, D Golem, D Comrie
INS: B Henley, D Wood
OUTS: M Yates, C Vinci

L Strange, C Biddle, L Kellow, D Wagstaff
B Kalinowsky, J Hudson, M Wilson, D Kitson
W Baker, D Pattullo, I Gibson, J Maley
K Cousens, Dr G Jackson, S Christie, P Guelfi
INS: L Strange, J Hudson
OUTS: G Watts, A Shone

The battle of the bottom 2, it does seem odd that Kardinya are down in 9th at the moment but this is where they currently sit, back at home this and they will view this game as the one to start their rise up the ladder. They are 6.5 poits behind 8th and it's likely that even if they win, they will likely stay in the 9th but obviouslu closer to the pack. Warnbro lamenting the loss last week as their big chance.
Michael Yates lasted 1 week and also dropping out is Conn Vinci, in comes Brad Henley and Woody. For Warnbro they welcome back Lindsay Strange and Hudson, out goes Shone and Watts. Strange a big in and he would have made the difference you would have thought last week. interestingly Connor Biddle despite winning last week takes a back seat to Strange, I doubt it will be long before we see Biddle at the pointy end again.
Kardinya should win this and I think it will be quite decisive, Kardinya will flex their muscle and put some serious hurt on Warnbro this week
Kardinya 8-0


G Caffell, P Quinlan, R Lawrence, I Lilburne
N Stevens, D Rowland, S O'Neill, G King
K Pickering, T Ingram, R Brown, M Rollings
C Packer, J East, E Martin, M Kitto
INS: No change

M Douthie, R Dempsey, R Hutchinson, J Clayton
R Kuziela, L Mitten, R Hunter, L Mola
J McGinlay, B Gillingham, P Retallack, M Buttel
P Walker, M Sear, G Devenish, R Aitken
INS: L Mitten, R Aitken, R Hunter
OUTS: G Crosthwaite, M McConnell, G Gregson

A chance for one of these teams to catapult themselves into the top 5 with a win here and create a gap with those other sides in that pack of 5 separated by only 1.5 points.
No change for Osborne Park after their victory last week, in fact their 2nds has made no change as well so the club is travelling pretty well. For North Beach, 3 changes as we see Lee Mitten, Richard Aitken and Richard Hunter come in for Gavin Crosthwaite, Mick McConnell and Gary Gregson go back to the 2nds.
Another tough game, Both of these sides I have played against at Bassendean and both were very good and acquitted themselves well, Osborne Park managing to the get the win that North Beach could not, but they were both good. So I consider them to be quite even at the moment, but Osborne Park has more upside with East and Quinlan young players in deep positions and getting better every week, back at home I think they will win this contest.
Osborne Park 7-1


L Beurteaux, T Cranswick, S Swanson, M Barrett
P Daley, C Edson, D Adams, P Collins
C Hoffman, B Hoffman, K Manton, M Robertson
D Marsland, A Gryta, O Dawson, D Daley
INS: No change

D Nicholls, C Margin, D Killisch Von Horn, A Elmer
B Manton, S Fewster, N Smith, L McKay
D Rhodes, L Pike, M Simpson, W Neilson
S Alden, S Davies, R Ellis, M Whitely
INS: No change

Our final game and it also looks a tough one to pick. My side Bassendean have made a great start to the year, fought out 2 tough games to win and a narrow lost last week so if asked at the start of the year that we could have a 3-1 record we would take it but, the hard work starts now and this game against Mosman Park will be tough. They have found some form beating Doubleview at home and then a tough away win at Warnbro and they are in that pack of 5 and a win to them will create a nice little gap.
Both teams have made no changes, in fact Bassendean are yet to make a change for the whole year so far, a good indication that things are pretty settled at the club.
Of course I will go Basso but I don't for 12 minute think this will be a pushover, as mentioned this team beat Doubleview only 2 weeks ago at their home venue so this will a tough contest. We did travel to Mosman Park in a practice hitout before the season and I'm hopeful we can come away with the win like we did that day
Basso of course!