"> A great round of pennants, 3 sides remain undefeated that of Doubleview Cambridge and Bassendean, the Lions surprising all at the moment to sit on top with The View and The Knights as expected in the top 3. The shock loss was Kardinya, certainly the full book was the biggest shock and the Kats will be licking their wounds. South Perth a nice rebound from last week, The Kats looking to do the same this week.
The bottom 3 all haven't yet tasted success and an equally surprising Osborne Park holding up the table, one suspects it won't stay this way for too long. Warnbro and Mosman Park also tasting expected defeats this weekend
Strahan, Lance 24 v Hoffman, Cameron 12
Bolton, Ross 21 v Marsland, Dale 19
Harris, Pieter 18 v Daley, Patrick 17
Perica, Sam 16 v Beurteaux, Louie 18

Cambridge an expected 7-1 result but it was close and not a sure thing until the final few ends. Mosman Park were the ones that came out strong, at one point Louie Beurteaux 12-1 over Sam Perica and Dale Marsland and Pat Daley also holding leads but once Cambridge got their rhythm going they pegged it back and recorded a nice win.
Lance Strahan and his rink were the rink that was in front all game, they were the dominant combination all day and recorded a satisfying 12 shot win over Cam Hoffman. Hoffman and his crew tried hard all day but couldn't match the Strahan rink. Replacement skipper Ross Bolton was always behind in his game against Dale Marsland but a handy 4 game them some impetus and they went out to 21-16 lead before finally closing it 21-19. Pieter Harris and Pat Daley were having a great duel and were locked at 17 all when an unfortunate shunt by Daley gave away shot and the rink win went to Harris. All accounts were Daley was very good which you have to be to keep in touch with Pieter Harris.
Mosman Park with the vital away point, that of Beurteaux who continued his good start in the game to win the rink. Perica and his band fought back and closed hard at the end but it was a 2 shot margin to Beurteaux to give them a point.
Manron, Beau 16 v Kuziela, Ron 15
Nicholls, Dan 31 v Douthie, Mark 14
Rhodes, David 17 v McGinlay, Joe 19
Alden, Simon 20 v Walker, Paul 19

Well people looking at the score will see this as an expected win for Bassendean, but halfway through the game North Beach were looking home and hosed for a 7-1 win, and even slightly earlier could have grabbed all 8 points but Bassendean rallied, used their get out of jail free card as North Beach fell away at the end to score a stirring 17 shot win and grab 7 points. 1st end done and North Beach were 11-0 up, and they continued in this vain with Paul Walker up 12-3 over Simon Alden and Ron Kuziela 12-0 up over Beau Manton. Both North Beach skippers superb at sitting shot bowls or drawing counters and Basso skippers helpless to do much. Dan Nicholls and Mark Douthie were locked at about 7-7 and Joe McGinlay a slight advantage over David Rhodes, so North Beach cruising at about a 24 shot advantage overall
Things changed from here. Not sure if it was my wife turning up to support, the green drying or the Bassendean rallying but they started to peg it back. A big 6 from Nicholls at this as well may have kick started the revival and Nicholls and his rink kept up the pressure and pulled away to record the 17 shot win and effectively take the aggregate. Manton and alden the followed similar paths to get back in it, stringing ends together to peg back the difference. Manton and Kuziela were locked at 15 all and with North Beach holding, Sear was unlucky to gently nudge the kitty enough to give away the shot. Kuziela then hit the kitty twice but both times going to Bassendean bowls and Manton able to get the 1 shot win. Alden a bit different but slowly pegged the gap and with 2 ends to play was 4 down. A good 2 meant they needed 3 on the last to get the point, the aggregate secure at this stage. They were holding 2 when the skippers swapped, and again an unlucky bowl by Walker clipped a Bassendean sideways and into the count. Alden crashed into a front bowl and Walked unable to cut down with his last meaning Alden pinching the 1 shot win.
Our final game was still playing about 3 ends to go and after the 6 to North Beach on the first end, it had been a tight battle bu McGinlay always able to keep his nose in front. He was about 4 up with a couple of play, 2nd last end the kitty goes to the ditch with a perfect shot from Gillingham. Rhodes draws to within inches of the ditch and McGinlay drives it out. Again Rhodes draws to the ditch but this time McGinlay slightly misses leaving Rhodes with 4 to win the rink. This time the North Beach rink were able to hang on, dropping a shot on the last but securing the valuable away point.
Slavich, John 23 v Packer, Cody 16
Moyle, Ryan 9 v Stevens, Neville 23
McIlroy, Kyle 22 v Pickering, Kevin 11
Slavich, Charlie 19 v Caffell, Gary 17

Another 7 points to Doubleview but it wasn't all plain sailing as it was only 6 shots in the aggregate. Neville Stevens doing his utmost best to single handedly lift his club over the line with a 14 shot win over Ryan Moyle but Kyle McIlroy superb in his game wasn't going to allow that to happen. His 11 shot win over Kevin Pickering nearly offsetting the nig loss next door, and when John Slavich was able to account for Cody Packer by 7 courtesy of a great game by Bill Brandsma and Charlie Slavich by 2 over Gary Caffell that made the day complete for The View. Caffell and his rink played well all day but C Slavich had all the shots when it mattered.
WARNBRO 76 (1) v MANNING 88 (7)
Baker, William 22 v Such, Lee 13
Strange, Lindsay 14 v Mitchell, Thomas 25
Kalinowsky, Barry 23 v Knott, Shane 28
Cousens, Kieran 17 v Williams, Anthony 22

Manning have won as expected down at Warnbro in a solid 7-1 effort and gets them on the board for this season but like the other games, the underdog fought out the game and had winning chances but Manning in the end too strong.
Halfway through the game the aggregate was close but it was at this time that Tom Mitchell and pulled away to be in front by 14 at one time before closing out the match over Lindsay Strange by 11. It lifted some other Manning rinks and Shane Knott and Anthony Williams both also pulled away to lead by about 7, Knott eventually winning by 5 over Barry Kalinowsky and Williams also by 5 over Kieran Cousens.
Lee Such still to get on the board, it was Bill Baker that got hold of him this week by 9. As we thought Warnbro will be competitive especially at home but the good sides should have too many guns and win these close games.
KARDINYA 67 (0) v SOUTH PERTH 102 (8)
Brown, Daniel 19 v Opie, Justin 23
McKay, Kevin 20 v Walker, Scott 24
Novak, Steven 11 v Griffin, Neale 24
Rankin, David 17 v Pauling, Glenn 31

Our final game saw a massive shock result, there were some tips for South Perth and having seen them first hand last week I know they would be competitive but and 8-0 result away from home at the fortress that is Kardinya was a shock result.
Kardinya did hold sway at the half way mark and it was close for 3/4 of the day but late scores blew the aggregate away. Glenn Pauling was up by 15-3 before dropping a 7 to get the Dave Rankin rink into the game but he didn't let that phase him, he settled down and again got on top before eventually winning by 14. To counteract this Daniel Brown was huge early over Justin Opie to be in front 13-1 but then the South Perth rink dug in, and slowly pegged it back, 3 behind with 2 to play they picked up a 2 and then a huge 5 on the last end sealed the win in a great comeback for Opie.
The Scott Walker v Kevin McKay was a doozy, tight for most of the day but a 5 and then a 6 blew it apart, McKay fought it back, shortening the length and that saw the claw their way back into the contest but there weren't enough ends and Walker was able to win by 4. Neale Griffin and Steve Novak also having a tight tussle, 8 all on 13 ends but then Griffin starting stringing ends together and a 5 on the 19th end saw them win by 13 in what was generally a tight contest.
South Perth21104165147112.248
North Beach2110414814999.338
Mosman Park2020313415884.813
Osborne Pk20201.512816677.111.5
P Harris20019Cambridge
D Nicholls20018Bassendean
J Slavich20016Doubleview
C Slavich20014Doubleview
J McGinlay20014North Beach
S Knott20014Manning
B Manton20011Bassendean
S Alden2003Bassendean
L Strahan10112Cambridge
B Baker1009Warnbro
C Adams1007Cambridge
R Bolton1002Cambridge
G Pauling11010South Perth
T Mitchell1108Manning
D Brown1107Kardinya
N Stevens1107Osborne Pk
S Perica1105Cambridge
K McKay1104Kardinya
R Kuziela1103North Beach
J Opie1103South Perth
N Griffin1103South Perth
D Marsland1102Mosman Park
D Rhodes1102Bassendean
S Walker1102South Perth
K McIlroy1102Doubleview
L Strange110-3Warnbro
A Williams110-4Manning
C Hoffman110-8Mosman Park
M Douthie110-9North Beach
L Beurteaux110-9Mosman Park
R Moyle110-11Doubleview
K Pickering011-11Osborne Pk
G Caffell010-2Osborne Pk
P Davies010-4Kardinya
D Pattullo010-4Warnbro
D Rankin010-14Kardinya
S O'Neill010-18Osborne Pk
P Daley020-9Mosman Park
P Walker020-9North Beach
K Cousens020-13Warnbro
C Packer020-14Osborne Pk
S Novak020-17Kardinya
B Kalinowky020-17Warnbro
L Such020-21Manning