Perhaps a season defining round. When one looks at the fixtures ahead of the break Kalamunda and Mt Lawley have difficult draws and will struggle to win an aggregate. Quinns, Swan, Doubleview, Yokine and Mundaring will mostly play sides below them on the ladder in the same period. I expect Doubleview and Mundaring to maybe drop just one aggregate while the other three should win all three games. If this eventuates it means that we have three bottom sides, Stirling, Wanneroo and North Beach, one top side, Quinns, Kalamunda and Mt Lawley fighting out for 6th or 7th while Swan, Yokine, Doubleview and Mundaring will be in the mix for the last the last two finals spots.

KALAMUNDA 90 (6.5) v WANNEROO 74 (1.5)
 Wayne Olive 19 v Graham White  24
 Arthur Bartlett 20 v Kingsley Toster  20
 Peter Townsend 33 v Martin Nievelstein  13
 Rodney Cooper 18 v Rod Beazley  17

A 20 shot loss by the Nievelstein rink made aggregate impossible for Wanneroo. Wanneroo were once again very competitive across the other rinks but hard to make up 20 shots against a good side on their home track.
DOUBLEVIEW 123 (8) v STIRLING 35 (0)
 Gary Nelson 42 v Mane (Mick) Marovic  7
 Guy Herriot 27 v Nick Yaksich  11
 Michael Mckeague 29 v Paul Kelly  8
 Edward Johnson 25 v Sonny Franich  9

A most comprehensive win by Doubleview, scoring good numbers and restricting all but one of the Stirling rings to single digits, and that rink scored just 11. The Nelson rink lost their first game last week, boy did they avenge, a massive 35 shot win over a pretty good Marovic rink, they must have played superbly.
NORTH BEACH 67 (1) v YOKINE 82 (7)
 Peter Augustson 15 v Shane Shaw  23
 Gary Gregson 17 v Bradley Morrison  21
 John Bartorillo 16 v Trevor McGillivray  21
 Steven Wattleworth 19 v Anthony Kay  17

A good performance by Yokine to win away, it does cement their place as a finals contender. No blow out rinks and a small loss by the Kay rink, well done Yokine, a very consistent side this year.
 John Doncon 15 v John Berecz  22
 Rex Cox 22 v Barry Crawford  12
 Lindsay Pickles 25 v Brian Axford  19
 Geoffrey Bear 21 v Martin Hinchcliffe  26

The curse of the Mundaring green has struck again. Quinns are not the only side who has come away licking their wounds, however two points is acceptable at Mundaring. Led by a 10 shot win by the Cox rink and a solid victory by the Pickles rink Mundaring have said loud and clear that they will be near impossible to beat at home. Finals are on the cards.
MT LAWLEY 69 (1.5) v SWAN 79 (6.5)
 Paul Sinden 16 v David Park  20
 Laurence Kelly 14 v Phillip Park  23
 Mark Masel 21 v Alan Southern  18
 Anthony Einfeld 18 v Ian Cornthwaite  18

If Mt Lawley wanted to be in contention for finals they needed to beat Swan at home, they failed and have a real hard next three weeks against top rated sides. While the scores were close Swan did enough to collect a valuable 6 1/2 points and climb to second on the ladder. A comfortable draw over the next three weeks, finals well and truly in sight for Swan.
Quinns Rocks541014428355120.5630
Mt Lawley523011382370103.2419
North Beach51407.535539490.111.5
J Berecz50056Quinns Rocks
M Hinchcliffe41030Quinns Rocks
M Masel41024Mt Lawley
G Nelson41020Doubleview
B Morrison41014Yokine
A Einfeld30212Mt Lawley
P Park30027Swan
I Cornthwaite31136Swan
E Johnson31015Doubleview
A Southern32030Swan
J Doncon32023Mundaring
B Axford32011Quinns Rocks
S Shaw3207Yokine
D Park3206Swan
P Townsend3205Kalamunda
W Olive320-1Kalamunda
T McGillivray320-3Yokine
N Yaksich320-20Stirling
M McKeague20031Doubleview
A Bartlett221-4Kalamunda
R Hunter2208North Beach
G White2201Wanneroo
G Herriott2305Doubleview
A Kay2303Yokine
P Sinden2301Mt Lawley
R Cox230-1Mundaring
R Cooper230-3Kalamunda
P Augustson230-16North Beach
G Bear230-18Mundaring
A Schrauf1007North Beach
G Scorer1005Wanneroo
R Cantrill1003Quinns Rocks
S Wattleworth1002North Beach
A Wetzler1103Doubleview
C Tee110-2Wanneroo
C Parr110-11Quinns Rocks
I Lucev110-17Stirling
R Beazley1208Wanneroo
L Mitten120-1North Beach
M Nievelstein140-15Wanneroo
L Pickles140-16Mundaring
L Kelly140-25Mt Lawley
S Franich140-28Stirling
M Marovic140-40Stirling
W Langdon010-4Doubleview
P Geus010-6Wanneroo
C McKenna010-6Doubleview
G Gregson020-11North Beach
B Crawford020-16Quinns Rocks
G Malaspina020-33Swan
K Toster031-27Wanneroo
J Bartorillo031-28North Beach
P Kelly030-41Stirling