You would have to say that there were a couple of surprise results on Saturday, none more so than the magnificent victory by the Hilton Hawks over the ladder leaders Safety Bay, held at the fortress as well, just to rub salt into the wound.
The Thornlie Ravens giving the Manning Eagles a good old hiding also, although it all happened on one rink.
Leeming coming right as predicted, got that one correct, and the Mariners putting up a brave fight against Spearwood, but losing again.

SAFETY BAY 70 (2) v HILTON PARK 76 (6)
 Chris Carruthers 20 v Craig Standley  14
 Christopher Owen 17 v Travis Simpson  15
 Paul Beaumont 13 v Robert Hunter  26
 Ron Hall 20 v Gary Dodd  21

Well, what a great victory that the visiting Hawks were able to obtain at the normally impregnable fortress at the Bay. Even though most of the twenty six shot difference occurred on one rink, when the rink comprising Robbie Hunter, Chris McMahon, Gary Saint and Shaun Farrell comprehensively beat the Beaumont rink by thirteen shots.
The other win for the Hawks came courtesy of Gary Dodd and his team.
Carruthers and Hall winning for the home side, who were a little shell shocked by the enthusiasm of the Hawks I believe.
The Hawks on a roll, with a relatively easy home game to come before the break for Christmas.
 Chadd Hunt 22 v Peter Freund  20
 Brian Davis 11 v David Florance  27
 Blair Griffiths 16 v Michael Simms  19
 Craig Davis 17 v Robert Johnson  26

The Reds winning as predicted out at Armadale, gaining a solid but unspectacular victory by some twenty six shots, and picking up seven valuable points into the bargain.
The sole winner for the Storm, was Skip Chad Hunt, Ken Mackay, Steve Wasley and Dale Hunt, who beat the Freund four by two shots.
Florence, Simms and Johnson carrying the day for the visitors, with the Florance rink winning by sixteen shots.
MANNING 59 (0.5) v THORNLIE 82 (7.5)
 Alan Pryce 16 v Glyn Vaughan  17
 Graham O'Brien 16 v Norman Holden  20
 Stephen Hughes 18 v Glenn Sewell  18
 Shane Adams 9 v Gary Beckwith  27

The result of this game was a massive surprise to me, as I wrongly predicted that Eagles would absolutely devour the Ravens, but no, the visiting Ravens won crowing by twenty three shots at the finish.
Most of this win occurred between the game of Beckwith versus Adams, when Gary and his boys completely towelled up the Adams family, plus Jolly and Lill. A little birdie tells me that the game was mainly won up front, where the experienced duo of Riggio and Rewell had belters.
Close wins to Vaughan and Holden, with a draw on the other game between Hughes and Sewell.
Manning report

They say that Ravens are scavengers that survive on the left over carcasses of other animals. Well the Thornlie Ravens didn’t get that memo. They flew into Manning on Saturday, consumed a points meal of 7.5, then went home leaving ONLY the Eagle carcass of 0.5 points behind.
On a slower than expected green, due to a heavy downfall prior to the start of the game, it was the Thornlie team that adjusted much better and much quicker. By End 13 Thornlie were dominating, up on 3 rinks by 24 shots, with only the Hughes Rink looking to be in any sort of control for Manning, up by 6.
As the day went on things only got worse for the Eagles, as even the Hughes rink found themselves in a slump, losing 5 of the last 6 ends to finish with, what some may say was fortunate, a draw. Fortunately, some other results have helped Manning to remain in what is still a tightly packed 1 Blue South Ladder. All Rinks will be looking for big improvements next week when they head to the Home of the Kookaburras.

O’Brien, Ellis, Andrew, Evans 16
Holden, Pohe, Dodd, Thorn 20
Another close one here for the O’Brien rink. This is a good rink that doesn’t seem to be getting any luck. But these guys won’t be looking for luck for their next win, it will be coming from hard work and determination.

Pryce, McILHeney, Rees, Lambert 16
Vaughan, Churcher, Stean, Separovich 17
16-14 up with one end to play, The Eagles like they would at least get 1 point for the day. Enter Skipper Vaughan. With the last bowl of the match, Vaughan moved the jack to not only take A shot, but collect 3 shots and the rink win.

Adams, Adams, Jolly, Lill 9
Beckwith, White, Rewell, Riggio 27
The 4 best players on this rink all came from the same team! The Eagles team kept getting bowls into shot position all day…but the Ravens’ team just kept getting them closer. On one end Manning were holding 2 shots, both within half a centimeter from jack, when Third White came in and drew shot.

Hughes, Hogg, Hughes, McCloskey 18
Sewell, Collier, Walker, Mitchell 18
As mentioned, the Hughes rink was seeming like the only bright light for most of the day, however even that light was extinguished by a Ravenous Ravens rink that come home strong in the second half.

 Barry Coote 22 v Ivan Perica  21
 Peter Wachmer 20 v Vled Pesich  19
 Wayne Heldt 16 v Ken Nadilo  24
 Mark Gill 21 v Ivan Unkovich  19

Another game where the Mariners have lost another close contest by just four shots, but picking up a valuable three points in the process. The only winning rink for Spearwood was that of Ken Nadilo, Ivo Dragicevich, Mark Krajancic ( Junior ) and Petkovich who won by eight over Wayne Heldt, this was enough to carry the day for the visitors.
Gill, Wachmer and Coote, with their teammates tried valiantly for the Mariners, but couldn’t quite bridge the gap.
The Hawks with another very winnable game next week, with the Mariners up against the surging Hawks.
LEEMING 88 (7.5) v GOSNELLS 52 (0.5)
 Karl Vandersluys 21 v Brett Holland  15
 Alexander Anderson 27 v Maurice Crabb  14
 Gary Ford 25 v Frank Carbone  8
 James Newton 15 v Grant Nicol  15

At least I got the result of this game right, with the Lions finally firing on all four rinks at last.
A Thirty Six shot margin, and 7.5 points into the bargain, the home side finally roaring.
The equal match winning rink of Alex Anderson, Norm Shannon, Jim Bowden and Dean Cleal giving the Crabb rink a good hiding by thirteen shots. Whilst the foursome of Ford, Burgess, Freeman and Lipple were the giant killers, with a big win over the Carbone four.
Safety Bay752019598495120.8139
Hilton Park752016607503120.6836
Victoria Park Carlisle725010.554358592.8218.5
G Beckwith61046Thornlie
K Vandersluys61045Leeming
S Hughes51131Manning
C Owen51025Safety Bay
R Hunter52053Hilton Park
C Carruthers52045Safety Bay
G Vaughan52040Thornlie
R Hall52028Safety Bay
B Holland52020Gosnells
K Nadilo52014Spearwood
J Newton42121Leeming
G Nicol4214Gosnells
C Standley43033Hilton Park
I Unkovich4308Spearwood
F Carbone430-5Gosnells
T Simpson3306Hilton Park
P Wachmer330-17Fremantle
M Crabb330-19Gosnells
B Coote330-34Fremantle
S Adams34022Manning
G Dodd3402Hilton Park
G Ford3400Leeming
G Quann20030Manning
S McCormack20029Fremantle
A Daddow21014Safety Bay
J Hiskins210-1Victoria Park Carlisle
M Gill210-1Fremantle
P Beaumont220-7Safety Bay
D Florance230-2Victoria Park Carlisle
A Pryce24116Manning
N Holden2417Thornlie
R Johnson241-4Victoria Park Carlisle
V Pesich241-13Spearwood
W Heldt240-8Fremantle
B Davis240-36Armadale
A Anderson250-11Leeming
M Simms250-19Victoria Park Carlisle
G Sewell10113Thornlie
J Bajic10010Hilton Park
D Innes1006Gosnells
N Staude1001Victoria Park Carlisle
P Freund1104Victoria Park Carlisle
I Perica1204Spearwood
B Jeppeseon1200Manning
N Silich130-29Spearwood
T Churcher140-26Thornlie
C Hunt140-33Armadale
D Bacich140-47Fremantle
B Heta140-62Armadale
B Griffiths150-70Armadale
T Dellar010-2Safety Bay
G O'Brien020-11Manning
C Davis020-38Armadale
J Holland030-21Victoria Park Carlisle