Well what an exciting and unpredictable second round in 1 Blue North as anticipated. A tie, a one shot loss, a big loss by one of the favourites, a unconvincing victory against a bottom side and the Quinns wagon rolls on despite a 21 shot loss on one rink. We are yet to reach the stage we can see where teams will finish on the ladder but it seems to be my original thoughts that the top 3 will be Quinns, Yokine and Doubleview is accurate, while the bottom two will be Stirling and Wanneroo. North Beach may not be as strong as I first thought while Mundaring has yet to be tested by a good team. Mt Lawley and Swan have been solid while the jury is out on Kalamunda, despite player losses they have been good in the first two rounds.
KALAMUNDA 82 (6) v MT LAWLEY 81 (2)
Townsend, Peter 29 v Sinden, Paul 23
Bartlett, Arthur 14 v Masel, Mark 27
Olive, Wayne 24 v Kelly, Laurence 12
Cooper, Rodney 15 v Einfeld, Anthony 19

What a heartbreak for Mt Lawley, so near yet so far losing aggregate by just a solitary shot. Good teams win the close matches, though at times luck does play a role. I don't know whether this was the case on Saturday but well done Kalamunda, a nice club with quality people. The Masel four was once again the best performed Mt Lawley rink while the Kelly four lost again but this time by a decent margin against the Olive rink which lost badly at Mundaring last week.
Mt Lawley report

The ladder is a true reflection on the importance of winning away from home, with only Quinns having two wins. One Blue North, away wins are going to be very important. Mount Lawley knew going up to Kalamunda it was going to be a tough task.
While conditions were not hard, there was certainly a tricky wind most of the day. Kalamunda jumped out to a ~10 shot lead after the first 7 ends and managed to maintain this lead most of the day. After around 16 ends, Mount Lawley made a comeback and got within 6 shots only for Kalamunda to shoot out to an 11 shot lead again. Then Mount Lawley made one last effort to come back and win the aggregate. With some massive bowls from all sides, the game on the line up until the last end.
First to finish was the Masel rink, holding 2 shots, there was a risky chance to chase two more shots, but thought it best to bank the 2 shots, with 5 more ends to go across the board, it was the wise choice.
Second to finish was the Einfeld rink (the two winning rinks were the first to finish), they were holding a solid three shots when the cat like skipper from Kalamunda sprang into action to secure a resting toucher. Einfeld having a very good day, just missed taking the shot out and they dropped one shot on the last end.
Third to finish was the Sinden rink, having been down all day, managed to secure a huge last end and gain 3 shots.
Last to finish with 2 shots in the aggregate was the Kelly rink.
Having a rough day, they still had the chance to secure a very unlikely win. Roberts bowled two great bowls, one to sit out Kalmunda's closest bowl to then be holding three shots. Kalamunda's third stepped up to the mat and played a huge bowl, trailing the jack away from Mount Lawleys three shots to a group of Kalamunda bowls.
Mount Lawley managed to hold one shot and Kelly had a bowl in his hand to secure a draw, but on the wide tricky hand, it just did not come back enough and Kalamunda won the day by one shot.
Credit to Kalamunda, the game was played in great spirits.

SWAN 72 (2) v QUINNS ROCKS 79 (6)
Southern, Alan 29 v Parr, Chris 8
Park, David 13 v Axford, Brian 19
Malaspina, Geoff 7 v Berecz, John 32
Cornthwaite, Ian 23 v Hinchcliffe, Martin 20

If a rink loses by 21 shots away from home it is very rare that that side wins. Well, the Parr four did lose by 21 but the Berecz four won by 25 shots and more than overcome the deficit. A solid win by the Axford four and a narrow loss by the Hinchcliffe four and the aggregate was Quinns. A good away win against a good side, Quinns with their player acquisitions are showing they will be a power in 1 Blue
Quinns Rocks report

Just a summary on Saturday's game against Swan in 1 Blue North.
Chris Parrs 4 - didn't really get into the game with all 4 not finding the range on this rink and Southerns team taking full advantage of that with a defeat of 21 shots.
John Berecz's 4 - had a field day with all 4 contributing to the big win over Malaspina's team of 25 shots. This rink is gelling very well early on and look forward to what's to come.
Brian Axford's 4 - had a well fought out win over Parks team by 6 shots which could have gone either way. Solid rink proving they will fight all the way for a win.
Marty Hinchcliffe's 4 - were up by at least 10 shots early and looking the goods but to Cornthwaite's teams credit, they clawed back into the game and ended up 3 shot winners.
A well earned 6 - 2 result keeps us on top of the ladder early with alot of work to do.
WANNEROO 83 (4) v MUNDARING 83 (4)
Tee, Chris 26 v Pickles, Lindsay 18
Nievelstein, Martin 20 v Doncon, John 21
White, Graham 19 v Cox, Rex 17
Toster, Kingsley 18 v Bear, Geoffrey 27

Two sides who I suspect will be bottom four at year end fight out what would have been an exciting drawn aggregate. What can you say I had tipped Wanneroo, I thought home ground advantage would have been difficult to overcome but well done Mundaring. 4 points away is always good but I think that Mundaring will be tested when they come against the stronger sides in the next few rounds
YOKINE 89 (7) v DOUBLEVIEW 67 (1)
Shaw, Shane 17 v Nelson, Gary 22
Morrison, Bradley 22 v Herriott, Guy 14
Kay, Tony 27 v Wetzler, Addy 18
McGillivray, Trevor 23 v Johnson, Edward 13

What a performance by Yokine. To not only beat a strong Doubleview side but to win 3 rinks and be 22 shots ahead in aggregate, wow, well done and look out other sides when you play Yokine. The three wining Yokine rinks all won by decent margins while the losing Shaw four went down by 5. It seems that Yokine has found good depth and the addition of two good skippers in Shaw and Morrison has helped the cause enormously. Will this be the year of the doggies?, I think they finished in the four last year, where will they be this year.
NORTH BEACH 91 (6) v STIRLING 66 (2)
Augustson, Peter 15 v ??? 20
Bartorillo, John 15 v Franich, Sonny 21
Hunter, Richard 36 v Yaksich 10
Mitten, Lee 25 v Marovic, Mick 15

I truly thought that the weak Stirling side would be hammered at North Beach, that they weren't could be a reflection on North Beach. Stirling did have, as I understand, a new skipper who has not been named and his four won while the Franich four recovered from last week to win well against the Bartorillo four. Bowls is a funny game, the sole Stirling to win last week, the Yaksich four were monstered to the tune of 26 shots by the Hunter four, while the Marovic four lost their second game. I expected North Beach to be a top four side but what the have done in the first two rounds is unconvincing and has caused me doubts.
Quinns Rocks22005165143115.3813
Mt Lawley21104.5164148110.818.5
North Beach21103.5157149105.377.5
J Berecz20031Quinns Rocks
A Southern20028Swan
I Cornthwaite20025Swan
M Masel20025Mt Lawley
J Doncon20020Mundaring
G Nelson2008Doubleview
P Townsend2007Kalamunda
A Einfeld1014Mt Lawley
G White1002Wanneroo
R Hunter11014North Beach
A Kay1108Yokine
B Axford1104Quinns Rocks
L Mitten1104North Beach
A Wetzler1103Doubleview
D Park1103Swan
G Herriott1102Doubleview
B Morrison1102Yokine
P Sinden1100Mt Lawley
G Bear1100Mundaring
T McGillivray1100Yokine
R Cox110-1Mundaring
S Franich110-1Stirling
M Hinchcliffe110-2Quinns Rocks
C Tee110-2Wanneroo
S Shaw110-3Yokine
A Bartlett110-4Kalamunda
E Johnson110-4Doubleview
P Augustson110-4North Beach
W Olive110-7Kalamunda
C Parr110-11Quinns Rocks
I Lucev110-17Stirling
N Yaksich110-18Stirling
J Bartorillo011-6North Beach
P Geus010-6Wanneroo
M Nievelstein020-4Wanneroo
R Cooper020-5Kalamunda
L Pickles020-9Mundaring
L Kelly020-13Mt Lawley
M Marovic020-19Stirling
K Toster020-21Wanneroo
G Malaspina020-33Swan