Other than the very good win by Mt Lawley away against Swan the results were as predicted. With 4 rounds left there are 4 sides in contention to finish 7th, Mundaring, Yokine, Doubleview and Kalamunda.Kalamunda with a tough draw may fall from 4th to 7th by season end. Quinns, 10 1/2 points clear on top with a comfortable draw on the way home should hold on and be promoted to 1 White while Swan are favoured to finish 2nd with a easier draw than Mt Lawley.

WANNEROO 66 (1) v KALAMUNDA 99 (7)
 Colin Johnson 16 v Wayne Olive  29
 Barry Parmenter 18 v Arthur Bartlett  24
 Pieter Geus 13 v Rodney Cooper  28
 John Miller 19 v Dwayne Wooltorton  18

Kalamunda led by a 15 shot win by the Olive rink were far too good for the gallant Wanneroo side, who will be playing 2nd division next season. Kalamunda moved to 4th on after the win but face Yokine, Swan, Quinns and Doubleview on the way home and will find wins difficult against these teams.
 Sonny Franich 10 v Winton Langdon  28
 Mane (Mick) Marovic 17 v Gary Nelson  24
 Nick Yaksich 28 v Brian Watts  12
 Michael Vitale 14 v Edward Johnson  21

A big win by the Langdon rink was countered by a similar win by the Yaksich rink, however wins on the other two rinks by Doubleview led a comfortable victory. They move to 6th and should be able to maintain that with a reasonable draw. Stirling are destined to be playing 2nd division next season, but this proud club will regroup and I suspect bounce back to first division quickly.
YOKINE 82 (6) v NORTH BEACH 64 (2)
 Anthony Kay 18 v Richard Hunter  24
 Philip Griffiths 23 v Lee Mitten  10
 Shane Shaw 23 v Richard Aitken  10
 Bradley Morrison 18 v Peter Augustson  20

Finally, after 5 loses in a row Yokine tastes victory. A revamped line up worked and was highlighted by a big win by the Griffiths rink. With games against the bottom two to come Yokine should retain 1 Blue. North Beach have to play the top two, it is hard to see them rising above 8th and a challenge playoff.
 Rohan Cantrill 24 v Kevin Warne  18
 Christopher Parr 23 v Rex Cox  13
 John Berecz 28 v Geoffrey Bear  13
 Martin Hinchcliffe 32 v Lindsay Pickles  7

While Quinns were favoured to win the size of the victory beggars belief. Mundaring were 4th and on a winning streak with quality players they were smashed. The question to ask is how good are Quinns, and that could be answered next week when they tackle Mt Lawley away, a real test. Despite the loss Mundaring is probably safe, they play the bottom two on the way home and, based upon draws, they are the side who could most challenge for top three, provided they play to potential.
SWAN 73 (2) v MT LAWLEY 77 (6)
 David Park 23 v Anthony Einfeld  23
 Ian Cornthwaite 15 v Mark Masel  15
 Phillip Park 16 v Laurence Kelly  24
 Alan Southern 19 v Paul Sinden  15

An amazing game between two great rivals, two draws and the result decided by the 8 shot win by the Kelly rink. The loss has hurt Swan, top position is all but impossible but the draw says they should retain 2nd position. Mt Lawley, as with fellow newcomers to 1 Blue this year Quinns, have done themselves proud, finals all but certain and, if all goes exceptionally well could finish 2nd.
Quinns Rocks14113035.51231967127.379.5
Mt Lawley1485133.51034959107.8267.5
North Beach14590251048109495.845
J Berecz1220154Quinns Rocks
A Southern1121116Swan
M Masel102164Mt Lawley
M Hinchcliffe1040104Quinns Rocks
G Nelson104037Doubleview
B Morrison94023Yokine
A Einfeld82328Mt Lawley
S Shaw84044Yokine
A Bartlett85140Kalamunda
D Park85115Swan
W Olive86016Kalamunda
M Marovic8609Stirling
L Kelly760-1Mt Lawley
R Cooper760-11Kalamunda
P Augustson770-5North Beach
N Yaksich770-30Stirling
I Cornthwaite66211Swan
G Bear661-10Mundaring
P Park66012Swan
A Kay67015Yokine
E Johnson5302Doubleview
R Hunter54131North Beach
C Parr54015Quinns Rocks
R Cox580-9Mundaring
T McGillivray580-23Yokine
L Thorn41027Doubleview
D Wooltorton430-7Kalamunda
J Miller430-14Wanneroo
J Doncon45013Mundaring
P Sinden481-16Mt Lawley
L Pickles490-28Mundaring
G Herriott490-56Doubleview
M McKeague32023Doubleview
R Aitken330-23North Beach
W Langdon34016Doubleview
B Axford340-1Quinns Rocks
P Townsend340-26Kalamunda
B Crawford361-17Quinns Rocks
G Devenish20025North Beach
P Griffiths20022Yokine
G Crosthwaite20021North Beach
R Cantrill2009Quinns Rocks
K Warne2118Mundaring
S Wattleworth2103North Beach
G White2201Wanneroo
R Beazley251-18Wanneroo
L Mitten250-16North Beach
M Vitale270-90Stirling
M Nievelstein280-17Wanneroo
S Franich291-80Stirling
R Pringle10019Kalamunda
A Wetzler1103Doubleview
C Tee110-2Wanneroo
A Schrauf110-3North Beach
I Lucev110-17Stirling
G Scorer120-11Wanneroo
K Toster151-40Wanneroo
P Geus161-62Wanneroo
W Coffey011-11Yokine
C McKenna010-6Doubleview
B Parmenter010-6Wanneroo
J West010-14Yokine
B Watts010-16Doubleview
M Martinovich010-19Stirling
A Vlahov010-20Stirling
A Howe020-14North Beach
C Johnson020-16Wanneroo
G Malaspina020-33Swan
J Bartorillo031-28North Beach
P Kelly030-41Stirling
G Gregson040-37North Beach