The momentum is shifting, Bassendean now looking vulnerable after a solid start where Manning now playing like they belong in finals. Kardinya also making a move after 2 impressive away wins and they look the team most likely. Doubleview and South Perth solid wins and shore up the top 2 positions. Osborne Park with the narrowest of wins at Warnbro and next weeks game looms as a vital contest for both sides. Cambridge and North Beach look too far out, Warnbro look like the team that might have a say in the finals make nearly pinching a win at home and Mosman Park getting points again but can't gt an aggregate. The season still alive for 6 teams I reckon, but with 6 weeks to go anything can happen

BASSENDEAN 70 (1) v MANNING 93 (7)
 Beau Manton 16 v Thomas Mitchell  27
 David Rhodes 17 v Shane Knott  25
 Dan Nicholls 20 v Lee Such  14
 Simon Alden 17 v Anthony Williams  27

Manning were far too good in my game and gave us a lesson in how to play finals type bowls. It was a classic double point game - for Bassendean a win would have guaranteed finals, where a loss to Manning would have put their spot in vulnerable territory. Manning jumped the blocks fter 1 end and where never headed, if the game had gone longer the margin would ave been bigger. Tom Mitchell started with a 5 and was 10-0 up and was able to maintain that margin over Beau Manton, that was offset partially next door where David Rhodes got out to 7-0 start against Shane Knott, but Knott and his rink then found their range and barely gave Rhodes a sniff to close out the game to win by 8. In my game, Anthony Williams and I had a good batle for half the game but they were gradually getting on top, the leading especially from Scott O'Brien superb but Williams and Steve Withers finishing off the good work from the front 2. Thye got out to a 9 shot lead, we got a 5 but that was as close as we got in the 2nd half, Williams won 5 of the last 5 ends or so to take the game 10.
Dan Nicholls again getting our only point as he is playing some top line bowls at the moment. Lee Such and his rink were up 10-7 and it was a combination of good bowls by the Nicholls rink but also not a lot of luck by Such as everything he did turned to lead as Nicholls hit the front and won the sole point for Bassendean
Some soul searching needs to happen with us, only 1 win now in the last 4 games and a big game next week against Osborne Park. Manning are really setting the field alight at the moment with some solid superb bowls and their game at home next week against North Beach you would think they would win and shore up even further their spot in the top 4.
 Brad Gillingham 10 v Glenn Pauling  24
 Joe McGinlay 19 v Justin Opie  25
 Neville Costello 10 v Scott Walker  22
 Mark Douthie 21 v Ross Bresland  14

Our Friday night fixture was another where the away side jumped out early and never looked like being headed. It was the rinks headed by tried and true duo Scott Walker and Glenn Pauling who did the damage early over their respective opponents Neville Costello and Brad Gillingham. They eventually won by 14 and 12 in a composed display of quality bowls. The conditions were perfect for bowls, no wind, fast surface and the crowd was very appreciative of the display of bowls on offer.
North Beach were in control of the other 2 rinks though, not enough to bridge the aggregate gap but enough to get some points out of the night. Justin Opie though and his rink was too strong at the finish of the game to win by 6 over Joe McGinlay. The sole point North Beach have is good, they will be disappointed to lost at home but they are fending off 9th position and this weekend they did not lose ground in that race, so 1 point will be fine. Well done to Mark Douthie who is having a great run at the moment and his was a good victory over Ross Bresland by 7.
 Charles Slavich 21 v William Tan  12
 Kyle Mcilroy 26 v Dale Marsland  10
 John Slavich 15 v Patrick Daley  17
 Ryan Moyle 20 v Cameron Hoffman  10

A comprehensive win by our ladder leaders and they took apart the visitors from Mosman Park to the tune of 33 shots and they hold top spot on the ladder. The big winner was the 16 shot win by Kyle McIlroy over the top rink for Mosman Park, that of Dale Marsland which really set up the day for the home side. Coupled with wins to Charlie Slavich by 9 and Ryan Moyle by 10, it was a good day out for the View.
It was Patrick Daley who came home with the point for Mosman and what a point it was, that scalp of John Slavich which is always a hard one to take. His 2 shot win made it his 2nd for the year but I know from talking to him that he pushed a few skippers this year so good to see him chalk up a victory.
CAMBRIDGE 67 (2) v KARDINYA 69 (6)
 Blake Nairn 19 v Daniel Brown  15
 Slavko Perica 14 v David Rankin  18
 Clive Adams 14 v Kevin McKay  21
 Pieter Harris 20 v Steven Novak  15

A huge result for Kardinya, not necessarily the shots which was only 2 but the ramifications of the season are big as they sit 5th and not many points out of the 4. The game itself was a tight one all day, 136 shots in total is quite low and shows the evenness of the contest and the tightness of the games. Two rinks offset each other with 4 shot wins. Blake Nairn again showed he is a winner with his 4 shot win over Daniel Brown, I'm sure that game would have been an interesting game to watch and listen to. Also a 4 shot win was that of David Rankin over Sam Perica.
So with those 2 games nullifying each other it was the win by Kevin McKay by 7 shots which was able to secure the victory for Kardinya. It was a big win over the hard to beat Clive Adams. Pieter Harris was close to bridging that gap to win by 5 over Steve Novak.
Huge win for Kardinya which gives them a real springboard for potential finals action. There are 6 games left and still anything can happen but it would seem the season is nearly over for Cambridge. 17 points shy of 4th and with games against our top 2 sides in the next 2 weeks it looks too hard but win those two and they are right back in the hunt.
WARNBRO 70 (1) v OSBORNE PARK 71 (7)
 Lindsay Strange 18 v Cody Packer  22
 William Baker 16 v Kevin Pickering  18
 Barry Kalinowsky 13 v Gary Caffell  19
 Kieran Cousens 23 v Neville Stevens  12

Nearly a huge upset as Osborne Park sneak over the line in another tight low scoring contest by 1 shot. It would have been a 1 rink win if so, Kieran Cousens the big 11 shot win over Neville Stevens but it wasn't enough to carry the day, Cody Packer a 4 shot winner over Lindsay Strange, Kevin Pickering by 2 over Bill Baker and Gary Caffell the 6 shot winner over Barry Kalinowsky.
Warnbro are going to be one of those sides at home that will be hard to topple. They have Kardinya, South Perth and Doubleview at home, Kardy look the ones that the game will be interesting, hard to see them beating the other 2 despite being at home. Osborne Park have kept themselves in the loop with the 7 point win. Doesn't really matter how you get the 7 points though, and they will take it gladly. It puts them into 6th and an aggregate short of Bassendean who they play this week, a team they have a very good record against, home and away. They sit poised.
South Perth1293031980818119.867
Osborne Pk1266025.5912873104.4749.5
North Beach1257020.588898789.9740.5
Mosman Park12210015.5834102481.4523.5
S Knott92165Manning
K McIlroy93044Doubleview
J Slavich82270Doubleview
G Pauling83177South Perth
S Walker83145South Perth
C Packer83133Osborne Pk
S Alden83127Bassendean
J Opie83049South Perth
D Rankin83045Kardinya
R Moyle8409Doubleview
A Williams74167Manning
D Nicholls74133Bassendean
G Caffell74043Osborne Pk
P Harris75044Cambridge
C Slavich7502Doubleview
M Douthie750-4North Beach
B Manton750-21Bassendean
N Stevens66010Osborne Pk
L Such6602Manning
D Marsland660-9Mosman Park
D Rhodes560-6Bassendean
K McKay570-13Kardinya
S Novak570-16Kardinya
B Gillingham41038North Beach
C Adams441-4Cambridge
J McGinlay441-14North Beach
R Bresland4400South Perth
D Brown4603Kardinya
L Strange460-11Warnbro
T Mitchell4801Manning
K Cousens480-59Warnbro
L Beurteaux360-55Mosman Park
K Pickering372-29Osborne Pk
R Kuziela371-60North Beach
B Baker371-61Warnbro
S Perica381-20Cambridge
B Nairn20022Cambridge
R Bolton2007Cambridge
W Tan210-2Mosman Park
P Daley291-60Mosman Park
B Kalinowsky291-87Warnbro
C Hoffman2100-64Mosman Park
C Margin10017Bassendean
D Radford1007Kardinya
T Antonio1004South Perth
C Biddle1104Warnbro
N Griffin130-13South Perth
P Walker160-36North Beach
L Strahan181-44Cambridge
P Davies010-4Kardinya
D Pattullo010-4Warnbro
S Rushforth010-11Cambridge
N Costello010-12North Beach
S O'Neill010-18Osborne Pk
D Golem010-20Kardinya
G Devenish021-11North Beach