3 standards results & 2 significant upsets made up R14, where Sorrento, Wanneroo & Kardinya won as expected, albeit not as conceiving as expected but a win is a win at this stage of the season. The 2 upsets were Rossmoyne beating Osborne Park away & Bassendean beating Warwick, again away!
Even though I didn't get information out on the preview, I'll default the 'predictions' under each game to the overall predictor table from Round 6 which seems to be holding up pretty well so far.

TeamRd 6 predictions R11R12R14R16R18
Osborne Park83.5535962-79
South Perth5828.53645-60

The predictions are fairly accurate from R6 except for the 2 major stories since the first 6 games where both Warwick & Cockburn have crashed badly. Warwick were predicted to finish 5th & only 1pt outside of Finals chance, unfortunately they'll be fighting for survival against 1 Blue to stay in 1 White. Cockburn were travelling ok to finish mid-table but unfortunately only winning 1 of the last 13 games isn't the best platform for survival & they'll need to win all 4 games if South Perth win 2 of the last 4 & score some points in the others. Possible as South Perth definitely have the tougher run home.
In summary, if predictions run through then the current ladder will not change in its entirety between now & R18, hard to see that happening as they'll be some upsets but I'll leave that up to each team to prove us wrong.

SORRENTO 82 (7) v SOUTH PERTH 59 (1)
 Christopher Lander 30 v Michael McRae  13
 Rhett Butler 14 v Ryan Havercroft  22
 Shane Ernest Rixom 17 v Denis Bandy  8
 Shane Loftus 21 v Steve Kelly  16

Sorrento continues to truck along nicely & after winning the close encounter the week before against Rossmoyne they'll see little challenges, except for maybe R16, from here to the end. Where it's not exactly mathematically confirmed lets just say congrats to the Swans on a wonderful season & congrats on getting back into the Premier League so promptly.
I'm sure they'll play the remaining 4 games similar to this one against South Perth where they didn't really have any major requirement to get out of 2nd gear. Winning by 23 shots with most rink's in a comfortable spot all day. Lander got back on the winning bus after not getting a win in the previous 3 games. Lander's side had McRae's rink boxed off early & won by 17shots in the end. Rixom had Bandy on the ropes for most of the day, where the Millers side just couldn't get enough numbers around the head to score anything more than 1's when they did win an end, while losing by 9 shots & in the end Rixom's side was able to hold them to one of the lowest scores all season of 8 shots, which was great defensive all game. Loftus took Kelly by 5 in the end to get 3 of the 4 rinks for the Swans.
The valuable point came from Havercroft's rink as they took Butler's side with some ease, winning by 8 shots. Who knows where the points will finish after R18 but that maybe a valuable point for South Perth but still leaves them firmly in playoff territory with the prospect of a 1 Blue playoff.
Result: Sorrento 7 - 1
Prediction: Sorrento 7 - 1

MORLEY 71 (1.5) v WANNEROO 83 (6.5)
 Wayne Mitchell 17 v Martin Nievelstein  22
 Raymond (Tom) Dawson 21 v Darren Turra  21
 Lindsay Sanders 19 v Chris Buchholz  15
 Wayne Barker 14 v Hugh Ward  25

Morley did quite well against the 2nd placed Roo's & had chances late on to maybe grab some more points but the Roo's finished better late but still only won 2 of the 4 rinks.
Mitchell lost to Nievelstein by 5 shots in a close game but it got Wanneroo off to a winning start. Dawson v Turra was more of a blow for blow exchange where both sides countered well all day & the points were shared after an exciting 21-21 draw. Sanders stood up for the Mavericks where they rolled Wanneroo's best rink of Buchholz by 4 shots & played great all day, congrats to Hinchliffe/Engelen/Lowry/Sanders. This rink has really held some great form since those personnel movements from R10. Barker had another tough day drawing another tough skipper in Wardy, who's really stepped up the performances over the last month, as they lost by 11 shots to a good Roo's rink.
Wanneroo might of needed another 1pt here as the predictions on them finishing 2nd s more based on Rossmoyne dropping some points late on rather than them winning more so they'll need every point from here to ensure they finish 2nd but at least they know they are close to guaranteed Finals now.
Result: Wanneroo 6.5 - 1.5
Prediction: Wanneroo 7 - 1

 Fernando Di Giuseppe 18 v Lee Jervies  20
 Mark Pasalich 18 v Edward Gollan  19
 Michael Dewson 18 v Allan Petchell  26
 John Carter 29 v Rawley Lang  20

Huge result here for the River Rats as they came home like a storm against the Saints, who you would expect to finish the stronger side considering they were playing at home.
The day started bad from the barometer viewpoint as any game DiGiuseppe's side drops them Saints rarely get the win & this was no different as Jervies took DiGiuseppe by 2 shots on the last end. That's four loses on the trot for one of the better rinks in the league up to R9 & it'll be hard for them to recover from here. It goes to show the pressure is always hard to manage week after week as the stats add up. Pasalich continued the tough start to his skippering experience with the Saints as they lost by the minimum margin to the every green Gollan side, which is no major concern given the form of Gollan's side this season. Dewson had it tough against another good Rossmoyne in Petchell's side, where they couldn't really get the reins on them all day as they drifted out to a 8 shot win. Carter was the shining light this week for the Saints as they cruised past Lang's side by 9 shots & get Osborne Park a solid 1pt which will always help this time of the season.
The River Rats will be delighted to pickup these 7 points as they felt they left some points on the table against Sorrento last week where they could of done better but it's a really good Finals test for a side with 1 eye drifting towards Finals.
Result: Rossmoyne 7 - 1
Prediction: Osborne Park 6 - 2

KARDINYA 79 (6) v COCKBURN 74 (2)
 Michael Yates 20 v Josip (Joe) Marevich  17
 Anthony Cocodis 18 v William TePania  20
 Craig Stokes 18 v Marin Sokol  27
 Graeme Fewings 23 v Marko Krajancic  10

Kats needed this win big time as they have some tough games ahead over the last 4 Rounds. The game was probably alot closer than they would have liked but they got there in the end 5 shots & grabbed 6 pts.
Yates got off well & this was probably the skipper matchup that everyone wanted to see as Kats knew that even holding Joe's side to a minor loss would be a win over for the Agg. Yates side pushed through in the end to win by 3 shots. Fewings had Krajancic held for most of the day & cruised to a 13 shot win to give the Kats 2 rinks. Thereafter, TePania's side dug deep to push past Cocodis by 2 shots & spark the Roosters revival as the game stayed on a knife's edge until the last few ends. Stokes came undone against another side travelling well recently in Sokol's side, where the Rooster's rink cruised to a 9 shot win but as good a result that was, it fell just short of what they needed to bridge the gap from the other rinks.
Roosters will continue the head scratching as they lose another close game which could be season defining. They'll need to win at least 3 from 4 on the home run & hope South Perth drop a few to get out of auto relegation.
Result: Kardinya 6 - 2
Prediction: Kardinya 6 - 2

WARWICK 64 (1.5) v BASSENDEAN 82 (6.5)
 Jeffery Post 25 v Rodney Revell  14
 Jon Borkowski 12 v Jovan Krstic  26
 Lindsay Hill 19 v Alfred Dinnison  19
 Brian Ledingham 8 v Eugene O'Sullivan  23

This was the 2nd upset of the Round where Basso came & conquered to grab a huge 6.5pts against the Magpies who are desperate for points at this stage of the season.
It started with Post recording a nice win over Revell where they put this one away early to grab a comfortable 11 shot win. Unfortunately thereafter this is where it started to go wrong for Magpies as Borkowski lost by a big 14 shots to Krstic, where Krstic is skippering very well. Hill grabbed a 19-19 draw against Dinnison to grab another valuable 0.5pt but Basso wrapped it up on the 4th rink in style as O'Sullivan rolled Ledingham's side by 15 shots & what was even more impressive was holding Ledingham to 8 shots all day while playing at home.
The Magpies have now only 1 win from 9 games & even winning 2 of the next 4 games probably still leaves them in the dreaded playoff spot so they'll need 3 of 4 to make sure & hope Kats drop most of their games, which is a big ask at this stage. Basso probably now only need 1 win from the last 4 to guarantee survival but applying some pressure on Osborne Park may give them the improbable look at snatching a last minute Finals spot which isn't a bad carrot going into the last few games.
Result: Bassendean 6.5 - 1.5
Prediction: Warwick 7 - 1

Osborne Park148603011231068105.1562
South Perth14590251127114798.2645
E Gollan122066Rossmoyne
C Lander112195Sorrento
C Buchholz1040109Wanneroo
S Loftus102268Sorrento
F DiGiuseppe95064Osborne Park
R Butler84257Sorrento
M Yates93165Kardinya
D Turra73327Wanneroo
J Borkowski7702Warwick
H Ward8608Wanneroo
M Dewson770-32Osborne Park
S Rixom72077Sorrento
J Marevich65210Cockburn
J Krstic75240Bassendean
A Petchell76129Rossmoyne
C Stokes67012Kardinya
J Thorn5323Osborne Park
W TePania660-14Cockburn
E O'Sullivan6718Bassendean
R Knapp571-11Kardinya
G Fewings671-34Kardinya
R Revell59011Bassendean
J Post68019Warwick
L Sanders680-56Morley
L Hill41127Warwick
D Bandy4320South Perth
S Kelly43029South Perth
R Havercroft5208South Perth
N Costello43010Wanneroo
T Weir44112Osborne Park
M Sokol5410Cockburn
R Lang490-37Rossmoyne
B Ledingham490-78Warwick
A Durrant31037South Perth
L Gervies433-17Rossmoyne
B Roelefs351-3South Perth
D Calvo351-21South Perth
T Dawson371-40Morley
W Mitchell3110-91Morley
R Halse2106Rossmoyne
G Taylor220-29Sorrento
G Hinge234-20Warwick
M Erceg231-28Bassendean
S Denny240-33Wanneroo
M Musulin250-19Cockburn
W Barker270-42Morley
D Haddow1008Rossmoyne
M Hulbert1005Sorrento
D Green1001Rossmoyne
C Fleay11013Osborne Park
P Brotherston110-19Cockburn
S Srhoy121-20Cockburn
M Krajancic142-41Cockburn
M McRae150-40South Perth
J Thomas140-44Morley
J Opie0010South Perth
M Pasalich021-11Osborne Park
A Sharp010-5South Perth
B Henley010-9Kardinya
I Barrie010-11Kardinya
E Widermanski010-11Wanneroo
J Ricci010-11Cockburn
B Dinnison023-14Bassendean
J Carter1216Osborne Park
G Reagan030-25South Perth
A Smith030-25Bassendean
G Grieve030-44Morley
A Cocodis010-2Kardinya
M Nievelstein1005Wanneroo