This Round seemed to be dominated by 1 underlying feature where the top teams might of had 1 eye on Finals & forgot that the bottom teams are fighting for their life where they are willing to throw the sink at every game from here to stay in 1 White. Unusually 2nd, 3rd & 4th teams all lost to 7th, 8th & 9th teams, which allowed Sorrento sail into PL now where mathicailly they can't be caught so congrats to the Swans & good luck in PL. Also it allowed the Kats to close the gap & now have a look at possible Finals spot as the Saints begin to fall apart at the wrong end of the season.
We welcome the return of selection drama again now with Re-Sharp Gate, where South Perth looked to stoke the bear from R6 in selecting 2 PL players which couldn't play Friday night or for 'other' reasons?!! Interesting to see what conversations are expected this week.

 Rodney Revell 16 v Anthony Cocodis  17
 Jovan Krstic 24 v Graeme Fewings  27
 Alfred Dinnison 21 v Michael Yates  36
 Eugene O'Sullivan 22 v Craig Stokes  17

We had this one swinging towards the Lions considering the momentum they had over the 2nd half of the season but the Kats knew they needed something special to get them away from the dredged lower end of the table & they delivered big time with a huge 7pts away on good grass.
Revell continued his struggles with another close loss to Cocodis by the minimum margin in a very tight affair all day but a good game. Krstic had his flag lower after some solid recent form as Fewings won by 3 shots in a high scoring game.
The Kats win could be summed in 1 game it was probably Yates rink, as they tipped the pendulum to the Kats in what was otherwise a pretty even battle across the other rinks. Dinnison struggled to contain the Yates rink & I'm sure he heard about it all day! The Kats rink put 36 shots on the scoreboard but Dinnison also got 21 shots, in what was another high scoring game. The Kats some momentum with O'Sullivan holding Stokes off quite easily in the end to grab a valuable point for the Lions.
Both teams remain safe in the middle section of the ladder so the next few games should keep both teams safe enough.
Result: Kardinya 7 - 1
Prediction: Bassendean 7 - 1

ROSSMOYNE 64 (1) v WARWICK 85 (7)
 Donald Haddow 12 v Jon Borkowski  27
 Edward Gollan 18 v Lindsay Hill  24
 Allan Petchell 17 v Jeffery Post  19
 Rawley Lang 17 v Brian Ledingham  15

Lets just say it was only us that didn't see this result coming as I'm sure the River Rats certainly didn't expect to give any away team 7pts at home. Just like the Kats & South Perth, some of the top teams didn't tune into the desperation from the bottom sides with only a few games to go shows most teams on their day can hold their own against the top sides.
The Magpies put this game away in style & what was more impressive was that it was done against their best rinks to prove it wasn't a lucky day. Haddow had it tough against an inform Borkowski who rolled the Rossmoyne rink by 15shots & set Warwick up for a big day at the office. Hill's rink got an excellent 6 shot win & more impressively was that it was against a Gollan's side who had only lost 2 games all season. This gave the Magpies a huge springboard for a big win. Post chipped in with another nice 2 shot win against Petchell & now both Rossmoyne's top rinks were dropping points. Lang pulled a point back for the River Rats against a struggling ledingham side but the ship had sailed & the Magpies headed back up the Freeway after another sensational smash & grab coming over the river which reassembled their Kardinya trip.
The River Rats will need to have a quick chat early in the week as we don't have them finishing too well from here either but I'm sure they'll prove the predictions wrong but tough few weeks ahead if they want the PL dream to stay alive. Warwick needed this more than they knew at the time as everyone around them also won which would have left them in a right pickle if they didn't grab the 7pts here.
Result: Warwick 7 -1
Prediction: Rossmoyne 6 - 2

SORRENTO 99 (8) v MORLEY 52 (0)
 Christopher Lander 24 v Wayne Barker  14
 Rhett Butler 22 v Lindsay Sanders  19
 Shane Ernest Rixom 32 v Wayne Mitchell  9
 Shane Loftus 21 v Raymond (Tom) Dawson  10

Some might of wanted to see the Swans break the triple figures here against the bottom side but they went about business as usual with only Rixom sides blowing away Mitchell by 23 shots. Where the rest of the rinks were even enough given the difference between both sides.
Lander cruised to a 10shot win over Barker. Butler pushed past a Sanders side who fought to the end to win by 3 shots. And Loftus had a comfortable 11 shot win against Dawson when they didn't really have to get through the gears.Sorrento stay unbeaten for the year & they're main aim would be to continue for another 3 weeks to bring that confidence into next season, where the gap seems to be growing over the last few years between PL & 1 White.
And so we see the Swans swim off into the bright lights of PL as they ensure they can't be caught mathicmathally or not, so congrats on a great year & best of luck back up in PL. Similar is said for Morley who are now destined for 1 Blue but did show signs of improvement through the 2nd half of the season & will surely look to grab another win before life in 1 Blue.
Result: Sorrento 8 - 0
Prediction: Sorrento 8 - 0

COCKBURN 87 (6) v WANNEROO 72 (2)
 Marin Sokol 11 v Darren Turra  23
 William TePania 17 v Martin Nievelstein  16
 Josip (Joe) Marevich 37 v Hugh Ward  9
 Marko Krajancic 22 v Chris Buchholz  24

Another top side & another scalp for the bottom teams, where Cockburn ran over the Roo's in pretty impressive fashion.
The Roosters started off with a surprise loss for Sokol as they have been playing very well but it was against a solid Turra rink which are travelling well, with the Roo's side running away by a dozen shots. Big Willie pulled the levers & won by the minimum against Nievelstein to grab a valuable point back for Cockburn. Krajancic had a great game against another top rink in Buchholz but lost by 2 shots in a very tight game. The final rink was the one that decided the Roo's faith as who else could it be other than Marevich's side who trashed Wardy crew by 28 shots to score 37 shots for the game & give the Roosters a red hot look at survival, congrats to that rink.
The only positive the Roo's can get from this result is that Rossmoyne didn't take full advantage of the slip up so they still remain in 2nd spot, even if it's by 1.5pts. I have the Roosters winning 2 of their next 3 games to finish well so this could be going right down to the wire if South Perth falter.
Result: Cockburn 6 - 2
Prediction: Cockburn 6 - 2

 Adrian Durrant 32 v John Carter  14
 Ryan Havercroft 18 v Michael Dewson  19
 Denis Bandy 25 v Mark Pasalich  14
 Ashley Sharp 33 v Fernando Di Giuseppe  13

Where we tipped the Millers to win this one, we didn't expect a 48 shot trashing of the Saints in a dominant display across most rinks & with it scored the 2nd highest score of the season, coincidentally behind themselves against the Kats. Osborne Park had rarely conceded over 90 shots the whole season so to get 108 shots on them was a wonderful performance by the Millers.
Durrant's side started the proceedings off very nicely by bolting out to an early lead against Carter as they cruised to a huge 18 shot win. Bandy applied the pressure over Pasalich & eventually pushed through near the end to give Pasalich another loss as his side are desperate for a win since he went skippering. Sharp's side touched up DiGiuseppe's side by a huge 20 shots, in a revenge game from R6 which they lost & continues the woes for a DiGiuseppe rink that was unbeaten for most of the season until the recent capitulation which is unusual considering how well they were playing early in the season but does show how difficult it can be to maintain form over 18 games. The only loss for the Millers & the highlight for the Saints was the Havercroft v Dewson game where Dewson came late & won by the minimum margin in a tight game.
Result: South Perth 7 - 1
Prediction: South Perth 6 - 2

Osborne Park158703111831176100.663
South Perth156902812351207102.3252
C Lander1221105Sorrento
E Gollan123060Rossmoyne
S Loftus112279Sorrento
C Buchholz1140111Wanneroo
M Yates103180Kardinya
R Butler94260Sorrento
F DiGiuseppe96044Osborne Park
S Rixom820100Sorrento
D Turra83339Wanneroo
J Borkowski87017Warwick
H Ward870-20Wanneroo
M Dewson870-31Osborne Park
J Marevich75238Cockburn
J Krstic76237Bassendean
W TePania760-13Cockburn
A Petchell77127Rossmoyne
E O'Sullivan77113Bassendean
G Fewings771-31Kardinya
J Post78021Warwick
C Stokes6807Kardinya
L Sanders690-59Morley
L Hill51133Warwick
D Bandy53211South Perth
J Thorn5323Osborne Park
R Havercroft5307South Perth
M Sokol551-12Cockburn
R Knapp571-11Kardinya
R Lang590-35Rossmoyne
R Revell510010Bassendean
A Durrant41055South Perth
L Gervies433-17Rossmoyne
S Kelly43029South Perth
N Costello43010Wanneroo
T Weir44112Osborne Park
B Ledingham4100-80Warwick
B Roelefs351-3South Perth
D Calvo351-21South Perth
T Dawson381-51Morley
W Mitchell3120-114Morley
R Halse2106Rossmoyne
G Taylor220-29Sorrento
G Hinge234-20Warwick
M Erceg231-28Bassendean
S Denny240-33Wanneroo
M Musulin250-19Cockburn
W Barker280-52Morley
M Hulbert1005Sorrento
D Green1001Rossmoyne
A Sharp11015South Perth
C Fleay11013Osborne Park
M Nievelstein1104Wanneroo
A Cocodis110-1Kardinya
D Haddow110-7Rossmoyne
P Brotherston110-19Cockburn
S Srhoy121-20Cockburn
J Carter131-12Osborne Park
J Thomas140-44Morley
M Krajancic152-43Cockburn
M McRae150-40South Perth
J Opie0010South Perth
B Henley010-9Kardinya
I Barrie010-11Kardinya
E Widermanski010-11Wanneroo
J Ricci010-11Cockburn
B Dinnison033-29Bassendean
M Pasalich031-22Osborne Park
G Reagan030-25South Perth
A Smith030-25Bassendean
G Grieve030-44Morley