As this is hopefully our last game before the break, the Southern Star would like to extend happy Xmas wishes to everyone. Stay safe. And we will see you in the New Year.

If we go by what Bowls WA did in cancelling Thursday Pennants, then I expect Saturday’s games to be canned as well. But let’s do a preview anyway, in the hope that the games will proceed. It sure is very difficult to predict the results with any certainty, and that is because all teams bar Armadale are capable of winning on their day. Sorry about that you Storm boys, but results say that this is a statement of fact.
Four of the clashes on Saturday therefore could go either way, with only The Bay assured of a win out at Armadale.


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C Owen, R Kennedy, S Gallon, Z Boddy
R Hall, A Holmes, H Wilson, S McBriar
C Carruthers, B McVicar, J Radford, S Foran
P Beaumont, A Daddow, G Ogg, A Ashworth
INS: No change

Unfortunately for the Storm the visiting Bay sixteen will be hell bent on winning this one, after their hiccup last week.
It’s last versus first in this game, so I expect that the Bay will win easily, but the home side seem to be ever so slowly improving, so they might grab a point here.
Carruthers, Owen and Hall to guide their teams to an easy victory.
Safety Bay 7-1


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S McCormack, J Stewart, A Hocken, R Ireland
W Heldt, B Coote, C Gibson, J Chessell
M Gill, D Bacich, M Gittins, K Bowden
P Wachmer, D Holt, M Ngui, M Holt
INS: S McCormack, M Ngui, M Gill, C Gibson
OUTS: D Gibson, P Kelly, G Hill, B McCarthy

I believe these teams were fierce rivals back in their second division days together, only a few years ago, so this game could get quite willing at times, especially on the Hunter rink.
The Hawks are coming off a great win down at Safety Bay, doing what most teams have not succeeded at, and that is winning down south at the bay.
If you look at their teams for this year, they have mostly been unchanged, whilst the Mariners seem to have players absent on a continual basis.
The overall strength of the Hawks should allow them to win this one quite easily.
Hilton. 7-1


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G Beckwith, M White, I Rewell, P Riggio
N Holden, P Pohe, D Dobb, J Thorn
G Vaughan, T Churcher, J Stean, M Separovich
G Sewell, G Collier, T Williams, J Mitchell
INS: T Williams
OUTS: J Walker jnr

One of the cellar dwellers playing the improving Ravens, but at the home of the Reds.
Does the home side have the players to pull off an upset?
This time on Saturday night, we will know, although I am sure it will be very hot and sticky at Vic Park, so we may not get a contest anyway, hope we do.
The Reds are putting up a fight most weeks, but not getting a win too often, unfortunately for them, whilst the Ravens have quietly snuck up to Fourth on the ladder.
Gary Beckwith assisted by the very talented lead in Pas Riggio and Ian ( Bhudda) Rewell have stepped up to the plate this year, which is helping the Ravens immensely.
Even though this game is at Vic Park, I will go for the visitors.
Thornlie. 6-2


F Carbone, G Lynch, E McCurdy, R McKay
M Crabb, D Innes, C Watters, P McElvie
B Holland, C Hickinbotham, N Tulett, M Rickard
G Nicol, T Close, D Bradbury, J Hoskin
INS: T Close, E McCurdy
OUTS: T Auckland, G Strachan

A Pryce, D Mcllheney, N Rees, S Lambert
S Adams, B Adams, K Jolly, A Lill
G O'Brien, M Ellis, J Andrew, J Evans
S Hughes, G Hogg, M Hughes, D McCloskey
INS: No change

This clash is definitely the game of the round, with second versus fifth doing battle out at the home of the Kookaburras in Gosnells.
As I have said many times the Eagles side is full of very experienced bowlers, but they may just struggle at the cauldron on Saturday. Both sides are coming off fairly comprehensive defeats last week, so they will be keen for a win here. Frankie Carbone will be marshalling his troops for a victory, and that is what I think will happen.
Gosnells. 6-2


I Unkovich, N Silich, I D'Ascenzo, B Bavcevic
K Nadilo, I Dragicevich, M Krajancic, F Petkovich
V Pesich, D Tomasich, B Vidovich, I Petkovich
I Perica, N Sokol, A Stojan, T Fiamengo
INS: A Stojan
OUTS: B Yakas

K Vandersluys, P Boys, D Johnson, W Birrell
A Anderson, N Shannon, J Bowden, D Cleal
G Ford, G Burgess, G Freeman, R Lipple
J Newton, S Dobie, P Hickey, A Andersson
INS: No change

This game is full of interest as well, as both sides had wins last week, albeit the victory of Spearwood was won on one rink only.
Leeming might have finally hit their straps though, as they had a very comfortable thirty six shot victory on their home turf.
But the Spearwood guys are extremely competitive at home, and may just scrape in.
Both sides are sprinkled with some talented bowlers, which augers well for a close contest.
Spearwood. 6-2