MANNING 71 (1.5) v SOUTH PERTH 79 (6.5)
 Thomas Mitchell 17 v Justin Opie  20
 Shane Knott 21 v Scott Walker  21
 Lee Such 21 v Ross Bresland  20
 Anthony Williams 12 v Glenn Pauling  18

This was tight match all day, any ones really at the end and it was South Perth who grabbed the opportunity to close it out by 8 shots and get 6.5 valuable which put themm into the top four and consign Manning to 9th spot. Mannings shift to A green in front the clubhouse appeared not to have worked in this game but still plenty of time to form an opinion on that move.
Game highlights and it was tight across the board, Opie and Pauling holding the reins in their matches while for Manning, Knott and Such were offsetting that with anarrow lead for South Perth. It remained nip and tuck to the end, with about 20 ends South Perth still 10 up but here we see Manning make their charge. Walker was up by 3 but Knott able to win the last 2 edns to draw that rink. Justin Opie was always well in front but Mitchell mounted a huge comeback to get within 2 and was holding 3 for the game before opie able to draw shot with his last and get the rink win.
With 4 ends to play and 2 rinks finished, 3 in the aggregate, the next 2 ends saw no change, Bresland grabbing the shot but then Williams grabbed it back. So with 2 to play and still 3 in the aggregate to South Perth. Bresland and his rink step up here and played their last end perfectly, Such not able to do much to cut down and they drop a 4. Such able to still win the rink by 1 but the aggregate blows out to 7. Williams tried to kill the end for his side but just missed, dropped a 1 and South Perth win a nail biter by 8.
 Lance Strahan 14 v Charles Slavich  20
 Slavko Perica 14 v Ryan Moyle  15
 Steven Rushforth 13 v John Slavich  24
 Pieter Harris 11 v Kyle Mcilroy  25

Gee don't Doubleview look scary at the moment, I know Cambridge had Ross Bolton and Clive Adams absent, but that is still a very good Cambridge side especially at Cambridge and Doubleview have won that 8-0, Doubleview looking good to get the threepeat. The big surprise was the demise of Pieter Harris who had been having a wonderful season but Kyle McIlroy got a hold of him to the tune of 14 shots. John Slavich winning by 11 over temporary skipper Steve Rushforth, brother Charlie winning by 6 over Lance Strahan and Ryan Moyle completed the set with 1 shot win over Sam Perica.
Adams still missing this week but they do play Warnbro at Warnbro, they would not want to drop this game and destroy their good start to the year. Doubleview also travelling, for them they go to South Perth on the Friday and what an enticing game that will promise to be.
KARDINYA 88 (8) v WARNBRO 57 (0)
 Daniel Brown 21 v William Baker  11
 Kevin McKay 24 v Kieran Cousens  14
 Steven Novak 23 v Lindsay Strange  15
 David Rankin 20 v Barry Kalinowsky  17

Kardinya are back with a 31 shot 8 point win over Warnbro and it was a win they were expected to win but you still have to win them, and this will give them some great confidence now going forward. All rinks have solid wins, Brown with a 10 shot gap over Baker, McKay replicating that margin with his win over Cousens. Steve Novak having a good season with an 8 shot victory over Lindsay Strange who is always tought to beat, while Rankin rounded out the full book with his 3 shot win over Kalinowsky.
Warnbro at home next week against Cambridge and they will find it tough but with Clive Adams absent they might get a couple of rink wins but can't see them winning overall. Kardinya the opportunity to show their season is back when they go to Bassendean to get 2 in a row.
OSBORNE PARK 95 (7.5) v NORTH BEACH 59 (0.5)
 Kevin Pickering 15 v Joe McGinlay  15
 Cody Packer 23 v Mark Douthie  20
 Gary Caffell 29 v Ron Kuziela  13
 Neville Stevens 28 v Paul Walker  11

After a slow start to the year Osborne Park are really starting to click as a unit with a comprehensive 7.5 points and 36 shot win over North Beach who to this point had been very competitive. In tricky windy conditions, it was Neville Stevens and his rink who bounced back from last week to beat Paul Walker by 17. The whole rink was quite dominant and Walker unable to have the answers. Gary Caffell and his rink as well in a superb display of bowls in the 16 shot win over Ron Kuziela. Caffell showing he has lost nothing in a great game of bowls.
The other 2 games a bit closer and the best shot at points for North Beach. The Packer Douthie game very high quality but it was 2 ends which played the major role in deciding this rink. While 2 down Packer drove the kitty in the ditch for 5, and then drew another for 6 and then the very next end solidifed that with a 5. 11 shots in 2 ends is devastating and Douthie tried hard, got it back in front again but Packer rallied and closed out the game to win by 3.
The drawn rink was a super game, Ryan Brown playing well as 2nd offset mainly against Joe McGinlay who also had a good game but really all 8 players contributed to a great game of bowls.
Osborne Park in a big game next week at Manning, North Beach back at home against Mosman Park in what will be a really interesting game between the 2 newest clubs in to the Premier League.
 Cameron Hoffman 14 v David Rhodes  23
 Dale Marsland 24 v Dan Nicholls  16
 Patrick Daley 15 v Simon Alden  20
 Louie Beurteaux 17 v Beau Manton  19

Our game and Mosman Park had us on the ropes early. Pat Daley had my rink 10-1, Louie Beurteaux shot out of the gates to be 6-0, Marsland and Nicholls were square and Rhodes was slightly up, so when Marsland started to get his roll going, it looked like a 7-1 win to Mosman Park. But then Manton and his rink got going, and Rhodes started to pull away and perhaps it was a 6-2 to Mosman. At end 14 in the Daley Alden game, Daley was 14-7 and looking good but we won the end and went long and that semed to have the dual effect of nullifying the Mosman Park rink but also the fillip for the Alden rink to pick up. When this happened it started looking like a 5-3 to Mosman Park, Marsland was 24-10 with 2 ends to go and the aggregate was tight and the home side slightly in front but a critical 20th end for Nicholls which almost sealed the aggregate for Bassendean when he got a 5 and closed the game down a solitary shot to lose by 8 but those 6 shots hugely important on the big board, Marsland was superb as skipper for his club. Alden hit the front and kept going to win by 5 but the big winner was David Rhodes who held the whip hand all day really over Cam Hoffman. Hoffman himself having a good day and saved plenty of shots, but he couldn't stop the Rhodes wave and it was a 9 shot win to him.
Bassendean at home to Kardinya in a big game next week and a chance for Bassendean to really space out from the 3rd placed side. Mosman Park in their crunch game at North Beach, contest we can all lick our lips about.
South Perth532010.5396367107.922.5
Osborne Pk532010398351113.3922
North Beach52308.535141883.9716.5
Mosman Park5230838239397.216
S Alden50033Bassendean
D Marsland41041Mosman Park
J Slavich41033Doubleview
K McIlroy41019Doubleview
C Slavich41017Doubleview
D Rhodes41015Bassendean
B Manton4105Bassendean
R Moyle4104Doubleview
S Walker31121South Perth
S Knott31115Manning
G Caffell31045Osborne Pk
N Stevens32027Osborne Pk
P Harris32022Cambridge
G Pauling32017South Perth
C Packer32014Osborne Pk
D Nicholls32012Bassendean
J Opie3205South Perth
M Douthie320-3North Beach
C Adams21013Cambridge
J McGinlay221-22North Beach
D Brown2204Kardinya
L Strange220-3Warnbro
D Rankin220-33Kardinya
K McKay2306Kardinya
S Perica2305Cambridge
A Williams2303Manning
S Novak230-3Kardinya
L Such230-11Manning
L Beurteaux230-14Mosman Park
R Kuziela230-19North Beach
C Biddle1008Warnbro
R Bolton1002Cambridge
L Strahan131-7Cambridge
N Griffin130-13South Perth
B Baker130-31Warnbro
T Mitchell140-11Manning
P Daley140-12Mosman Park
P Walker140-23North Beach
C Hoffman140-26Mosman Park
K Cousens140-30Warnbro
R Bresland010-1South Perth
P Davies010-4Kardinya
D Pattullo010-4Warnbro
S Rushforth010-11Cambridge
S O'Neill010-18Osborne Pk
D Golem010-20Kardinya
K Pickering032-21Osborne Pk
B Kalinowsky050-46Warnbro