Only one surprise in round fifteen, and that was the fighting performance put up by the Mariners on their home turf. However they lost again at the end of eighty four hotly contested ends on a good grass green in Fremantle.
All other game were predictable to me, with the Lions just maybe gaining some winning form.
The Kookaburras looking fairly assured of automatic promotion, with the Storm destined for second division.

SAFETY BAY 101 (8) v SPEARWOOD 54 (0)
 Chris Carruthers 29 v Vled Pesich  18
 Paul Beaumont 20 v Ivan Unkovich  16
 Ron Hall 17 v Nikola Silich  14
 Christopher Owen 35 v Ken Nadilo  6

The result not a surprise, but the margin certainly was, with The Bay gaining the complete eight points and absolutely thrashing the visitors by forty seven shots.
Most of the aggregate difference was on one rink, with the experienced foursome of Owen, Kennedy, Gallon and Boddy annihilating Ken Nadilo and team by twenty nine shots.
Chris Carruthers skipped his side to a comfortable win over Pesich, which puts him very near the top of the skip table.
FREMANTLE 71 (2) v GOSNELLS 72 (6)
 Barry Coote 24 v Frank Carbone  13
 Peter Wachmer 14 v Brett Holland  21
 Shaun McCormack 19 v Grant Nicol  18
 Keith Manton 14 v Maurice Crabb  20

The Mariners snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, to lose by a solitary shot, once again. My visiting informant tells me that the home side were in front all day, even five shots up with just two ends to play on the Wachmer versus Holland game. The class of Brett Holland was very evident, driving out the only local bowl in the head, with Wachmer not able to draw third shot, even though he came perilously close. Barry Coote skipped his team to a comfortable win over Frank Carbone, who saved many shots on the day.
Maurice Crabb showing he has still got what it takes, drawing beautifully when required.
McCormack winning by one shot to get the other point for the disappointed home side, who were superbly led by the veteran Roley Ireland.
ARMADALE 61 (0) v HILTON PARK 103 (8)
 Chadd Hunt 21 v Gary Dodd  24
 Brandon Heta 14 v Robert Hunter  24
 Blair Griffiths 17 v Craig Standley  20
 David Earl 9 v Travis Simpson  35

The Storm putting up a good fight on three rinks, but still not gaining a solitary point at home to the rampant Hawks.
The big winner for the visitors, was the side skipped by the laconic Travis Simpson, whose third in dad David Newton played superbly I have been advised, proving that age is no barrier in bowls. Robbie Fortini and Peter Stone also playing well. The irrepressible Robbie Hunter led his side to a good ten shot win over the Heta rink. Hunter having one of his better years, with The Saint putting in a good one ☝️.
The buzz is good at Hilton, as they firmly believe they can finish second or third, to be able to try and attain promotion.
Father and son from the Storm, Dale and Chad Hunt, playing well in their loss to Gary Dodd and team.
 Stephen Hughes 20 v Robert Johnson  20
 Shane Adams 17 v Jonathan Jermalinski  22
 Graham O'Brien 25 v Michael Simms  13
 Alan Pryce 26 v James Holland  13

The Eagles shrugging off a late change in personnel to gain 6.5 valuable points against the struggling Reds at home on a superb green. The rinks skipped by Graham O’Brien and veteran Alan Pryce leading the charge with great morale boosting wins for the home side. Merv Hughes and Steve Lambert setting their teams up well with some deft draw bowls. Young Jonathon Jermalinski gaining a valuable point for the Reds in the quest to avoid automatic relegation.
Steve Hughes and Rob Johnson fighting out a thrilling draw. The Eagles now only five points in front of the Hawks, in the battle for the top three. The Hawks with three winnable games to come though.
LEEMING 81 (7) v THORNLIE 73 (1)
 Karl Vandersluys 20 v Paul Pohe  18
 Alexander Anderson 16 v Glyn Vaughan  23
 Gary Ford 22 v Gary Beckwith  12
 James Newton 23 v Glenn Sewell  20

The Ravens losing another fairly close encounter, going down to the Lions by just eight shots. The home side have been threatening to come good all year. Have they finally turned the corner? Seven points is a good afternoons work, can they keep the momentum going forward.
The big surprise on Saturday was the solid win that Gary Ford, Geoff Burgess, Garry’s Sims and Rob Lipple inflected on the very good Beckwith rink. Ten shots was certainly enough to get the Lions over the line, but they still have quite a bit of work to do to make the top three. They now sit in fifth spot, with the Ravens just behind them.
Safety Bay15105042.512841042123.2282.5
Hilton Park1510503412621090115.7874
Victoria Park Carlisle15312021.51106127087.0933.5
G Beckwith1230106Thornlie
B Holland123085Gosnells
C Carruthers113196Safety Bay
K Vandersluys113160Leeming
C Owen1130101Safety Bay
G Nicol104154Gosnells
R Hall104027Safety Bay
R Hunter105084Hilton Park
G Vaughan105080Thornlie
J Newton95140Leeming
T Simpson95066Hilton Park
M Crabb95027Gosnells
I Unkovich96056Spearwood
P Beaumont84013Safety Bay
S Hughes85230Manning
S Adams87068Manning
C Standley87029Hilton Park
F Carbone87012Gosnells
V Pesich771-13Spearwood
G O'Brien63014Manning
S McCormack64014Fremantle
K Nadilo640-8Spearwood
P Wachmer680-4Fremantle
G Ford690-6Leeming
G Dodd690-17Hilton Park
J Jermalinski530-6Victoria Park Carlisle
A Pryce55143Manning
A Anderson590-24Leeming
B Coote431-23Fremantle
M Gill4300Fremantle
W Heldt471-7Fremantle
M Simms4110-40Victoria Park Carlisle
N Holden3512Thornlie
J Hiskins351-13Victoria Park Carlisle
G Sewell361-18Thornlie
D Florance370-63Victoria Park Carlisle
C Hunt391-75Armadale
G Quann20030Manning
J Angel2114Manning
A Daddow21014Safety Bay
R Johnson242-4Victoria Park Carlisle
B Davis260-62Armadale
N Silich270-36Spearwood
N Shannon10018Leeming
J Bajic10010Hilton Park
D McIlhenny10010Manning
D Innes1006Gosnells
N Staude1001Victoria Park Carlisle
B Yakas110-9Spearwood
B Jeppeseon1200Manning
P Freund120-1Victoria Park Carlisle
P Pohe131-18Thornlie
K Manton130-11Fremantle
N Sokol130-39Spearwood
I Perica140-22Spearwood
T Churcher140-26Thornlie
D Bacich140-47Fremantle
J Holland150-38Victoria Park Carlisle
B Heta1120-191Armadale
B Griffiths1130-167Armadale
T Dellar010-2Safety Bay
G Collier010-6Thornlie
A Holmes010-7Safety Bay
H McKay010-8Armadale
K Mackay010-17Armadale
C Davis020-38Armadale
D Earl040-73Armadale