At the end of round 7, with the apparent mandatory major upset we have a new ladder leader in 1 Blue North, the ever consistent, thankfully for my tipping, Yokine who lead Swan by 1 1/2 points with the early pacesetter Quinns a further 4 1/2 shots adrift of Swan.

MT LAWLEY 90 (6) v DOUBLEVIEW 80 (2)
 Anthony Einfeld 21 v Michael Mckeague  17
 Laurence Kelly 22 v Edward Johnson  25
 Mark Masel 27 v Guy Herriot  12
 Paul Sinden 20 v Gary Nelson  26

A close game as expected saw the Masel led rink win by 15 to make aggregate all but safe. Masel is in wonderful form and leading from the front. His fellow top skipper in Einfeld led his rink to a 4 shot victory while the rinks of Kelly and Sinden has narrow losses to shore up aggregate. Mt Lawley after two good wins now sit fourth on the ladder and are looming as finals contenders. Doubleview have been inconsistent and sit sixth on the ladder with the same number of rink wins as Mt Lawley, should they find the form they are finals contenders.
MUNDARING 80 (2) v STIRLING 87 (6)
 John Doncon 24 v Nick Yaksich  23
 Rex Cox 20 v Mane (Mick) Marovic  28
 Lindsay Pickles 14 v Sonny Franich  25
 Geoffrey Bear 22 v Unplayed  11

Well, well, well the inconsistent Mundaring make accurate tipping a nightmare, After a great away win against Doubleview last week they fronted up at home to Stirling, the bottom side who were well beaten at home by fellow cellar dweller Wanneroo last week. Mundaring were going to win easily, well Stirling decided otherwise and played wonderful well to achieve victory in the toughest away game in 1 Blue. Congratulations Stirling, if the can play as they did perhaps maintaining 1 Blue may be achievable. They are just two points away from automatic relegation although a distant 10 1/2 away from the safety of sixth. Mundaring sit fifth but have won just 12 rinks this year, which puts them in the bottom 4 for rink wins.
WANNEROO 58 (0) v YOKINE 113 (8)
 John Miller 12 v Anthony Kay  25
 Martin Nievelstein 17 v Bradley Morrison  22
 Kingsley Toster 19 v Trevor McGillivray  26
 Rod Beazley 10 v Shane Shaw  40

A very strong performance by Yokine to defeat Wanneroo away by 55 points and claim top position on the ladder, is 1 White a possibility. The way they are playing, the rinks working well together and I was told of a possible new inclusion in the new year who will further strengthen the front end, it is possible. But then again form has been very inconsistent in Blue North, excepting Yokine, and Quinns, Swan and Doubleview have the names, if they play to potential, gee it is a very competitive Blue North. Wanneroo remain in 9th position, this was their worst loss and they are better than that.
 Gary Gregson 19 v Barry Crawford  22
 Peter Augustson 17 v John Berecz  27
 Richard Aitken 22 v Martin Hinchcliffe  15
 Gavin Crosthwaite 25 v Brian Axford  17

A bit of an upset here, though I did expect North Beach to play to their potential sooner rather than latter. New skipper Aitken led his rink to a 7 shot win over the strong Hinchcliffe rink while Crosthwaite in his second game skippering led his rink to another big win. Quinns seem to have dropped away with 3 losses in a row and next weeks home game against Kalamunda is not easy though they are at home, they need to regroup quickly. North Beach sit 8th and are 8 1/2 from safety, early days yet but there were one of my favourites at the start of the year and they may yet justify my thoughts .
KALAMUNDA 64 (1) v SWAN 88 (7)
 Arthur Bartlett 17 v Ian Cornthwaite  21
 Peter Townsend 7 v Alan Southern  31
 Wayne Olive 17 v David Park  19
 Rodney Cooper 23 v Phillip Park  17

Kalamunda have been pretty good this year however, the loss of two quality skippers from last year was always going to be an issue. When the Southern rink is on they are one of the best in Blue North and they were certainly on in beating the Townsend rink, who have been good this year with 3 out 6 before this, by 22 shots to put aggregate out of doubt. The other rinks were close with 2 going to Swan and Kalamunda just the 1 point. Kalamunda sit seventh on with 12 1/2 rink wins to trail Doubleview by 3 1/2. Swan are looking ominous with fours wins on the trot.
Quinns Rocks743017579519111.5633
Mt Lawley743016553520106.3532
North Beach725011.551756491.6719.5
J Berecz61060Quinns Rocks
M Masel61047Mt Lawley
G Nelson61029Doubleview
B Morrison61026Yokine
A Einfeld50222Mt Lawley
A Southern52062Swan
S Shaw52040Yokine
D Park52031Swan
M Hinchcliffe52030Quinns Rocks
I Cornthwaite42127Swan
E Johnson4204Doubleview
A Kay43023Yokine
J Doncon43021Mundaring
R Cooper4308Kalamunda
G Bear4307Mundaring
T McGillivray430-1Yokine
P Park32013Swan
B Axford340-1Quinns Rocks
G Herriott340-7Doubleview
W Olive340-10Kalamunda
P Augustson340-18North Beach
P Townsend340-26Kalamunda
N Yaksich340-30Stirling
M Marovic340-31Stirling
G Crosthwaite20021North Beach
M McKeague22013Doubleview
R Hunter2208North Beach
G White2201Wanneroo
A Bartlett241-11Kalamunda
S Franich241-17Stirling
R Cox250-12Mundaring
P Sinden250-12Mt Lawley
L Pickles250-13Mundaring
L Kelly250-24Mt Lawley
A Schrauf1007North Beach
R Aitken1007North Beach
G Scorer1005Wanneroo
R Cantrill1003Quinns Rocks
A Wetzler1103Doubleview
P Geus1103Wanneroo
C Tee110-2Wanneroo
S Wattleworth110-6North Beach
C Parr110-11Quinns Rocks
I Lucev110-17Stirling
L Mitten120-1North Beach
R Beazley131-22Wanneroo
B Crawford130-21Quinns Rocks
K Toster141-25Wanneroo
M Nievelstein160-21Wanneroo
W Langdon010-4Doubleview
C McKenna010-6Doubleview
J Miller010-13Wanneroo
G Malaspina020-33Swan
J Bartorillo031-28North Beach
G Gregson040-37North Beach
P Kelly050-61Stirling