Fantastic start to the year for one of the flag favourites in Safety Bay, who dismantled the new kids on the block Fremantle. However I wouldn’t be too disappointed if I was a Marriner, it’s not easy to win down at the bay. Gosnells, winning away from home, would be happy too, as would the Hilton Hawks who had a convincing win at home over one of the early season favourites, the Manning Eagles. The Thornlie Ravens probably produced the biggest surprise though, winning away from home at Spearwood, quite convincingly as well.
Simms, Michael 15 v Innes, Doddy 21
Florance, Dave 12 v Holland, Brett 25
Holland, James 19 v Nicol, Grant 21
Johnson, Robert 16 v Carbone, Frank 20

The Kookaburras have started the year in great fashion, winning away from home on their non preferred surface of grass at the home of the Reds. Picking up eight points is a great way to start the season. The big difference between these two long established clubs was the thirteen shot belting that the rink of Farley, Tulett, Hickinbotham, and skip Brett Holland, inflicted on the Florance foursome. How about this though, Grant Nicol, a bowler of some twenty seven years, skipped for the very first time in a game of Pennants, and, would you believe, he won with the help of his team of course. Well done to The General. Good wins also to the teams skipped by Innes and Carbone.
ARMADALE 51 (0) v LEEMING 112 (8)
??? 11 v Vandersluys, Karl 37
??? 17 v Anderson, Alexander 28
??? 16 v Ford, Gary 19
??? 7 v Newton, James 28

Leeming Lions came out all guns firing on Saturday, to the detriment of the Armadale Storm. Eight points and a huge margin to boot, with three of the Lions rinks thrashing their Storm opponents. Vandersluys skipping his team to a big victory, which set up the aggregate win. As there are no Storm names recorded, it is hard to say much more, other than to say, “ Well done Leeming”.
SAFETY BAY 93 (7) v FREMANTLE 60 (1)
Daddow, Alan 24 v Bacich, Dinko 15
Hall, Ron 28 v Wachmer, Peter 11
Carruthers, Chris 23 v Coote, Barry 14
Dellar, Troy 18 v Heldt, Wayne 20

Ron Hall and his team of. Steve McBriar, Harry Wilson, and Alan Holmes completely demolished the port boys skipped by Peter Wachmer. My informant from the bay tells me that the front end for Hall dominated all day, and put extreme pressure on the back end of Freo, at one stage Wachmer’s boys were down 18-2, end of story, apart from a mini fight back in the last few ends. The big blowout on this rink didn’t seem to help the other visiting rinks, who succumbed to the local side too. Apart from the experienced rink of Chessell, Moore, Gibson, and Wayne Heldt, who salvaged a point for the Mariners. Safety Bay proving that they are impregnable at home. Good wins also to the experienced skips Daddow and Carruthers. Thanks to The Bay for the information.
HILTON PARK 77 (6) v MANNING 68 (2)
Hunter, Robert 22 v Pryce, Alan 12
Simpson, Travis 21 v Adams, Shane 18
Dodd, Gary 22 v Quann, Greg 23
Standley, Craig 12 v Hughes, Stephen 15

The Eagles travelled down to the home of the Hawks with high expectations, but the result was a nine shot win to the home side. The big winner was the rink of Farrell, Saint, McMahon and skip Robbie Hunter who convincingly beat the very good foursome of Peter Bowden, Merv Hughes, David McIlhenney, and Alan Pryce, this rink only losing one game last year. The other rinks were very tight, with The Eagles grabbing two points, courtesy of the Greg Quann and Steve Hughes skipped rinks. The Hilton boys showed great character on Saturday, and with the acquisition of the Newton duo, showed they will win quite a few this year.
Manning report

The start of a new season and The Eagles find themselves back into the cutthroat competition of 1 Blue South. With a few new names and some very experienced current members, the Manning Team know that wins will have to be earned this season, but are quietly confident of success.
Round 1 saw the battle of the Big Birds, with the Eagles travelling to the Home of the Hawks. For some at Manning, this was their first time playing at Hilton. On 14 second greens and blustery winds, it wasn’t easy, but it was the Manning team that seem to settle quickest.
However, this wasn’t to last as it was very much a game of halves on the weekend. And although Manning settled quickest, it was the Hawks that came home strongest in the second half. After 11 ends Manning were leading across the board 47 to 31 and looking comfortable. Hilton then went up a gear, winning 28 of the last 40 ends across the 4 Rinks to go on to a 77 – 68 win.
Manning returned home that afternoon thinking of what could have been. Hopefully they can channel that stinging feeling in the belly towards future wins – because it is ‘close losses’ and the ‘ones that got away’ that can come back to bite later in the season of this ruthless 1 Blue South competition.

Quann, Ellis, Herbert, Wright 23
Dodd, Willis, Bajic, Kuhne 22

Story of the day here for the Quann group, jumping out strongly only to be reeled back in by the Hilton Park boys. The only difference here though, were the Eagles team just managed to hang on for the win, taking home 1 of only 2 points for Manning.

Pryce, McLLHeney, Hughes, Bowden 12
Gahan, Hickin, Simons, Turett 22

What a struggle this game was. The final score didn’t really show the closeness. Hawks jumped to a 6-1 lead after 5 ends, but a 5 to The Eagles on End 7 put them in front 7-6. On End 14 Manning were only 2 shots down, but the Hawks then went on to win 6 of the last 7 ends.

Adams, Adams, Rees, Lill 18
Simpson, Newton, Turner, Newton 21

This Rink also stuck to the story of the day. The Manning Team in total control of the first half of the game, leading 17-8 after 13 ends. The Hilton Team then went on to win 7 of the last 8 ends. The one end that Manning did win during this time was End 20 which had the score 18-19 going into the last end – still anybody’s game. Adams missed 2 upshots by mere millimeters with his final two bowls, earning Hilton a very hard fought 3 point win.

Hughes, Hogg, Connell, Lambert 15
Standley, Garbutt, Smith, Butler 12

11-10 End wins here to the Eagles showed the closeness of the game – and also that fact that no team scored more than a 2 on any end for the day! Some front end pressure from the Manning team seemed to be the difference here, but it was a great hard fought match by all.

SPEARWOOD 72 (2.5) v THORNLIE 82 (5.5)
Unkovich, Ivan 19 v Beckwith, Gary 18
Nadilo, Ken 18 v Churcher, Tony 17
Pesich, Vlad 20 v Holden, Norman 20
Silich, Nikola 15 v Vaughan, Glyn 27

The Ravens travelled down to Spearwood hoping to put up a fight, but probably not expecting to win, one of my Raven friends said. But win they did, putting a dent in the home sides chances this year. Thornlie only won on one rink, that skipped by the “ little master in Glyn Vaughan, ably assisted by the experienced trio of Separovich, Stean, and Pope. The other rinks were extremely tight, with Spearwood winning on two rinks by one shot, whilst the other game was a draw. Unkovich winning for the home side, proving he again will be hard to beat wherever he plays, backed up by the veteran in Ken Nadilo.
Safety Bay1100393601557
Hilton Park110027768113.246
Victoria Park Carlisle10100628771.260
K Vandersluys10026Leeming
J Newton10021Leeming
R Hall10017Safety Bay
B Holland10013Gosnells
G Vaughan10012Thornlie
A Anderson10011Leeming
R Hunter10010Hilton Park
A Daddow1009Safety Bay
C Carruthers1009Safety Bay
D Innes1006Gosnells
F Carbone1004Gosnells
T Simpson1003Hilton Park
S Hughes1003Manning
G Ford1003Leeming
G Nicol1002Gosnells
W Heldt1002Fremantle
I Unkovich1001Spearwood
K Nadilo1001Spearwood
G Quann1001Manning
N Holden0010Thornlie
V Pesich0010Spearwood
G Beckwith010-1Thornlie
T Churcher010-1Thornlie
G Dodd010-1Hilton Park
J Holland010-2Victoria Park Carlisle
T Dellar010-2Safety Bay
C Standley010-3Hilton Park
S Adams010-3Manning
R Johnson010-4Victoria Park Carlisle
M Simms010-6Victoria Park Carlisle
D Bacich010-9Fremantle
B Coote010-9Fremantle
A Pryce010-10Manning
N Silich010-12Spearwood
D Florance010-13Victoria Park Carlisle
P Wachmer010-17Fremantle