I'm not entirely sure we will be playing bowls tomorrow. As I write this, the forecast temperature for Perth is 41, it hasn't changed since about 3pm Thursday when it was upgraded. Interestingly Scarborough is forecast at 37, Joondalup 38 and Fremantle 37, but Midland is 42 and Armadale 41, so you would think those clubs that are mainly inland won't be playing, but those coastside will. The announcement to be made at 4.40pm today, I think Bowls WA in between a rock and a hard place. No doubt there will be some heated out games, so if 50% aren't played, is that fair for the competition?
But until we hear officially, let's quickly go through the games as there are some interesting ones amongst them


G Caffell, P Quinlan, R Lawrence, I Lilburne
N Stevens, D Rowland, S O'Neill, G King
K Pickering, T Ingram, R Brown, M Rollings
C Packer, J East, E Martin, M Kitto
INS: No change

L Beurteaux, S Swanson, D Adams, M Barrett
P Daley, C Edson, M Van Bemmel, R Kershaw
C Hoffman, T Cranswick, B Hoffman, M Robertson
D Marsland, A Gryta, O Dawson, D Daley
INS: No change

Osborne Park building the season, a bit of a blip last 2 weeks so they need this win to get back on track. No team changes for them as they stabilise a squad to get them to hold the division and build for future years. Mosman Park been quite competitive but have dropped away recently with 2 big aggregate losses, this not any easier away from home. No changes for them either.
I think Mosman Park will again suffer a big loss here, they were competitive early and have just started to drop off, the Xmas break has come at a good time for them, time to re-group and focus on the 2nd half to remain in the PL. Osborne Park have been a bit hit and miss, but I think they will hit here and get the points.
OSborne Park 7-1


A Williams, S Withers, M Allan, S O'Brien
L Such, P Ker, N Jones, P Herbert
T Mitchell, S Patterson, G Quann, B Butler
S Knott, A Heal, M Kemp, L Herbert
INS: B Butler
OUTS: L Grigg

D Brown, B Henley, D Wood, S West
K McKay, R Foy, D Flintoff, K Stower
S Novak, M Abonnel, D Radford, J Terrell
D Rankin, P Davies, D Golem, D Comrie
INS: No change

Hard to make what Kardinya team we are seeing at the moment, a team full of class and talent and yet struggling to put it all together. Two resounding thumpings at home with a sorry loss in between away, and there they are travelling again to a grass surface, they have made no changes. Manning as well a bit of an enigma, a side chock full of talent and the last 2 weeks seeing the fruits of that with 2 good wins, but this a stern test. Lewis Grigg out and they welcome home Blake Butler who should be here for the rest of the season.
Once either of these clubs start playing as a team it will be a scary proposition, Manning seem to be doing that better at the moment so I will be picking them to win a very close game. David Rankin must be in some sort of form at the moment and he is my early smoky for the State Singles title this year, 2 dominant wins in the past 2 weeks and he could carry the win for the Kats on his own back.
Manning 6-2


S Walker, N Reagan, A Sharp, T Reid
G Pauling, T Alberti, M Biglin, D Angell
J Opie, T Antonio, T Kinnane, K Pride
R Bresland, N Griffin, D Mortley, F Anderson
INS: A Sharp
OUTS: S Kelly

C Biddle, M Miller, L Kellow, D Wagstaff
B Kalinowsky, J Hudson, M Wilson, D Kitson
W Baker, D Pattullo, I Gibson, J Maley
K Cousens, Dr G Jackson, S Christie, P Guelfi
INS: M Miller
OUTS: L Strange

South Perth are riding high on the back of 4 consecutive wins and they should get their 5th here against Warnbro who did taste success 2 weeks ago but came crashing back to earth last week and have got a bit weaker here, Lindsay Strange unavailable with his work as Miller comes in, and Ash Sharp returns for Steve Kelly. Well, Sharp probably can't play White any more with the decision made this week, let's hope his return doesn't disrupt the harmony that his side has enjoyed in recent weeks.
At home, it's hard to go past South Perth against any side, they did beat Doubleview here 2 games ago by 37 shots albeit at night, but it is a significant home ground advantage and while Warnbro do come from a similar surface, they play completely differently. It's hard to see Warnbro getting any points this week
South Perth 8-0


D Nicholls, N Smith, D Killisch Von Horn, A Elmer
B Manton, S Fewster, L Pike, R Kenyon
D Rhodes, C Margin, M Simpson, W Neilson
S Alden, S Davies, R Ellis, M Whitely
INS: No change

R Moyle, S Edmonds, B White, G Faulkner
C Slavich, C Bessant, A Tennant, A Wetzler
K McIlroy, S Gosstray, S Cerff, E Galipeau
J Slavich, B Brandsma, R Haring, J Barry
INS: S Edmonds
OUTS: T Whitfield

The clash of the titans here, 1st v 2nd, both teams playing good bowls, winning home and away and this game will be a cracker. It will be a twilight start, commencing at 2.30pm, Bassendean have made no changes while Tom Whitfield is unavailable and his spot taken by Scott Edmonds in what will now be there strongest line up for the year.
It's a stern test for us despite it being played at our home surface. Bassendean have won the past 2 years at home, while Doubleview have been winning at their home surface, but this game is at Bassendean so they would be slight favourites. Personnel wise Doubleview would have to be favourites, it is an impressive line up of state players and state squad members of which Bassendean boast none. It's really a flip of the coin, the team that starts better and gets that early advantage will go a long way to winning this game.
Really looking for this contest, let's hope it can be played but I have my doubts with this heat.
Basso of course!


M Douthie, R Dempsey, R Hutchinson, J Clayton
R Kuziela, L Mitten, R Hunter, L Mola
J McGinlay, B Gillingham, P Retallack, M Buttel
G Devenish, P Walker, G Crosthwaite, G Yabuka
INS: G Crosthwaite
OUTS: M Sear

L Strahan, B Nairn, M Bolton, N Bolton
S Perica, N Lewis, D Jones, D Leeson
C Adams, C Harris, G Allen, L Bolton
P Harris, S Rushforth, C Wooldridge, R Bolton
INS: G Allen
OUTS: A Foster

Our final game sees Cambridge travel up the road to North Beach and this is suddently a do or die game for the Knights, having won their first 3 they have dropped their next 4 and starting to lose touch with the top 4, so to address that they need to win here. Foster and Allen have swapped spots, re-creating the well known duo from the 70's. For North Beach, Gavin Crosthwaite comes in for Marcus Sear.
I'm finding this to be a difficult game to select a winner. On paper, Cambridge certainly the better team but they are horribly out of form as a club where North Beach have been patchy, brilliant in parts and horrible in others. Which North Beach team will turn up this week? They play their home games on the same surface as Cambridge, maybe a slightly quicker speed but it's certainly nothing that will scare the visitors. Of the 2 promoted teams North Beach have probably been the slightly better but they need to string games together. Both teams sit on 3 wins, and Cambridge only have a drawn rink to separate the rinks, although the percentage may tell a tale here, Cambridge quite a bit higher which indicates they lose small and win big. This could be difference.
Cambridge 6-2