Before we review this round it is timely to see what is happening in 2nd division as it is possible that 4 sides come win promotion to 1 Blue. In 2 Blue Sorrento is certain to be promoted some 22 points ahead of Bedford who have 83 points. Valley and Osborne Park are in contention for the challenge against Bedford with the winner to play the 8th placed 1 Blue side. 2 gold has Joondalup winning promotion, and long overdue for a very good side, 24.5 points ahead of Dalkeith Nedlands who have 74.5 points. 2 Gold is tighter than 2 Blue with Dalkeith Nedlands 8 points ahead of 3rd placed Cambridge while Sorrento and Hollywood Subiaco are just 2 points adrift. The winner of the match between 2nd and 3rd will play the 7th placed 1 Blue side in the challenge final. Interesting results this week with the 2nd, 3rd and 4th sides all losing while Quinns's big victory has all but assured them of 1 White, 15 points ahead and games against 2 of the bottom 3 sides to follow. 2nd and 3rd, when one looks at the draws, will possibly remain unchanged while 7th position, after Doubleview's loss to Mundaring will probably be theirs, the final game against Kalamunda at home could decide the outcome.

MT LAWLEY 48 (2) v QUINNS ROCKS 83 (6)
 Anthony Einfeld 14 v Darroll Rogers  13
 Mark Masel 19 v Christopher Parr  18
 Laurence Kelly 10 v Barry Crawford  28
 Paul Sinden 5 v Martin Hinchcliffe  24

Despite John Berecz being unavailable Quinns were far too good for Mt Lawley with massive wins by the Crawford and Hinchcliffe rinks deciding the result. As usual Mt Lawley's top two rinks, that of Masel and Einfeld won. As Swan also lost, Mt Lawley edge .5 point closer to 2nd position and remain firmly in the contest for finals. Their draw gives them a chance to win two aggregates and if that were to happen top 3 is all but certain, though the home game against Mundaring is a must win. Quinns has all winnerable games remaining, with home games against North Beach and Wanneroo and away against Kalamunda
NORTH BEACH 77 (6.5) v SWAN 73 (1.5)
 Richard Hunter 15 v Tony Natalotto  23
 Lee Mitten 21 v Alan Southern  21
 Richard Aitken 22 v Phillip Park  13
 John Carlsen 19 v David Park  16

With other results going their way the loss did not hurt Swan other than pride, two losses in a row with finals imminent is not what they wanted. North Beach win and they are just 7.5 points from 7th, a tough draw means they are unlikely to rise above 8th. 2nd, if they can avoid the narrow losses, is there for Swan's taking with home games against Kalamunda and Yokine and away to Wanneroo, they would be favoured to win all 3.
 John Doncon 23 v Edward Johnson  12
 Rex Cox 17 v Gary Nelson  12
 Geoffrey Bear 15 v Scott Edmonds  18
 Lindsay Pickles 21 v Winton Langdon  14

A bad loss for Doubleview, just 1 point and now 4 points behind safety of 6th position. They are home to Mt Lawley and Kalamunda and away to North Beach to finish the season, you would think they could win 2 out of the 3 with the final game against Kalamunda a must win. Mundaring have Stirling and Mt Lawley away and North Beach at home to finish the season. Beat Mt Lawley, who they trail by 6.5 points and 3rd position could go down to the wire.
WANNEROO 87 (6) v STIRLING 76 (2)
 Chris Tee 25 v Sonny Franich  16
 Barry Parmenter 19 v Nick Yaksich  22
 Pieter Geus 27 v Michael Vitale  13
 Rod Beazley 16 v Mane (Mick) Marovic  25

Our two bottom sides played for pride, they are both too far behind to avoid relegation though they could shape the final 3 with big performances against finals contenders in the last three games.
KALAMUNDA 84 (2) v YOKINE 85 (6)
 Wayne Olive 20 v Bradley Morrison  21
 Arthur Bartlett 26 v Shane Shaw  25
 Rodney Cooper 24 v Philip Griffiths  23
 Dwayne Wooltorton 14 v Trevor McGillivray  16

What a game, 3 rinks win by 1 and 1 rinks has a big 2 shot win to carry aggregate, it would have been exciting to have been at Kalamunda on Saturday. The win does give Yokine an outside chance at finals, though their last game away to Swan will make it difficult. They are 5 points from 3rd placed Mt Lawley and need to win all 3 games to have a chance, they do have home games against the bottom two to build up rink wins. Kalamunda, the loss they did not need to have, with away games to Swan and Doubleview and home to the powerful Quinns side mean points are going to be hard to get from here on in. They are 6.5 points in front of Doubleview, that last game against Doubleview could be so important to who finishes 7th.
Quinns Rocks15123037.513141015129.4685.5
Mt Lawley1586135.510821042103.8469.5
North Beach1569027.51125116796.451.5
J Berecz1220154Quinns Rocks
A Southern1122116Swan
M Masel112165Mt Lawley
M Hinchcliffe1140123Quinns Rocks
B Morrison104024Yokine
G Nelson105032Doubleview
A Einfeld92329Mt Lawley
A Bartlett95141Kalamunda
M Marovic96018Stirling
S Shaw85043Yokine
D Park86112Swan
R Cooper860-10Kalamunda
W Olive87015Kalamunda
N Yaksich870-27Stirling
P Augustson770-5North Beach
L Kelly770-19Mt Lawley
I Cornthwaite66211Swan
G Bear671-13Mundaring
A Kay67015Yokine
P Park6703Swan
R Cox680-4Mundaring
T McGillivray680-21Yokine
E Johnson540-9Doubleview
R Hunter55123North Beach
J Doncon55024Mundaring
C Parr55014Quinns Rocks
L Pickles590-21Mundaring
L Thorn41027Doubleview
J Miller430-14Wanneroo
R Aitken430-14North Beach
D Wooltorton440-9Kalamunda
B Crawford4611Quinns Rocks
P Sinden491-35Mt Lawley
G Herriott490-56Doubleview
M McKeague32023Doubleview
B Axford340-1Quinns Rocks
P Townsend340-26Kalamunda
W Langdon3509Doubleview
G Devenish20025North Beach
G Crosthwaite20021North Beach
R Cantrill2009Quinns Rocks
K Warne2118Mundaring
P Griffiths21021Yokine
C Tee2107Wanneroo
S Wattleworth2103North Beach
G White2201Wanneroo
L Mitten251-16North Beach
R Beazley261-27Wanneroo
P Geus261-48Wanneroo
M Nievelstein280-17Wanneroo
M Vitale280-104Stirling
S Franich2101-89Stirling
R Pringle10019Kalamunda
T Natalotto1008Swan
S Edmonds1003Doubleview
J Carlsen1003North Beach
A Wetzler1103Doubleview
A Schrauf110-3North Beach
I Lucev110-17Stirling
G Scorer120-11Wanneroo
K Toster151-40Wanneroo
W Coffey011-11Yokine
D Rogers010-1Quinns Rocks
C McKenna010-6Doubleview
J West010-14Yokine
B Watts010-16Doubleview
M Martinovich010-19Stirling
A Vlahov010-20Stirling
B Parmenter020-9Wanneroo
A Howe020-14North Beach
C Johnson020-16Wanneroo
G Malaspina020-33Swan
J Bartorillo031-28North Beach
P Kelly030-41Stirling
G Gregson040-37North Beach