I haven't got much information about the games themselves, but this weeks fixtures in most of the games has had an impact on the remainder of the season, so let's look at that instead.

 Steven Novak 11 v Stein Davies  21
 Daniel Brown 25 v Dan Nicholls  18
 Kevin McKay 22 v Simon Alden  19
 David Rankin 23 v David Rhodes  24

Huge win for Bassendean away from home, and Kardinya fought it out right to the end. They would have been 15 shots adrift with only an handful of ends left but fell 1 short. The win for Bassendean has put them 2nd but still only 11 points shy of 5th placed Kardinya. With tough games ahead against Cambridge and Warnbro at home, but the big one against Doubleview away, I think they need 1 more win and their position in the 4 is secure. But if they lose all 3, then they are likely out. If they beat Doubleview in 2 weeks, it could be a game that decide top spot and the chance for a home final.
For Kardinya, it was a surprise loss at home but coupled with the loss for Manning means they still only sit 3 points out of the top 4. With games coming up against North Beach and Osborne Park away and Manning at home. So many permutations for them. Manning currently sit 4th so that game in 2 weeks looms as a huge game for 4th spot. The winner may well have that mantle. Even then and dependent on how Osborne Park go in the next 2 weeks, the Round 18 game may also have an impact on the finals make up. Sometimes it's easy to be looking up and knowing where you stand and what you need to do to get there. They will also have to do it without Kevin McKay who has accepted a FIFO joband won't play again this year. We wish him all the best on this venture.
 Louie Beurteaux 21 v Mark Douthie  13
 Patrick Daley 12 v Brad Gillingham  23
 Cameron Hoffman 19 v Geoffrey Devenish  18
 Dale Marsland 21 v Paul Walker  12

A big win for Mosman Park which gives them a slight chance of remaining in the Premier League. Who would have thought that a few weeks ago! They sit 5.5 points shy of North Beach, they have tough games coming up against Manning and South Perth away, and Osborne Park at home. You would think there only shot at retaining PL is that home game, but it appears a slim chance. If you believe that they had stacked a couple of rinks for points, it might pay some dividends as those points they have been racking up may provide useful.
For North Beach they will be rueing this loss. Win this and they were home, and while on points available it would seem unlikely for Mosman Park to catch the 6 points required, they would still like to win 1 more game to make it a certainty. They have 2 home games coming up but they are doozies - Kardinya and Doubleview, with an away game against Cambridge. On face value again it seems unlikely they will win any of these games but 2 of them are at home. The only away game Bassendean have lost this year was against North Beach, this win for them may well have saved their position in the PL
OSBORNE PARK 87 (6.5) v MANNING 70 (1.5)
 Kevin Pickering 23 v Alan Heal  21
 Cody Packer 30 v Lee Such  9
 Gary Caffell 17 v Thomas Mitchell  17
 Neville Stevens 17 v Anthony Williams  23

Great win for Osborne Park at home and a huge blow for Manning, made difficult when Shane Knott had to withdraw after being stuck in Bali, but this won't have changed the overall result as the big win came from Cody Packer over Lee Such. I thought it was down to 5 sides this year but Osborne Park had other ideas and we are back to 6 sides who could play finals. The Saints sit 6 points shy of Manning in 4th, they play the next 2 weeks away against South Perth and Mosman Park, and finish with the big one over Kardinya. Let's oencil in the win over Mosman Park but they have to get over South Perth first next week. Any loss from here for Osborne Park and it is probably curtains, but we've said that before!
Manning had been building nicely with 4 wins in a row but now have lost their past 2 and suddenly it is their position which looks vulnerable in the 4. They appear to have the best run of anyone coming home, home games against Mosman Park and Cambridge you would nearly pencil in, but it's the away game over Kardinya which looks like the finals decider.
 Ryan Moyle 31 v Justin Opie  16
 Kyle Mcilroy 18 v Ross Bresland  17
 John Slavich 23 v Scott Walker  19
 Charles Slavich 18 v Glenn Pauling  23

Doubleview just keep trucking along don't they, saluting again in the Friday night fixture and mainly on the back of 1 big rink win to Ryan Moyle over Justin Opie. Doubleview sit on top by 7 points and look pretty safe. Or do they? you would think they will win aay games over Warnbro and North Beach but the home game over Bassendean, assuming Bassendean also win both of their games, may decide top spot. It seems unlike to see Doubleview losing another game really, but they would not want to take their eys of the prize.
South Perth drop from 2nd to 3rd, it seems top spot now unlikely but they also have to look over their shoulder at the pack of 3 teams behind them. they are 10 points off top, and 11 points in fron to 6. Could we see the most unlikely of solutions and see them drop out of the 4? It is unlikely, 2 home games against Osborne Park and Mosman Park and an away game over Warnbro, win 1 of those games and they are safe in the 4. They are only 3 points shy of 2nd, both teams play Warnbro, so it's going to be an exciting race between South Perth and Bassendean
CAMBRIDGE 92 (6.5) v WARNBRO 75 (1.5)
 Blake Nairn 22 v Connor Biddle  22
 Slavko Perica 26 v William Baker  14
 Clive Adams 18 v Lindsay Strange  20
 Pieter Harris 26 v Kieran Cousens  19

The only game with no real impact on the season saw Cambridge winning by 17 over Warnbro, the Wizards doing well to get 1.5 points. Cambridge are 16 points off 4th, and there are 24 points on offer, is the fairytale finish a reality? Away games against Bassendean and Manning coupled with a home game North Beach. They are teams Cambridge need to overtake so a couple of 8-0 wins and it's game on mole! Can't see it happening but the guys there are a proud bunch and will want to finish the season off strongly.
Warnbro we have known for a while that they will be playing in White next year but they haven't been pushovers, have won twice but also 14.5 rinks. Their main problem has been the away games and for them to rise back into Premier League I think need to retain who they have but try and recruit a skipper and promote some youth for front end positions. They are 16 points shy of 8th and like Cambridge need to win 2 of those 8-0. Games over Doubleview and South Perth at home and Bassendean away seems a bridge too high.

Looking in my crystal ball and predicting the next 3 weeks and I have the finalists in order as -
Doubleview 106pts
Bassendean 95pts
South Perth 92pts
Osborne Park 82.5pts
Manning 81pts
Kardinya 81pts
Cambridge 68 pts
North Beach 47pts
Mosman Park 40pts
Warnbro 27.5pts

We'll see how close I get

South Perth1510503512011068112.4575
Osborne Pk158703211441103103.7264
North Beach155100231085123587.8543
Mosman Park15411021.51059126283.9137.5
S Knott112181Manning
C Packer113171Osborne Pk
K McIlroy114042Doubleview
R Moyle114040Doubleview
J Slavich103251Doubleview
A Williams104184Manning
S Alden104159Bassendean
J Opie104046South Perth
G Pauling95172South Perth
D Nicholls95135Bassendean
D Rankin95043Kardinya
P Harris96051Cambridge
S Walker86124South Perth
D Rhodes86015Bassendean
K McKay87022Kardinya
D Marsland870-3Mosman Park
C Slavich870-10Doubleview
B Manton750-21Bassendean
G Caffell76134Osborne Pk
N Stevens780-1Osborne Pk
L Such780-10Manning
S Novak780-12Kardinya
M Douthie780-28North Beach
B Gillingham61156North Beach
D Brown67028Kardinya
C Adams5616Cambridge
R Bresland5600South Perth
L Strange560-9Warnbro
L Beurteaux570-56Mosman Park
K Pickering582-45Osborne Pk
K Cousens5100-72Warnbro
J McGinlay461-41North Beach
T Mitchell492-1Manning
B Baker491-76Warnbro
S Perica4101-19Cambridge
B Nairn31125Cambridge
R Kuziela371-60North Beach
P Daley3111-63Mosman Park
C Hoffman3120-79Mosman Park
R Bolton2007Cambridge
S Davies21013Bassendean
W Tan210-2Mosman Park
B Kalinowsky2111-127Warnbro
C Margin10017Bassendean
D Radford1007Kardinya
T Antonio1004South Perth
C Biddle131-5Warnbro
N Griffin130-13South Perth
P Walker170-45North Beach
L Strahan181-44Cambridge
A Heal010-2Manning
P Davies010-4Kardinya
D Pattullo010-4Warnbro
S Rushforth010-11Cambridge
N Costello010-12North Beach
S O'Neill010-18Osborne Pk
D Golem010-20Kardinya
G Devenish051-20North Beach