We are getting to the pointy end of the season where wins are great and losses are critical. For Kardinya and Bassendean their wins keep their finals hopes alive, for Cambridge it still gives them a slight whiff of finals action. For the vanquished, Doubleview and South Perth still sit top 2 but the points differenc is now only 6 between 1st and 4th. Osborne Park drop to 6th and now 14 points shy of 4th. For them and the below teams it seems hard to see finals action for them now. The sides above them probably need 1 or 2 wins to secure their chance of finals. A string of 5 losses though will give other sides a chance, but it appears slim.

MOSMAN PARK 95 (7) v WARNBRO 71 (1)
 Louie Beurteaux 24 v Connor Biddle  21
 Patrick Daley 27 v Barry Kalinowsky  12
 Cameron Hoffman 16 v Kieran Cousens  18
 Dale Marsland 28 v William Baker  20

The battle of the cellar dwellers and as expected Mosman Park win this one by 24 shots and grabbing 7 points. they are now 11 points behind 8th placed North Beach, can they grab them? They play each other in 2 rounds which is a huge game at home in the scheme of things. Both teams have difficult games coming up, so if one of them can sneak a win around the game where they play each other, it will either give Mosman Park the chance to stave of demotion, or North Beach of securing their spot.
For this game, not much known, the big win from Pat Daley over Barry Kalinowsky set the day up for the home side, his 15 shot win went most of the way towards securing the 24 shot agg win. 2 other wins from Louie Beurteaux over Conor Biddle and Dale Marsland by 8 over Bill Baker to get a good 7 points. Warnbro get the point from Kieran Cousens over Cam Hoffman.
 Daniel Brown 17 v Ryan Moyle  24
 David Rankin 20 v Kyle Mcilroy  16
 Kevin McKay 33 v John Slavich  9
 Steven Novak 23 v Charles Slavich  15

I suppose it's not surprising to see Kardinya win at home, it is a good home ground advantage and a strong side, but the 29 shot win over the flag favs is decisive and they are the form side at the moment, they have won their past 5, better than anyone else in the comp at the moment. Doubleview still sit top, but the gap now only 6 shots to 4th, it's a very interesting couple of weeks coming up.
Again not much known about this game, but the scores show that Kevin McKay must have been superb to defeat John Slavich and his rink the margin of 24 shots. That is a huge margin in PL. Steve Novak also solid with his 8 shot win over Charlie Slavich and Davie Rankin / Kyle McIlroy game one for the ages, Rankin eventually winning by 4. I did hear Ryan Moyle superb in his 7 shot win over Daniel Brown. I played against Moyle in the Masters Pairs and can back up those comments, he is in good touch at the moment.
 Kevin Pickering 8 v Simon Alden  29
 Cody Packer 27 v Stein Davies  18
 Gary Caffell 22 v Dan Nicholls  24
 Neville Stevens 12 v David Rhodes  21

It was a big game for both clubs and it was Bassendean that got away the best winning the first couple of ends before Osborne re-grouped and pegged back the lead. The win for the Lions was set up early as myself shot out to a big 17-1 lead over Kevin Pickering. The other 3 rinks were having solid battles all day. While the aggregate looked pretty safe for Bassendean most of the day, it did get down to 5 shots when Cody Packer started to get on top of Stein Davies. His margin was double figures and nearly offsetting the margin on my rink.
It was game on, but Bassendean were not going to let this one slip. Davies addressed the bleeding and David Rhodes was having a real battle against Neville Stevens and it was only in the final handful of ends that saw him pull away to win 9. My rink had a really good team victory, Pickering tried hard without a lot of luck, missing bowls by inches on a number of occasions to get big shots. On other days he would get them and the margin not so big, but we had control really most of the day to win by 21. Dan Nicholls and Gary Caffell also having a slugging battle and in a bob of the head finish, Nicholls saluted the judge to win by 2.
Ossy Park got their point from Packer who again showed why he is one of the best bowlers in the state at the moment. He played some awesome shots to defeat Davies in his return to a Premier League game as skipper, by 9.
MANNING 99 (7.5) v NORTH BEACH 63 (0.5)
 Thomas Mitchell 19 v Brad Gillingham  19
 Shane Knott 28 v Mark Douthie  16
 Lee Such 29 v Joe McGinlay  10
 Anthony Williams 23 v Geoffrey Devenish  18

I've received the scorecards for this game, special mention to Miles Kemp for his scorecard taken in Roman numerals, mighty effort to keep that up all game and only 1 mistake. It was a pretty dominant display by Manning and they are hitting top form at the right time of the year, a 36 shot win against a side fighting for a finals spot is a comprehensive win. The big win was that of Lee Such over Joe McGinlay, up to the 7th end it was 4 ends to 3 in the favour of McGinlay but the score was 11-6 in favour of Such. From here Such only dropped 3 more ends for the game to finish 29-10 winners. The other big winner was the 12 shot win by Shane Knott over Mark Douthie. Douthie has had some good results of late so this was a surprise margin. Up to the 9th end it was knott 11-7 and 5 ends, but a string of 6 ends put paid to the closeness of the game and despite dropping a 5 on the last end it was solid win to Knott. The win sees him on top spot of the skippers table now, that in itself is a tight contest, more on that another day.
The tight games came from the 5 shot margin where Ant Williams defeated Geoff Devenish. Devenish won more rinks 11-10, but dropped a 5 and a 4 at critical stages of the game to eventually lose by 5. The point shared came from the drawn rink of Brad Gillingham and Tom Mitchell. Mitchell started well, up 6-3 after 5 and had the biggest margin of the game 15-6 after 12 ends but then dropped a 7 and saw Gillingham right back in the game. It was neck and neck from there, Mitchell again pulling away though to be 4 up with 2 to play but dropped a brace of 2's to draw the rink 19 all.
 Blake Nairn 18 v Glenn Pauling  14
 Slavko Perica 13 v Justin Opie  23
 Clive Adams 23 v Scott Walker  10
 Pieter Harris 25 v Ross Bresland  16

Another really good win to the home side Cambridge getting 7 points with a 16 shot aggregate win over South Perth. It always appeared to be a danger game for them away from home despite being in a similar surface and while they remain 2nd on the ladder, as discussed earlier the gap is tight between the top 4 sides. The game started well for the Knights and seemed to hold that early advantage all game. A 5 late for Clive Adams made his rink look like a margin which didn't reflect the closeness of the game, and padded out the aggregate to be double digits.
Pieter Harris won well by 9 over Ross Bresland, had the best of the luck all game but still a 9 shot win is pretty comfortable. Blake Nairn also showing the W in a tight contest winning by 4 over Glenn Pauling. Sam Perica was up 10-6 in his game over justin Opie before Opie switched gears to win 23-13 and getting the point for his team.
It might be too late for Cambridge who haven't been consistent but the difference probably losing the close games. String 5 wins together and who knows. South Perth back at home next week in a huge 2nd vs 3rd match.
South Perth13940321043897116.2868
Osborne Pk1367026.5981965101.6650.5
North Beach1358021951108687.5741
Mosman Park13310018.5929109584.8430.5
S Knott102177Manning
S Alden93148Bassendean
C Packer93142Osborne Pk
J Opie93059South Perth
D Rankin93049Kardinya
K McIlroy94040Doubleview
R Moyle94016Doubleview
J Slavich83246Doubleview
G Pauling84173South Perth
A Williams84172Manning
D Nicholls84135Bassendean
S Walker84132South Perth
P Harris85053Cambridge
G Caffell75041Osborne Pk
B Manton750-21Bassendean
L Such76021Manning
D Marsland760-1Mosman Park
C Slavich760-6Doubleview
M Douthie760-16North Beach
D Rhodes6603Bassendean
K McKay67011Kardinya
N Stevens6701Osborne Pk
S Novak670-8Kardinya
C Adams5419Cambridge
K Cousens580-57Warnbro
B Gillingham41138North Beach
J McGinlay451-33North Beach
R Bresland450-9South Perth
L Strange460-11Warnbro
L Beurteaux460-52Mosman Park
D Brown470-4Kardinya
T Mitchell4811Manning
B Nairn30026Cambridge
R Kuziela371-60North Beach
K Pickering382-50Osborne Pk
B Baker381-69Warnbro
S Perica391-30Cambridge
P Daley391-45Mosman Park
R Bolton2007Cambridge
W Tan210-2Mosman Park
B Kalinowsky2101-102Warnbro
C Hoffman2110-66Mosman Park
C Margin10017Bassendean
D Radford1007Kardinya
T Antonio1004South Perth
C Biddle1201Warnbro
N Griffin130-13South Perth
P Walker160-36North Beach
L Strahan181-44Cambridge
P Davies010-4Kardinya
D Pattullo010-4Warnbro
S Davies010-9Bassendean
S Rushforth010-11Cambridge
N Costello010-12North Beach
S O'Neill010-18Osborne Pk
D Golem010-20Kardinya
G Devenish031-16North Beach