Hi all. My first review and as I unable to attend every game I only tell the story from the results but not the story behind which many would find way more interesting. If clubs would like to send me the story behind so it can be included in the review please do and it will be included. The deadline would be 1.00 pm Monday after the game and email address is: northernlight@outlook.com.au Thank you in anticipation
Bear, Geoffrey 10 v Bartlett, Arthur 19
Cox, Rex 17 v Cooper, Rodney 16
Doncon, John 33 v Olive, Wayne 14
Pickles, Lindsay 13 v Townsend, Peter 14

A better performance than I anticipated from Kalamunda with the 19 point loss by the Olive four against the Doncon four telling in the overall result, a loss by just 10 shots. The Bartlett four had a 9 point win while the Townsend four were narrow 1 shot victors for Kalamunda whilst The Cox four won by a single shot for Mundaring.
MT LAWLEY 83 (6.5) v NORTH BEACH 66 (1.5)
Sinden, Paul 20 v Mitten, Lee 14
Einfeld, Anthony 18 v Bartorillo, John 18
Kelly, Laurence 21 v Augustson, Peter 22
Masel, Mark 24 v Hunter, Richard 12

Ironic that in their return to Division 1 Mt Lawley came up against North Beach who were their conquerors in a promotional playoff a few years ago. The North Beach side then went on to achieve 1 White status before coming back to 1 Blue this year. The result panned out pretty much as expected with good wins to the Masel four and Sinden four supported by the loss by 1 shot by the Kelly four and the Enfield four drawing their rink the result was a comfortable 17 victory by Mt Lawley.
Mt Lawley report

The last time North Beach and Mount Lawley met on the greens it was a promotion/relegation game, with North Beach managing to get the win. With a strong desire to make our home deck a fortress it was important that we got off to a good start, Mount Lawley had a little score to settle.

Sinden Rink: (1) Win 20 v 14
North Beach jumped them early with Mount Lawley being down 2 v 8 with a few unlucky results going against the local boys. Mount Lawley finally got their hands on the mat again and some local tactics came into play. Shifted to long ends, this was the end for North Beach, they really struggled to adjust to the length. Scott was showing his great draw game, always around the mark and combined with Armstrong the front end were doing their job. Then the dynamic duo of Sinden and Palumbo stepped up and took the game away from North Beach. Mixed reports about who was BOG, some saying Palumbo, others saying Sinden, that is a good sign for things to come.

Masel Rink: (1) Win 24 v 12
This rink was never really in doubt and helped to carry the aggregate all day. This was the highlight rink for the Mount Lawley bowlers. Callison is a great addition to our club and showed why he will provide a solid foundation for the year. Connell put in a massive off season and early in the game it showed, one of the driving forces in maintaining the early lead. Cottier Jnr did not have his best day, but popped up here and there to contribute. Jnr's sharp wit certainly helped to break the North Beach bowlers with a highlight for the day in typical Jnr fashion he called Masel on a shot only a Cottier could see. The opposition third proceeded to ask Cottier if he wanted Masel to turn water into wine? Masel not missing a drive all day proceeded to follow Jnr's instructions perfectly, getting multiple shots and casually turned to the third and asked how he liked the wine? Masel was clearly the standout bowler and he will be hard to beat all season.

Einfeld Rink (0.5) 18 v 18
It was a close battle all day long, with the North Beach bowlers taking an early lead and Einfeld rink getting on top late, only to drop four shots in the last two ends to tie. One third the way into the game a Carlton Draught was a much needed call from Glasson and Graham, the Draught lifting Glasson to start plonking them on. The lead battle was the highlight of this rink, with Glasson close to our best bowler but losing the battle to their lead. I heard Bannon was scared to get a lift back to the club in the boot of the car if he did not perform and he certainly did his part. McElvenny, Graham and Einfeld had their moments but never really hitting any great form. It was a strange day on the greens with both sides feeling like they should have won the rink and neither side winning. Dropping four shots in the last two ends was disappointing.

Kelly Rink: (0) 21 v 22
This rink was a struggle all day, with Carmelo getting the Kelly rink off to an early lead, North Beach hitting a purple patch in the middle to late part of the game. The lead and skipper putting on a fine display of bowling. The aggregate was close all day and Kelly gathered his troops to protect the aggregate. It was a day of players coming in and out of the game, playing a role when needed. There was a measure on the last end with rumors being passed around that maybe for a fourth shot was on offer. This would give the Kelly rink and unlikely draw, but it was still a great effort to reduce the end margin.

Johnson, Edward 18 v Geus, Pieter 12
Wetzler, Addy 24 v Toster, Kingsley 12
Nelson, Gary 24 v Nievelstein, Martin 21
Herriot, Guy 24 v Tee, Chris 14

My thoughts that Doubleview would be top 2 has been reinforced by a comprehensive win over Wanneroo. There does not appear to be a wink link in the Doubleview side. Wanneroo have suffered players losses and we hope that they have players coming through who can quickly step up and fill the void.
QUINNS ROCKS 86 (7) v YOKINE 71 (1)
Axford, Brian 18 v Shaw, Shane 20
Berecz, John 23 v Morrison, Bradley 17
Hinchcliffe, Martin 17 v Kay, Anthony 16
Parr, Christopher 28 v McGillivray, Trevor 18

A close game with the only sizeable defeat being 10 shots by the Parr four over the McGillivray four. The Shaw four won by 2 shots with Shaw on debut for Yokine, he is a welcome addition. A very solid performance overall by Yokine to lose by just 15 to a side I expect to dominate 1 Blue North. Yokine do have a tough start to with an home game next week against Doubleview to be a serious test.
STIRLING 63 (1) v SWAN 93 (7)
Lucev, Ivan 9 v Cornthwaite, Ian 31
Marovic, Mick 16 v Park, David 25
Yaksich, Nick 22 v Malaspina, Geoff 14
Franich, Sonny 16 v Southern, Alan 23

With the Pasalich four missing, who I consider the best Stirling four and expected them to lose few games this year Stirling was never going to trouble Swan. The replacement team, the Lucev four being belted by 22 shots against the Cornthwaite four, Cornthwaite is a good gain for Swan. A shinning light for Stirling was the Yakich four who won by 8, however sizeable losses by Marovic and Franich fours at home doesn't augur well for Stirling chances of holding 1 Blue this year.
Quinns Rocks110038671121.137
Mt Lawley11002.58366125.766.5
North Beach10101.5668379.521.5
I Cornthwaite10022Swan
J Doncon10019Mundaring
A Wetzler10012Doubleview
M Masel10012Mt Lawley
G Herriott10010Doubleview
C Parr10010Quinns Rocks
A Bartlett1009Kalamunda
D Park1009Swan
N Yaksich1008Stirling
A Southern1007Swan
E Johnson1006Doubleview
P Sinden1006Mt Lawley
J Berecz1006Quinns Rocks
G Nelson1003Doubleview
S Shaw1002Yokine
P Augustson1001North Beach
P Townsend1001Kalamunda
M Hinchcliffe1001Quinns Rocks
R Cox1001Mundaring
J Bartorillo0010North Beach
A Einfeld0010Mt Lawley
A Kay010-1Yokine
L Pickles010-1Mundaring
L Kelly010-1Mt Lawley
R Cooper010-1Kalamunda
B Axford010-2Quinns Rocks
M Nievelstein010-3Wanneroo
P Geus010-6Wanneroo
L Mitten010-6North Beach
B Morrison010-6Yokine
S Franich010-7Stirling
G Malaspina010-8Swan
G Bear010-9Mundaring
M Marovic010-9Stirling
T McGillivray010-10Yokine
C Tee010-10Wanneroo
R Hunter010-12North Beach
K Toster010-12Wanneroo
W Olive010-19Kalamunda
I Lucev010-22Stirling