Results this week went much as predicted excepting a big win by Mundaring against Swan which has caused Swan to drop to second on the ladder with Quinns 4 1/2 points in front. Losses by Yokine and Doubleview have them in 6th and 7th positions far from safe to remain 1 Blue next year. Yokine do have a gentle draw on the way home but with now 5 losses in a row and seemingly out of form apparent easier games now become difficult. Kalamunda and Mundaring, which has been boosted by returning players are both within 5 1/2 points of 3rd and, on current form could strongly challenge Mt Lawley, though Kalamunda do have the harder draw of the three.

MT LAWLEY 84 (7) v YOKINE 63 (1)
 Paul Sinden 26 v Trevor McGillivray  16
 Laurence Kelly 10 v Philip Griffiths  19
 Anthony Einfeld 24 v Wayne Coffey  13
 Mark Masel 24 v Bradley Morrison  15

It was a much changed Yokine line up which fronted up at Mt Lawley on Saturday but the changes were in vain as Mt Lawley were too good. Led by the Einfeld and Masel rinks and a big victory by the Sinden rink they were way too good, remain 3rd, but need to keep winning to retain it. Yokine after a promising first half have fallen away, on current form the possibility of finals has vanished, indeed if the trend continues the possibility of relegation is on the horizon.
Alan Howe 11 v ??? 20
Peter Augustson 21 v ??? 14
Richard Hunter 42 v ??? 15
Lee Mitten 25 v ??? 18

A huge 27 shot win by the Hunter rink blew away the Wanneroo challenge and with it the threat of automatic demotion has gone for North Beach. With just 5 games remaining they are now 12 points in from of the 9th placed Stirling. Wanneroo are doomed for 2nd division next season.
MUNDARING 89 (7) v SWAN 68 (1)
 Kevin Warne 25 v David Park  13
 Rex Cox 26 v Ian Cornthwaite  11
 Lindsay Pickles 22 v Phillip Park  19
 Geoffrey Bear 16 v Alan Southern  25

A fabulous victory for Mundaring led by the Warne and Cox rinks over previous top side Swan, and not just a win a big 7 points which could prove invaluable at year end. Swan are not the only side who has found it difficult to win at Mundaring they are unbeaten at home this year excepting for surprise loss to Stirling. Swan now 2nd and will rely on Quinns losing to regain top spot.
KALAMUNDA 87 (6) v STIRLING 77 (2)
 Arthur Bartlett 18 v Mane (Mick) Marovic  23
 Ross Pringle 28 v Marko Martinovich  9
 Wayne Olive 23 v Michael Vitale  15
 Dwayne Wooltorton 18 v Nick Yaksich  30

Quinns are in terrific form and were ably led again by Berecz's four who won by 17 shots over the Langdon rink. The Berecz rink is a game clear as the top rink in 1 blue north with just 2 losses for the year and a huge 139 shots up. For mine, Berecz is the best skipper and bowler in Blue north. Doubleview would be disappointed to lose and would be most unhappy to be in 7th position, they need wins and other results to go their way to avoid a challenge playoff.
YOKINE 76 (1.5) v MUNDARING 89 (6.5)
 Wayne Coffey 22 v Kevin Warne  22
 Anthony Kay 14 v Rex Cox  21
 Bradley Morrison 18 v Lindsay Pickles  16
 Trevor McGillivray 22 v Geoffrey Bear  30

Despite player outs Kalamunda were too good for a brave Stirling side who were unable to overcome the 19 shot loss by the Martinovich rink. The victory by North Beach compounded the Stirling loss as they are now probably too far behind to catch them and some safety of 8th position. Kalamunda, despite player losses are now in contention for finals, a great result for them, they have been solid all year.
Quinns Rocks13103031.51124916122.7171.5
Mt Lawley1375131.5957886108.0161.5
North Beach1358023984101297.2343
J Berecz1120139Quinns Rocks
A Southern1021112Swan
M Masel102064Mt Lawley
B Morrison93025Yokine
M Hinchcliffe94079Quinns Rocks
G Nelson94030Doubleview
A Einfeld82228Mt Lawley
M Marovic85016Stirling
D Park85015Swan
S Shaw74031Yokine
A Bartlett75134Kalamunda
W Olive7603Kalamunda
G Bear6515Mundaring
P Park65020Swan
I Cornthwaite66111Swan
A Kay66021Yokine
L Kelly660-9Mt Lawley
R Cooper660-26Kalamunda
P Augustson670-7North Beach
N Yaksich670-46Stirling
R Cox5701Mundaring
T McGillivray580-23Yokine
L Thorn41027Doubleview
D Wooltorton420-6Kalamunda
E Johnson430-5Doubleview
R Hunter44125North Beach
C Parr4405Quinns Rocks
J Doncon45013Mundaring
P Sinden471-12Mt Lawley
L Pickles480-3Mundaring
G Herriott490-56Doubleview
M McKeague32023Doubleview
R Aitken320-10North Beach
J Miller330-15Wanneroo
B Axford340-1Quinns Rocks
P Townsend340-26Kalamunda
B Crawford361-17Quinns Rocks
K Warne20114Mundaring
G Devenish20025North Beach
G Crosthwaite20021North Beach
S Wattleworth2103North Beach
G White2201Wanneroo
W Langdon240-2Doubleview
L Mitten240-3North Beach
R Beazley251-18Wanneroo
M Vitale260-83Stirling
S Franich281-62Stirling
M Nievelstein280-17Wanneroo
R Pringle10019Kalamunda
P Griffiths1009Yokine
R Cantrill1003Quinns Rocks
A Wetzler1103Doubleview
C Tee110-2Wanneroo
A Schrauf110-3North Beach
I Lucev110-17Stirling
G Scorer120-11Wanneroo
K Toster151-40Wanneroo
P Geus151-47Wanneroo
W Coffey011-11Yokine
C Johnson010-3Wanneroo
C McKenna010-6Doubleview
J West010-14Yokine
M Martinovich010-19Stirling
A Vlahov010-20Stirling
A Howe020-14North Beach
G Malaspina020-33Swan
J Bartorillo031-28North Beach
P Kelly030-41Stirling
G Gregson040-37North Beach