A couple of real surprises on Saturday, when the Lions stunned the Kookaburras, away from home. However the Kookas are still the current ladder leaders. The other surprise was the Mariners who really put the boots into the Spearwood boys, gaining a valuable aggregate win, and 7.5 points in the process. The Ravens won a close one as I predicted, with the Hawks not surprising me by beating the second placed Safety Bay sixteen.

 Robert Johnson 24 v Neil Fitzgerald  12
 Jonathan Jermalinski 38 v David Earl  9
 Noel Staude 27 v Brian Davis  10
 James Holland 22 v Chadd Hunt  11

The boys in Red winning as expected, although the huge margin was a little surprising to me. The rink of Costello, Hogarth, Florance and skip Jermalinski putting the David Earl four to the cleaners, with a twenty nine point win. Jonathon Jermalinski playing brilliantly I have been told, but getting plenty of help from his front end.
Johnson, Staude and Holland all having comfortable wins.
No Michael Simms I see.
HILTON PARK 91 (6) v SAFETY BAY 79 (2)
 Gary Dodd 20 v Christopher Owen  21
 Robert Hunter 21 v Chris Carruthers  23
 Craig Standley 27 v Ron Hall  20
 Travis Simpson 23 v Alan Daddow  15

The Hawks with a fairly comfortable win over the visiting Bay sixteen, who succumbed at the finish of a game that had been a close contest early on.
The Standley and Simpson rinks winning comfortably by seven and eight shots respectively. Young Daniel Newton offering valuable support to Simpson, with Standley super efficient as always. Both of these rinks have been super consistent this year. The reliable rinks of Chris Owen and Chris Carruthers grabbing two valuable points for the visitors. Both sides still well and truly in the hunt for the top three.
THORNLIE 75 (6) v MANNING 72 (2)
 Paul Pohe 23 v Stephen Hughes  20
 Glyn Vaughan 17 v Graham O'Brien  22
 Gary Beckwith 23 v Shane Adams  13
 Glenn Sewell 12 v Alan Pryce  17

The Ravens keeping their top three chances alive with a spirited win over the fighting Eagles outfit. The Ravens showing that they can’t be discounted, especially at home, on their grass green.
The Beckwith rink bouncing back to form in a big way with a sizeable win over the Adams boys plus two.
Riggio and Rewell outstanding as usual. The fifteen shot margin was well and truly enough to carry the aggregate. The Kiwi, Paul Pohe and his team gaining the other valuable point for the home team, beating the Steve Hughes rink by three. The O’Brien and Pryce rinks tried valiantly to keep the Eagles in the hunt, but the difference from the Beckwith game was too much for them to cover.
SPEARWOOD 63 (0.5) v FREMANTLE 86 (7.5)
 Ivan Unkovich 17 v Keith Manton  21
 Nikola Silich 11 v Barry Coote  29
 Vled Pesich 18 v Peter Wachmer  18
 Ken Nadilo 17 v Shaun McCormack  18

The home side with little to play for it seemed, and they let the visiting Mariners outfit overrun them at the finish of a hard fought contest. The Mariners were well down early, by about twenty shots I have been told, but they showed some fighting spirit to win by twenty three shots. Skip Barry Coote, ably assisted by Wayne Heldt, Dave Regan and John Chessell, were far too strong 💪 for the Silich rink, winning by eighteen shots at the finish. New chum from Mosman Park Keith Manton helping his rink beat the strong Unkovich team by four, Young McCormack snatching a win to grab the other point for the Mariners
While Wachmer and Pesich fought out a thrilling draw.
GOSNELLS 62 (1) v LEEMING 97 (7)
 Frank Carbone 11 v Alexander Anderson  22
 Brett Holland 13 v Karl Vandersluys  33
 Grant Nicol 20 v Gary Ford  18
 Maurice Crabb 18 v James Newton  24

What a massive win to the Lions, and a huge surprise out at the home of the Kookaburras. The visitors just had too much artillery, and they were able to grab seven valuable points, as well as a thirty five shot margin into the bargain.
The dream match up between two of the best performing rinks in the division, didn’t turn out that way. With Karl Vandersluys, Peter Boys, Dougie Johnson and Wayne Birrell, thrashing the normally reliable four skipped by Brett Holland, by a massive twenty shots. Vandersluys and Boys proving invincible on the day. But the carnage didn’t end there for the Kookaburras, who had their feathers well and truly ruffled, winning one rink only. Alex Anderson from Leeming, skipping his team in great fashion i believe, beating the Carbone four by eleven shots. Jim Newton and his experienced rink winning a thrilling encounter to gain the other point for the surging Lions. The Kookas Grant Nicol halting the total domination by grabbing the only win for the dispirited home side.
Safety Bay16106044.513631133120.384.5
Hilton Park1611503613531169115.7480
Victoria Park Carlisle16412025.51217131292.7641.5
G Beckwith1330116Thornlie
C Carruthers123198Safety Bay
K Vandersluys123180Leeming
C Owen1230102Safety Bay
B Holland124065Gosnells
G Nicol114156Gosnells
J Newton105146Leeming
T Simpson105074Hilton Park
R Hall105020Safety Bay
R Hunter106082Hilton Park
G Vaughan106075Thornlie
M Crabb96021Gosnells
I Unkovich97052Spearwood
C Standley97036Hilton Park
P Beaumont84013Safety Bay
S Hughes86227Manning
S Adams88058Manning
F Carbone8801Gosnells
G O'Brien73019Manning
S McCormack74015Fremantle
V Pesich772-13Spearwood
J Jermalinski63023Victoria Park Carlisle
A Pryce65148Manning
K Nadilo650-9Spearwood
P Wachmer681-4Fremantle
A Anderson690-13Leeming
G Ford6100-8Leeming
G Dodd6100-18Hilton Park
B Coote531-5Fremantle
M Gill4300Fremantle
W Heldt471-7Fremantle
M Simms4110-40Victoria Park Carlisle
R Johnson3428Victoria Park Carlisle
N Holden3512Thornlie
J Hiskins351-13Victoria Park Carlisle
G Sewell371-23Thornlie
D Florance370-63Victoria Park Carlisle
C Hunt3101-86Armadale
G Quann20030Manning
N Staude20018Victoria Park Carlisle
J Angel2114Manning
A Daddow2206Safety Bay
P Pohe231-15Thornlie
K Manton230-7Fremantle
J Holland250-27Victoria Park Carlisle
B Davis270-79Armadale
N Silich280-54Spearwood
N Shannon10018Leeming
J Bajic10010Hilton Park
D McIlhenny10010Manning
D Innes1006Gosnells
B Yakas110-9Spearwood
B Jeppeseon1200Manning
P Freund120-1Victoria Park Carlisle
N Sokol130-39Spearwood
I Perica140-22Spearwood
T Churcher140-26Thornlie
D Bacich140-47Fremantle
B Heta1120-191Armadale
B Griffiths1130-167Armadale
T Dellar010-2Safety Bay
G Collier010-6Thornlie
A Holmes010-7Safety Bay
H McKay010-8Armadale
N Fitzgerald010-12Armadale
K Mackay010-17Armadale
C Davis020-38Armadale
D Earl050-102Armadale