Another key round complete and we start to see who's who in the zoo. All predictions came through except for South Perth, which was always going to be a tight call, so few upsets across the board. Early days but the table is starting to take shape.
We still have 3 teams running a 0-2 start and 3 running a 2-0 & the rest stuck in the middle. All 3 top teams have tricky games next week so some interesting games ahead. The surprise seems to be Kardinya sitting with 2.5pts going into R3 and combined with their PL result over the wkend, it wasn't a great round for the Kats. On positive note, the Roo's & Warwick were very impressive & will battle it out next week for top honours.

Bandy, Dennis 28 v Krstic, Joe 22
Havercroft, Ryan 16 v Revell, Rod 31
Calvo, Dean 24 v Smith, Aaron 18
Roelefs, Bill 15 v O'Sullivan, Eugene 24

Another tight game from these 1 Blue promoted sides and again Basso hold the wood after edging the Millers on the home surface. It was neck and neck for pretty much the whole game with Basso pulling a few scores across the rinks around End 14-16 which made the 12 shot difference in the end.
Unsure I can remember Millers considering 95 shots at home considering their average last year was a miserable 70 shots conceded while playing at home. So Basso did very well in grabbing some big scores throughout the day. In saying that 83 shots for South Perth might also get you close to a win some weeks so clearly a open competitive game against two sides who like to score.
Bandy helped the Millers to a nice start by taking Krstic by 6 in a hard fought game. Bandy's side played well all day & back up a gutsy draw last week.
Havercroft's rink just couldn't get hold of a very good Revell side with them edging ahead all day with plenty of bowls in the head, making it a hard day for Havercroft's rink by losing by 15 shots which was probably the difference in making it competitive coming into the last few ends.
Calvo's side did an excellent job holding Smith's side to just 18 when on paper its one of the stronger sides with Smith coming down from the PL side. You would imagine this Basso rink will win a lot more than they lose so credit to Calvo's rink for winning by 6 shots. Calvo & Moretti were the stand outs providing excellent front & back end support.
On the final rink we had another anomaly with O'Sullivan comfortably taking the Roelofs rink by 9 shots. O'Sullivan probably edged the front end better then Roelofs guys, who them had their back end chasing for most of the day. Unsure when Roelofs has lost 2 games in a row but it's a 'Welcome to 1 White' start for South Perth after 2 rounds. Two good sides on the day but Basso probably didn't wish to be heading to R3 v Sorrento running a 0-2. Now Millers need to approach the next weeks in a different mindset as the next 2 games are Away then Sorrento at home.
Result: Bassendean 6 - 2
Prediction: South Perth 5 - 3

WARWICK 98 (7.5) v KARDINYA 66 (0.5)
Post, Jeffrey 34 v Fewings, Graeme 13
Borkowski, Jon 26 v Stokes, Craig 20
Ledingham, Brian 21 v Yates, Michael 16
Hinge, Geoffrey 17 v Knapp, Ross 17

A very strong performance by Warwick that puts serious question marks on a good Kardinya side, now running 0-2 to start the season. As expected Warwick were too strong across all rinks, however a good Knapp side managed to hold on for a hard fought draw against the ever tough Hinge rink.
Post had something of a field day on the Fewings rink, which now has leaked -32 shots over 2 weeks, so they might need to address some holes as they have 2 away games back to back. A loss to Morley next week will leave the Kats in a right pickle against a rampaging Wanneroo in R4.
Borkowski v Stokes was a good close game with Borkowski pushing over the line in the last few ends by 6. Ledingham had similar v Yates and got up by 5 in the end.
Warwick at home are a tough prospect so yes Kardinya will be disappointed but other than 1 rink they were not too far off the mark. If they can take these positives into R3 they'll bounce back just fine. Warwick continue their nice start & they are travelling very well so congrats to all on another great week. Looking forward to their R3 already, which just shade Sorrento for game of the Round next week.
Result: Warwick 7.5 - 0.5
Prediction: Warwick 6 - 2

SORRENTO 94 (7) v COCKBURN 75 (1)
Lander, Chris 27 v Krajancic, Marko 20
Taylor, Greg 23 v Marevich, Joe 18
Butler, Rhett 14 v TePania, William 19
Loftus, Shane 30 v Srhoy, Steve 18

Sorrento did what was expected of them & won well across 3 rinks. TePania was the only glowing light for the Roosters in their baptism of welcome to 1 White. It was never going to be easy going at Sorrento and most sides will probably struggle when they go there this year.
Lander held Krajancic for most of the day & stretched out the lead with some ease to win by 7 shots. Taylor bounced back nicely after last week & put 5 shots over on Marevich, which was exactly what he wanted taking Cockburn's best skipper.
Butler dropped by 4 to TePania in what was surely a great game by the TePania side if they held a free scoring Butler side to just 14 shots all game. Loftus v Srhoy went as expected with the Sorrento side pushing out some late scores to win by 12 shots.
There's certain value for Cockburn in knowing that Sorrento may beat other good sides by more than 19 shots at home this year so they'll move on quickly from this & focus on Ossie Pk at home in R3. Sorrento themselves continue to march on with little resistance but have an interesting trip to Basso in R3 which should help us understand where both teams might be at in the later rounds.
Result: Sorrento 7 - 1
Prediction: Sorrento 7 - 1

OSBORNE PARK 63 (0.5) v WANNEROO 92 (7.5)
DiGiuseppe, Fred 17 v Costello, Neville 21
Weir, Tod 12 v Ward, Hugh 24
Dewson, Michael 13 v Buchholz, Chris 26
Thorn, Jason 21 v Turra, Darren 21

After last weeks heroics it was back to reality for Ossie Pk as the Roo's came to play. Ossie Pk had the momentum but Wanneroo knew they couldn't go 0-2 for the start of the season & expect to only lose another 2-3 for the remaining 16 games.
Unsure what exactly went astray for Ossie Pk but they'll be pretty disappointed dropping nearly the full compliment at home, although they only won 4 home games (& abandoned game) last year & many of those were tight enough. Still taking the home games will be critical especially pre-xmas to keep the Finals dream alive coming into the 2nd half.
Costello had a very good win over DiGiuseppe by 4shots and set a solid standard for the rest to follow. Ward & Buchholz clearly read the script as they dominated Weir & Dewson for a 12 shot & 13 shot respective wins. Unsure if Dewson ended up playing with only 3 players, missing their 3rd (A.Garlick) but if so if clearly affected the final result and we hope it wasn't due to anything too serious. The final game was Thorn v Turra resulting in a 21-21 draw which was probably a fair result given 2 quality rinks having a great ding dong battle all day.
Ossie Pk will bounce back as Wanneroo get themselves on the winners board. Both sides have tough games in R3 but sitting 1-1 for both sides isn't the worst start but the Roos taking 7.5pts on the road is probably the take-away from R2.
Result: Wanneroo 7.5 - 0.5
Prediction: Wanneroo 6 - 2

ROSSMOYNE 98 (7) v MORLEY 68 (1)
Halse, Ray 23 v Mitchell, Wayne 19
Gollan,Edward 25 v Thomas, Jeremy 13
Lang, Rawley 16 v Sanders, Lindsay 24
Petchell, Allan 34 v Grieve, Gavin 12

The River Rats back up R1 performance with a solid display against Morley winning comfortably by nearly 30 shots. Basso showed this week that Rossmoyne first round performance will hold its form by winning away so Rossmoyne might be eyeing up top spot already. They have Millers next week & then tough assignment to Sorrento the week after so if they go 4-0 then there's no reason to not see them as top contenders.
Halse pushed late to take Mitchell by 4 and Lang went to opposite way v Sanders who took Morley sole point which was a strong performance winning by 8 in the end.
The bigger scores came from Gollan, taking Thomas by 12, which was a very good win considering Thomas won well the week before. However the cans definitely went to the Petchell rink after knocking Grieve over by 22 shots, which gives the Grieve's side a -38 shots over 2 rounds & a lot to think about. This was the majority of the 30 shot victory, so congrats to McSherry/Mitchell/Harvey/Petchell on another great display.
Result: Rossmoyne 7 - 1
Prediction: Rossmoyne 8 - 0

Osborne Park21102.514216287.656.5
South Perth2020415717291.284
J Post20033Warwick
H Ward20032Wanneroo
A Petchell20025Rossmoyne
J Borkowski20022Warwick
S Loftus20018Sorrento
C Lander20016Sorrento
E Gollan20013Rossmoyne
R Halse2007Rossmoyne
R Knapp10111Kardinya
J Thorn10111Osborne Park
D Bandy1016South Perth
D Calvo1016South Perth
G Hinge1011Warwick
R Revell11014Bassendean
F DiGiuseppe1107Osborne Park
L Sanders1107Morley
E O'Sullivan1105Bassendean
W TePania1104Cockburn
C Buchholz1104Wanneroo
R Butler1103Sorrento
M Yates110-3Kardinya
B Ledingham110-3Warwick
J Thomas110-4Morley
R Lang110-4Rossmoyne
N Costello110-4Wanneroo
S Srhoy110-8Cockburn
R Havercroft110-14South Perth
G Taylor110-15Sorrento
J Marevich011-5Cockburn
D Turra011-6Wanneroo
M Krajancic011-7Cockburn
C Stokes010-6Kardinya
I Barrie010-11Kardinya
J Krstic020-9Bassendean
A Smith020-9Bassendean
B Roelefs020-13South Perth
T Weir020-14Osborne Park
W Mitchell020-16Morley
M Dewson020-24Osborne Park
G Fewings020-32Kardinya
G Grieve020-38Morley