After a couple of surprise results the Blue north ladder has tightened significantly with just 5 1/2 points separating the danger of 7th and a challenge playoff and third position, finals, on the ladder. It seems that, subject to no surprise losses, Quinns and Swan will fight out the top position and automatic promotion to 1 White being 11 and 11 1/2 points clear of third, both in good form.

SWAN 90 (7) v DOUBLEVIEW 84 (1)
 David Park 24 v Lindsay Thorn  23
 Ian Cornthwaite 16 v Gary Nelson  28
 Phillip Park 24 v Winton Langdon  23
 Alan Southern 26 v Guy Herriot  10

Swan won as expected though there were a couple of blow out rinks, one for either side which I am sure would have made for an exciting game. Doubleview is one of the 5 teams in contention for 3rd to 8th position, their destiny is in their own hands, they play two of the fellow contenders in the following rounds and also play two of the bottom 3 on the run home.
QUINNS ROCKS 117 (7) v STIRLING 59 (1)
 John Berecz 43 v Michael Vitale  7
 Christopher Parr 32 v Ante Vlahov  12
 Martin Hinchcliffe 26 v Nick Yaksich  14
 Barry Crawford 16 v Mane (Mick) Marovic  26

Quinns seem to have rediscovered their early season form since the break with 4 good wins including Swan and Yokine and smashing the bottom two in Stirling and Wanneroo. Stirling did win a rink and did not lose ground to the 7th placed North Beach thought they still trail by 6 1/2 points and need an aggregate and hope the beach boys fail to win for the rest of the season to avoid automatic demotion, a tall order with North Beach playing Wanneroo at home next week.
WANNEROO 92 (6) v MT LAWLEY 76 (2)
 Pieter Geus 14 v Paul Sinden  16
 John Miller 21 v Anthony Einfeld  17
 Colin Johnson 27 v Laurence Kelly  30
 Martin Nievelstein 30 v Mark Masel  13

A second loss against sides they would thought they could beat has left Mt Lawley's finals aspiration in doubt, indeed they are just 6 1/2 points from the dangerous 7th position. Yokine continuing to lose has helped them and it will a massive game next week when Mt Lawley meet them at home. Well done Wanneroo, just 7 1/2 points from avoiding automatic relegation, if they beat North Beach nest week, an away game, safety will be a little bit closer,. Lose and it could be a bridge too far.
 Arthur Bartlett 23 v Alan Howe  18
 Rodney Cooper 18 v Peter Augustson  16
 Wayne Olive 24 v Richard Hunter  10
 Dwayne Wooltorton 12 v Geoffrey Devenish  23

An important win for Kalamunda and they close to within 4 points of third and finals. Equally, with the way other results panned out, they are not safe from 7th and challenge playoff after Mundaring's surprise win against Yokine away. North Beach will almost certainly finish in the dreaded 8th position, way short of my expectations for a side that came down from 1 White
YOKINE 76 (1.5) v MUNDARING 89 (6.5)
 Wayne Coffey 22 v Kevin Warne  22
 Anthony Kay 14 v Rex Cox  21
 Bradley Morrison 18 v Lindsay Pickles  16
 Trevor McGillivray 22 v Geoffrey Bear  30

Four losses in a row for Yokine, the top of the ladder team at the break. With Mt Lawley away next week they need to regroup and find that early form. The draw on the run home has them playing the three bottom sides and if the can beat Mt Lawley next finals hopes are well and truly alive. Mundaring, a terrific win but do have a tough draw over the next three weeks, home to Swan and Doubleview, away to Quinns. Win two out of three and finals become a distinct possibility.
Quinns Rocks1293029.51030837123.0665.5
Mt Lawley1265128.5873823106.0854.5
North Beach124802088594593.6536
J Berecz1020122Quinns Rocks
A Southern921103Swan
M Masel92055Mt Lawley
B Morrison92034Yokine
M Hinchcliffe84068Quinns Rocks
D Park84027Swan
G Nelson84018Doubleview
A Einfeld72217Mt Lawley
A Bartlett74139Kalamunda
S Shaw74031Yokine
M Marovic75011Stirling
G Bear64114Mundaring
P Park64023Swan
I Cornthwaite65126Swan
L Kelly6500Mt Lawley
A Kay66021Yokine
W Olive660-5Kalamunda
R Cooper660-26Kalamunda
T McGillivray570-13Yokine
P Augustson570-14North Beach
N Yaksich570-58Stirling
D Wooltorton4106Kalamunda
C Parr43017Quinns Rocks
E Johnson430-5Doubleview
J Doncon45013Mundaring
R Cox470-14Mundaring
G Herriott480-45Doubleview
L Thorn31026Doubleview
M McKeague32023Doubleview
R Aitken320-10North Beach
J Miller330-15Wanneroo
R Hunter341-2North Beach
B Axford340-1Quinns Rocks
P Townsend340-26Kalamunda
B Crawford351-16Quinns Rocks
P Sinden371-22Mt Lawley
L Pickles380-6Mundaring
G Devenish20025North Beach
G Crosthwaite20021North Beach
S Wattleworth2103North Beach
G White2201Wanneroo
W Langdon23015Doubleview
R Beazley251-18Wanneroo
M Vitale250-75Stirling
S Franich281-62Stirling
M Nievelstein280-17Wanneroo
K Warne1012Mundaring
R Cantrill1003Quinns Rocks
A Wetzler1103Doubleview
C Tee110-2Wanneroo
A Schrauf110-3North Beach
I Lucev110-17Stirling
G Scorer120-11Wanneroo
L Mitten140-10North Beach
K Toster151-40Wanneroo
P Geus151-47Wanneroo
C Johnson010-3Wanneroo
A Howe010-5North Beach
C McKenna010-6Doubleview
J West010-14Yokine
A Vlahov010-20Stirling
G Malaspina020-33Swan
J Bartorillo031-28North Beach
P Kelly030-41Stirling
G Gregson040-37North Beach