Gosnells with just too much firepower at home over Hilton to now sit atop the table for the first time this year, consistency rewarded.
Previous leaders Safety Bay suffering a rare loss to Manning, who certainly play well on their lovely grass.
At the other end of the table, Vic Park and Fremantle putting up brave fights but to no avail..

GOSNELLS 84 (7) v HILTON PARK 62 (1)
 Brett Holland 17 v Robert Hunter  23
 Frank Carbone 17 v Travis Simpson  13
 Maurice Crabb 26 v Gary Dodd  10
 Grant Nicol 24 v Craig Standley  16

The Kookaburras showing that they have ground superiority over the fighting Hawks, especially on their home turf.
Grabbing seven points and more percentage into the bargain.
Winners for the home side were the rinks of Crabb, Nicol and Carbone.
While for the visitors, Robbie Hunter and his teammates salvaging one point, and carrying on their good season.
They had a solid six shot win over the well performed Holland foursome.
 Ivan Unkovich 31 v David Florance  10
 Nikola Silich 15 v Michael Simms  26
 Vled Pesich 23 v John Hiskins  17
 Nikola Sokol 14 v Jonathan Jermalinski  23

I have heard first hand that this encounter had plenty of fireworks, but the home side finally prevailed in a close one at Spearwood.
Once again the Unkovich rink carried the day, winning by a massive twenty one shots over the Florance four. Unkovich and his teammates of Bavcevic, D’Ascenzo and Petkovich simply dominated from the outset, and did not allow the visitors into the game at any stage.
The two promising skips of Simms and Jermalinski gaining two valuable points for the Reds.
MANNING 84 (6) v SAFETY BAY 69 (2)
 Joe Angel 28 v Chris Carruthers  18
 Stephen Hughes 14 v Paul Beaumont  17
 Shane Adams 14 v Ron Hall  16
 David Mcilhenney 28 v Christopher Owen  18

A fantastic home win to the Eagles, who are certainly combining well as a very solid sixteen
Ten point wins to the rinks skipped by Angel and McIlhenny was enough to get the aggregate and six well earned points. I believe that this is the first time that McIlhenney has skipped at this level, well done Dave
Pryce missing for Manning, a big out.
The rinks of Beaumont and the ever reliable Hall grabbing two points for The Bay.
LEEMING 74 (6.5) v FREMANTLE 73 (1.5)
 Karl Vandersluys 19 v Wayne Heldt  19
 Alexander Anderson 18 v Keith Manton  17
 Gary Ford 15 v Shaun McCormack  21
 James Newton 22 v Peter Wachmer  16

My fellow bowling mate from the home of the Lions informs me that this game was a real cliffhanger at the finish. The Mariners showing the home side a clean pair of heels 👠 all day, until the last couple of ends.
Two weeks in a row now that the Mariners have seemingly relaxed over the last few ends, to lose once again.
Good to see the rink skipped by Shaun McCormack back in the winners circle, with great help from “ young “ Roley Ireland, Pat Kelly and the promising Marcus Starcevich.
The star for the Lions was Jim Newton who won the aggregate with his last bowl, and in the process beat the Wachmer rink by five.
Vandersluys and Heldt drawing their rink in a high standard clash.
The unheralded Andersson four winning in the last couple of ends for the Lions.
THORNLIE 99 (8) v ARMADALE 46 (0)
 Paul Pohe 17 v Chadd Hunt  15
 Gary Beckwith 24 v Brandon Heta  8
 Glyn Vaughan 33 v David Earl  8
 Glenn Sewell 25 v Blair Griffiths  15

Fifty Three shots up and Eight points, not a bad afternoons work for the home side, when they thrashed the Storm. Big winners for the Ravens were Gary Beckwith, Murray White, Ian Rewell and brilliant lead in Pas Riggio, who thrashed the Heta rink by sixteen shots. This rink is proving to be the yardstick for the home side this year, now lying atop the Skip Ladder, having lost only two games all season.
The biggest win though came from Curtis, Separovich, Slade and skip Glyn Vaughan who demolished David Earl and team by twenty five shots. Chad Hunt and his boys putting up a brave fight for the Storm but ultimately losing by two.
Safety Bay1293034.51042839124.270.5
Hilton Park1275024990906109.2752
Victoria Park Carlisle1239018910101389.8330
G Beckwith102088Thornlie
C Owen92069Safety Bay
R Hall92052Safety Bay
G Vaughan93087Thornlie
B Holland93048Gosnells
C Carruthers83160Safety Bay
J Newton83155Leeming
K Vandersluys83154Leeming
G Nicol83134Gosnells
I Unkovich84051Spearwood
M Crabb74027Gosnells
S Adams75064Manning
R Hunter75046Hilton Park
P Beaumont63017Safety Bay
S Hughes65113Manning
T Simpson65016Hilton Park
C Standley66024Hilton Park
F Carbone660-5Gosnells
K Nadilo5309Spearwood
V Pesich561-15Spearwood
P Wachmer5603Fremantle
G Ford570-12Leeming
S McCormack4306Fremantle
M Gill4300Fremantle
A Pryce45130Manning
W Heldt461-6Fremantle
A Anderson470-14Leeming
M Simms480-4Victoria Park Carlisle
G Dodd480-12Hilton Park
J Jermalinski320-9Victoria Park Carlisle
J Hiskins331-2Victoria Park Carlisle
G Sewell331-2Thornlie
G O'Brien330-3Manning
B Coote330-34Fremantle
N Holden3512Thornlie
D Florance370-63Victoria Park Carlisle
G Quann20030Manning
A Daddow21014Safety Bay
R Johnson241-4Victoria Park Carlisle
B Davis260-62Armadale
C Hunt271-49Armadale
J Angel10110Manning
N Shannon10018Leeming
J Bajic10010Hilton Park
D McIlhenny10010Manning
D Innes1006Gosnells
N Staude1001Victoria Park Carlisle
B Yakas110-9Spearwood
P Pohe110-13Thornlie
B Jeppeseon1200Manning
P Freund120-1Victoria Park Carlisle
N Sokol120-18Spearwood
I Perica140-22Spearwood
T Churcher140-26Thornlie
D Bacich140-47Fremantle
N Silich150-45Spearwood
B Heta190-153Armadale
B Griffiths1100-138Armadale
K Manton010-1Fremantle
T Dellar010-2Safety Bay
G Collier010-6Thornlie
A Holmes010-7Safety Bay
H McKay010-8Armadale
K Mackay010-17Armadale
D Earl010-25Armadale
C Davis020-38Armadale
J Holland030-21Victoria Park Carlisle