Griffin, Neale 14 v Manton, Beau 24
Opie, Justin 20 v Nicholls, Dan 21
Pauling, Glenn 12 v Rhodes, David 16
Walker, Scott 17 v Alden, Simon 19

Whilst I thought we would be quite competitive when we travelled to South Perth, never in my wildest dreams did I consider this result. Great for us but while it was an 8-0 result, South Perth were very competitive and across all the rinks the games had high quality bowls all day and it could easily have been a 6-2 win. Beau Manton and his rink always looked in control of the game against Neale Griffin and keeping Bassendean in it. About 3/4's of the way through the game, over all it was only 1 shot in it and up for grabs, but Manton pulled away and the other Bassendan rinks rallied to get the 8 points.
As mentioned Manton looked to always be in control, a 4 after a brilliant bowl by Griffin to go sit a bowl half a foot for 4 shots brought them back in to it but over the course of the game Manton and his rink just kept piling the pressure on to win by 10. At the other end it was a reverse with Justin Opie and his rink piling the pressure on Dan Nicholls and his crew and Opie was up by about 6 or 7 before the shot of the match saw Nicholls trail the kitty about a foot to a nest of Bassendean bowls for 4. The got a great boost from that and won the next couple of ends to be 3 up with 2 to play before a 3 to Opie saw it all square at 20 all. nicholls won the crucial last end to win by 1.
The turnaround by Nicholls sealed the aggregate and when Rhodes and his rink won by 4 Bassendean were home. This game was tight, only 28 shots in the game and never more than a handful of shots difference but it seemed Rhodes always had his nose in front in another high quality game of bowls. The last game to finish was mine vs Scott Walker, with the aggregate secure we only needed to win our rink and 5 up on the last end looked secure. It looked tough with South Perth holding 2, my last bowls bowl pushed a short Sth Perth into the head for 3 and Walker had a very tough shot to make 5, he narrowly missed and my rink won by 2. We also had a great tight game, a real head bobber and both myself and Walker held the lead at various stages of the game and good for we happened to be in front after 21 ends.
So a great start to the season for Bassendean and really South Perth extremely good and still will be a good side pushing for finals this year.
OSBORNE PARK 61 (0.5) v CAMBRIDGE 93 (7.5)
Pickering, Kevin 16 v Strahan, Lance 16
Packer, Cody 14 v Adams, Clive 21
O'Neill, Steve 12 v Harris, Pieter 30
Stevens, Neville 19 v Perica, Sam 26

A really good win away from home here for Cambridge, not losing a rink and drawing with one gives them a great start to the year. As I say a lot, away wins are almost double points as they are so hard to get, especially when a non-grass club plays at a grass venue.
It looks the aggregate was set up with the huge 19 shot win by Pieter Harris over Steve O'Neill. It's great to see Harris back and obviously in good form, but these sort of big wins aren't on the back of one person so his whole rink must have had a good day.
2 x 7 shot wins are next, Clive Adams over Cody Packer and Sam Perica beating Neville Stevens sealed the day for the Knights. The win by Adams seems especially good as I believe Packer to be one of the most inform players for the men at the moment and with a good young side that is a good victory to Adams.
Ossy Park do get half a point though, Kevin Pickering fighting out a draw with Lance Strahan and his very strong rink.
MOSMAN PARK 68 (2) v KARDINYA 79 (6)
Beurteaux, Louie 14 v Brown, Daniel 25
Daley, Patrick 14 v McKay, Kevin 22
Hoffman, Cameron 18 v Novak, Steve 14
Marsland, Dale 22 v Davies, Paul 18

Kardinya have fought out a tough away win at Mosman Park, 11 shots is comfortable enough on the back of the star rink at Kardinya that of Daniel Brown, but Mosman Park getting 2 rinks and they will be most pleased. I suppose they would be mose pleased with a win but getting 2 rinks against a finals bound team is good fishing.
As mentioned it was the Daniel Brown that secured the aggregate for Kardinya, a 11 shot win over Louie Beurteaux. Brown looks like he has continued his good form of last year where he finished the season as the number 1 skipper. The other good win is the other state player at the club, Kevin McKay winning by 8 over Patrick Daley.
But the 2 rink wins will give the Mossies some hope. Cam Hoffman with a 4 shot win over and Dale Marsland winning his first game as skipper at this club also by 4. A positive for them is they are not in the bottom 2, so their mission now is to remain out of that relegation zone as best they can.
MANNING 63 (1) v DOUBLEVIEW 78 (7)
Williams, Anthony 11 v Slavich, John 20
Mitchell, Thomas 18 v Moyle, Ryan 21
Knott, Shane 21 v McIlroy, Kyle 12
Such, Lee 13 v Slavich, Charles 25

Doubleview also flexing their muscle away from home with a 15 shot 7-1 win over Manning at Manning. It was the Slavich brothers who were the starring rinks, Charlie with a 12 shot win over new skipper Lee Such, welcome to Premier League skipping Suchy! John also with a good solid win, by 9 over Anthony Williams. Doubleview rounding out the 7 points with Ryan Moyle by 3 over Tom Mitchell.
Manning get 1 point out of the day, the ever reliable Shane Knott by 9 over Kyle McIlroy
It's a great win away from home and Doubleview have shown they have hit the ground running. Manning selected a good side on paper
NORTH BEACH 81 (7) v WARNBRO 65 (1)
Kuziela, Ron 16 v Pattullo, Dennis 12
Walker, Paul 16 v Strange, Lindsay 24
McGinlay, Joe 26 v Kalinowsky, Barry 14
Douthie, Mark 23 v Cousens, Kieran 15

Our final game has also been a bit one-sided and North Beach winning as expected by 16 shots and 7 points. Well done to North Beach who have kicked off their season with a win and they couldn't have asked for much more. The win was set up by Joe McGinlay by 12 over Barry Kalinowsky, Mark Douthie by 8 over Kieran Cousens and rounded out with a 4 shot win to Ron Kuziela over Dennis Pattullo.
Warnbro get a vital away rink win with Lindsay Strange an 8 shot winner over Paul Walker.
Great win for North Beach and not to take too much away but they did what they needed to do over Warnbro who will struggle for wins this year. The real test for them will be next week against Bassendean at Bassendean.
North Beach110038165124.627
Mosman Park10102687986.082
Osborne Pk10100.5619365.590.5
South Perth10100638078.750
P Harris10018Cambridge
C Slavich10012Doubleview
J McGinlay10012North Beach
D Brown10011Kardinya
B Manton10010Bassendean
J Slavich1009Doubleview
S Knott1009Manning
K McKay1008Kardinya
L Strange1008Warnbro
M Douthie1008North Beach
S Perica1007Cambridge
C Adams1007Cambridge
D Marsland1004Mosman Park
C Hoffman1004Mosman Park
D Rhodes1004Bassendean
R Kuziela1004North Beach
R Moyle1003Doubleview
S Alden1002Bassendean
D Nicholls1001Bassendean
L Strahan0010Cambridge
K Pickering0010Osborne Pk
J Opie010-1South Perth
S Walker010-2South Perth
T Mitchell010-3Manning
P Davies010-4Kardinya
G Pauling010-4South Perth
S Novak010-4Kardinya
D Pattullo010-4Warnbro
N Stevens010-7Osborne Pk
C Packer010-7Osborne Pk
K Cousens010-8Warnbro
P Daley010-8Mosman Park
P Walker010-8North Beach
K McIlroy010-9Doubleview
A Williams010-9Manning
N Griffin010-10South Perth
L Beurteaux010-11Mosman Park
B Kalinowky010-12Warnbro
L Such010-12Manning
S O'Neill010-18Osborne Pk