What a cracking start to the season with a quality opening Round that saw every AWAY team win expect for a last end loss for South Perth to complete the clean sweep. Not sure if that has happened many years on R1 but it went very close this year.
Two of those upsets were against teams that held stunning home records with Basso not losing a single game at home since early 2018 & Kardinya only dropping 1 game for the whole season at home last year to Warwick.
No particular blow outs so it indicates that teams are quite evenly balanced and no team is safe home or away. Although with Sorrento knocking over a quality Wanneroo side, it could be all eyes on Sorrento over the next few weeks as they come up against some top rated teams.
MORLEY 65 (1) v WARWICK 86 (7)
Mitchell, Wayne 14 v Post, Jeffrey 26
Grieve, Gavin 12 v Borkowski, John 28
Sanders, Lindsay 18 v Hinge, Geoffrey 19
Thomas, Jeremy 21 v Ledigham, Brian 13

Warwick came for big points and nearly nabbed the full 8, only for a strong Thomas display. Post started where he left off last year and cruised ahead of Mitchell by 12 shots and controlled the game throughout. Borkowski came in with the hammer action and touched up Grieve by 16 shots to help put the Agg away early enough in the 2nd half.
Sanders put up a good fight against an inform Hinge and only just lost out on the last end by the bare minimal to go down 18-19. And Thomas did very well to put away a very good Ledingham side late on to finish with an 8 shot win and a critical 1 point for Morley.
Solid start & polished performance for Warwick. Morley have Rossmoyne next round, who destroyed Basso and will be full of confidence, then Kardinya at home, so they'll need something out of those 2 games or they'll start to develop and pretty big target on their backs.
Result: Warwick 7 - 1
Prediction: Warwick 6 - 2

COCKBURN 77 (6) v SOUTH PERTH 74 (2)
Krajancic, Marko 19 v Bandy, Denis 19
TePania, William 14 v Havercroft, Ryan 15
Marevich, Josip 18 v Calvo, Dean 18
Srhoy, Steve 26 v Roelefs, Bill 22

Excellent game here for all involved and it did indeed go down to the very last few bowls. Millers had every chance in taking the majority of the points here & were leading on the last end but Cockburn found a way to scrape over the line in a thriller.
The game had 2 draws, the 3rd game had the minimum marginal and 4th was decided by Cockburn picking up 4 shots on the very last end, it was a nail biter. The 2 draws saw Krajancic failing to shake off the every persistent Bandy & there's plenty of others can sing testimony to that hard task, finishing 19-19. Marevich also found it difficult to shake off Calvo but probably felt he had it in the bag until the last end when Calvo pounced for a cheeky 3 to get him from 15 to 18 to tie the game.
Havercroft fought very well all day to grind a hard fought 1 shot victory from the ever chasing TePania but the back end of the Millers refused to give TePania much to convert, playing well. The shock had to be Srhoy taking the Roelofs rink, they did what many have tried before & succeeded. In saying that it was all square on the last with 22 a piece but Roelofs dropped a 4 to hand Srhoy & Cockburn the victory & Agg. Cockburn will be very happy with the win even if it was one of their lowest scoring games in a few years.
Result: Cockburn 6 - 2
Prediction: Cockburn 6 - 2

Krstic, Jovan 14 v Petchell, Allan 17
Smith, Aaron 20 v Ralse, Raymond 23
O'Sullivan, Eugene 18 v Lang, Rawley 22
Revell Rodney 17 v Gollan, Edward 18

Well the sweet home run & high confidence of Basso came down like a ton of bricks in this superb game against a very determined Rossmoyne. The River Rats were out of the blocks early & soaked up the fast greens, getting better end on end.
Petchell put in a great performance against Krstic, grabbing the win late by 3 shots. Halse had the same margin against Smith who didn't get the skippering result he was wishing for to start things off. Lang also chipped in late to pull a 4 shot margin on O'Sullivan and suddenly Basso are shell shocked across the rinks. Surely Rocket can pull through against Gollan in the match up we were all wishing for. Unfortunately Gollan just had the extra talent to hold that late run & win by the minimum margin to give the River Rats a superb start to the season & firmly place themselves in the serious contenders conversation.
Rossmoyne clearly deserved the win across all rinks and maybe other teams might roll Basso by 11 shots at home this year but I seriously doubt anyone will get 8pts off Basso & keep them to 69 shots, so congrats to Rossmoyne on a superb performance against a talented outfit.
Result: Rossmoyne 8 - 0
Prediction: Bassendean 7 - 1

WANNEROO 81 (1) v SORRENTO 84 (7)
Buchholz, Chris 16 v Lander, Christopher 25
Ward, Hugh 29 v Taylor, Greg 9
Costello, Neville 16 v Butler, Rhett 24
Turra, Darren 20 v Loftus, Shane 26

We definitely could see this had game of the Round written all over it from the start & boy it didn't disappoint. It was a game of very mixed results with very few close games & the Agg was hanging on the brink of the blow out games. Lander started strong & no surprise with a quality rink taking care of Buchholz, who was chasing for most of the day & never looked like closing the game when the heat came on. Ward had a day to remember against Taylor, knocking 20 shots on the Sorrento rink in a rampaging display. Grabbing that single point for Wanneroo maybe very important later on.

Butler was dominant against Costello and not even the consistency of Palmer could save the side, Butler's side just played the bigger shots slightly better to grab the advantage & win by 8. Loftus took Turra by 6 in a very good game where the Turra side was in the game for long periods but again that late conversion from Sorrento was the difference.
Nothing lost by Wanneroo in the opener. Yes only 1 point but it maybe somewhat similar for many sides who come up against this Sorrento side.
Result: Sorrento 7 - 1
Prediction: Wanneroo 6 - 2

Fewings, Graeme 11 v DiGiuseppe, Fred 22
Knapp, Ross 25 v Dewson, Michael 14
Yates, Michael 20 v Weir, Tod 18
Barrie, Ian 14 v Thorn, Jason 25

Another upset here with Ossie Pk doing a solid job on the Kats over most rinks to get their season off to a flyer. Whether there's a few finding their feet in positions at Kardinya or not, Ossie Pk came out of the blocks firing.
DiGiuseppe made light work of one Kardinya's better skippers last year in a convincing 11 shots victory. Thorn followed that up with another 11 shot victory over Barrie to give Ossie Pk a very comfortable win even if it came late on. Weir keep Yates to -2 shots which greatly helped the Agg for Ossie Pk. The highlight for the Kats was Knapp who took care of Dewson by 11 shots to give the Kardinya and right chance late on but Ossie Pk were able to hold out for a huge win. Considering Ossie Pk lost this corresponding game last year by nearly 30 shots shows the commitment coming into the new season.
Result: Osborne Park 6 - 2
Prediction: Kardinya 7 - 1

Osborne Park110027970112.866
South Perth10102747796.12
H Ward10020Wanneroo
J Norkowski10016Warwick
J Post10012Warwick
R Knapp10011Kardinya
J Thorn10011Osborne Park
F DiGiuseppe10011Osborne Park
C Lander1009Sorrento
J Thomas1008Morley
R Butler1008Sorrento
S Loftus1006Sorrento
R Lang1004Rossmoyne
S Srhoy1004Cockburn
A Petchell1003Rossmoyne
R Halse1003Rossmoyne
M Yates1002Kardinya
G Hinge1001Warwick
R Hvercroft1001South Perth
E Gollan1001Rossmoyne
D Bandy0010South Perth
D Calvo0010South Perth
M Krajancic0010Cockburn
J Marevich0010Cockburn
L Sanders010-1Morley
R Revell010-1Bassendean
W TePania010-1Cockburn
T Weir010-2Osborne Park
J Krstic010-3Bassendean
A Smith010-3Bassendean
E O'Sullivan010-4Bassendean
B Roelefs010-4South Perth
D Turra010-6Wanneroo
N Costello010-8Wanneroo
B Ledingham010-8Warwick
C Buchholz010-9Wanneroo
G Fewings010-11Kardinya
M Dewson010-11Osborne Park
I Barrie010-11Kardinya
W Mitchell010-12Morley
G Grieve010-16Morley
G Taylor010-20Sorrento