I hope we all enjoyed our break and are looking forward to the second half of the year. One blue is a tight competition and by year end I am sure there will be more surprise results.


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A Southern, T Southern, D Foster, K Hickey
P Park, G Tibbles, P Hilsz, M Eckett
D Park, R Hutchinson, G Malaspina, G Rowlinson
I Cornthwaite, T Natalotto, M Garner, D Russell
INS: K Hickey
OUTS: G Foster

The top two battle it out at Yokine, and on form to date there are a worthy top two, an aggregate clear of third. One of them, unless it is a draw, will be a game clear on top. Both teams have quality players but I will lean towards Yokine with superb greens and the home ground advantage.
Yokine 6 Swan 2


K Toster, C Tee, G White, A Wright
P Geus, B McMonagle, P McGinn, J Tailor
R Beazley, C Tremlett, D Hampton, T Reid
J Miller, G Scorer, T Studds, P Gooch
INS: K Toster, D Hampton, G White
OUTS: M Brown, R McKenzie, D Counsel

B Crawford, R Cantrill, L Johnson, E Moore
C Parr, S Smith, K Birch, T Hines
J Berecz, A Barker, R Thomas, S Cavanagh
M Hinchcliffe, C Bartle, M Ong, M Tomasso
INS: K Birch, M Tomasso
OUTS: S Newbey, S Myers

Will Quinns recapture their early season form and can Wanneroo lift themselves from bottom two. Wanneroo appear to lack the depth and while they do give a good account of themselves they have just won two aggregates. Quinns needs to win this game to be in a position to challenge for top three at year end, and I think they will.
Quinns 6 Wanneroo 2


R Hunter, J Carlsen, A Schrauf, T Bannon
L Mitten, G Gregson, E Retallack, S Matthews
P Augustson, G Barr, B Abrahamson, D Vinicombe
R Aitken, J Bartorilla, R Munday, R Dunn
INS: L Mitten, R Hunter, J Carlsen
OUTS: S Wattleworth, S Stevenson, M McConnell

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Mundaring have been the most unpredictable side in One Blue North, beating Doubleview away one week and losing the next week at home to Stirling. North Beach have underperformed though they did show promise with wins against Doubleview and Quinns to end the first half. They have gained John Carlsen who can only but strengthen the side and if any side can rise in the second half it will be North Beach.
North Beach 7 Mundaring 1


D Wooltorton, N Bycroft, J Hall, V Hughes
W Olive, G McDonald, M Thomas, M Lane
A Bartlett, P Townsend, H Clifford, T Mountford
R Cooper, R Pringle, B Farrant, M Clancy
INS: M Thomas, R Pringle
OUTS: P Pringle, C Nash

G Herriot, J Bessant, S Deering, A Faulkner
W Langdon, C McKenna, S Whitfield, F Williamson
G Nelson, E Johnson, D Hayden, M Fredericks
L Thorn, B Pearce, W Malloy, S Curtis
INS: S Deering, L Thorn, D Hayden
OUTS: R Waugh, M McKeague, R Leed

Doubleview on paper is a really strong side yet have failed to deliver. They sit 6th, just 1 1/2 point in front of Kalamunda and all but two aggregates from top three. Away to Kalamunda is never easy and a loss will see Doubleview drop the danger zone for relegation with both Kalamunda and North Beach ready to pounce. It is a massive game for Doubleview and I think they will rise to the occasion.
Doubleview 6 Kalamunda 2


A Einfeld, A Graham, D Smith, M Glasson
L Kelly, C Lenzo, I Watt, K Scott
M Masel, T McElvenny, S Connell, P Callison
P Sinden, M Palumbo, R Armstrong, D Evans
INS: A Graham, D Smith, P Sinden, T McElvenny, D Evans
OUTS: J Fielding, G Robertson, D Delmore, J Cottier jnr

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Led by the Masel and Enfield rinks which account for 14 of Mt Lawley's 18 rink wins Mt Lawley have won and loss narrowly this year sitting 4th with finals a possibility. Stirling have improved as the year has gone on, a couple of good players in Paul Kelly and Mike Vitale proving valuable and will have hopes of avoiding relegation which will be tough and require a couple of teams to fall away. On their green you would think that Mt Lawley will prevail but this game could produce the surprise result.
Mt Lawley 7 Stirling 1