Wow what a Round for upsets and the underdogs absolutely ruled the roost. Myself and the crystal ball have gone into relationship counselling after such a bum steer on those predictions!!!
Unsure of the chances but having nearly all the bottom teams winning is quite something, especially when the chips were down. Unfortunately for them, having everyone pick up some portion of points together means the points increase but the status quo remains somewhat similar. Some of these teams were looking to start a nice purple patch run but now end up black & blue after getting knocked about. Great to see the bottom sides grit the teeth & pull off some serious upsets. Well done to Morley, South Perth, Bassendean & Kardinya.
The real winner which most won't want to hear (from a 'keeping it interesting' point of view) is Sorrento. The following 4 teams all lost (Ossy Pk, Rossmoyne, Wanneroo, Warwick) & the Swans won an absolute cracker to Osborne Park. They cruise to a 13pts lead & with it, a serious look at PL. Yes of course they could fall apart & drop the ball over the 2nd half of the season but they would need to lose maybe 4 games, which is possible for any team but it's not really about how many games do they need to lose, it's about who can catch them. Maybe nobody wants to catch them & are happy to fight out for 2nd, who knows. At this point it's really only Osborne Park that can grab them but the issue for them is even if the Swans dropped 5 games from here they would need to go 9 from 10 from here, which isn't impossible just improbable.

 Jovan Krstic 26 v Hugh Ward  10
 Rodney Revell 14 v Neville Costello  19
 Eugene O'Sullivan 23 v Chris Buchholz  14
 Michael Erceg 17 v Darren Turra  26

The Lions came out roaring from the start & took it to Wanneroo across the 4 rinks. Wanneroo did pretty well fighting back through the mid section & it was very close coming into the last few ends but Basso dug deep & drove it over the line.
Krstic v Ward set up the Agg for Basso as they pulled off a big margin win by 16shots against a Ward side who have being travelling pretty well especially at the start but that's only 1 win from 4 now for them.
Rocket had another close loss to Costello by 5shots. Costello seemed to have a late change with Binnie in for Denny which seemed to work pretty well for the Roo's against a strong Basso rink. Dropping a big number on the 2nd last end was probably the difference for Basso but overall a close game. O'Sullivan v Buchholz was exacted what the Basso rink needed, a nice 9shot win over a top rink to bring them 2 from 3 after the 1 from 4 start.
Turra has also bounced back nicely after not winning over the first 3 rounds to now 3 in a row against some tough skippers too. That 9 shot win gave the Roo's every chance late on but Basso had the buffer coming into the final few ends to bring this home & keep the points ticking over.
Result: Bassendean 6 - 2
Prediction: Wanneroo 6 - 2

COCKBURN 71 (4) v MORLEY 71 (4)
 Marin Sokol 21 v Wayne Mitchell  19
 William TePania 16 v Wayne Barker  20
 Josip (Joe) Marevich 21 v Raymond (Tom) Dawson  12
 Mirko Musulin 13 v Lindsay Sanders  20

Unsure if we're calling this a shock result as it's 7th playing 10th but certainly had to recheck the scoring on the website a few times as I originally presumed it was the weird gremlins of the new Bowls WA website setup. However, the results were right in the end & congrats to Morley for putting on a great score of determined bowls. A 4 pt draw is as good as a win so they'll take a lot from this.
The Roosters might be kicking themselves as this was not the start to their nice purple patch they were dreaming of but 4pts is better than a loss. Cockburn are now heading into the trouble zone with only 1 win from 6 now & only 4.5pts off 9th spot.
Sokol v Mitchell was a tight contest but Sokol's rink pushed through late on to register 2 from 3 in his new skippering role which greatly helped the Roosters get the Agg. TePania v Barker swung to Parker rink by 4 shots for a huge win for the Mavericks. What I would like to single out under the kudo's this week is the Mavericks bravery which other clubs seem to continue to miss. Morley have identified a need in the skippering role & taken the risk to blood in Barker & back him. The result is Parker has got a baptism of fire like no other. His first game skippering last week was against Landers (top skipper) where he only lost on the 21st end & this week he gets TePania (at home) & wins by 4. Hopefully things will continue well for Barker's rink & they'll continue the good form.
Marevich held Dawson by 9shots but was comfortable for most of the day & this result certainly prevented at critical home loss for the Roosters. Musulin dropped by 7 to Sanders who has now upped his winning to 3 from 7 to be one of the better winning rinks.
Cockburn now have Basso at home & after a contrasting set of results for both sides this game is now wide open.
Result: Draw 4 - 4
Prediction: Cockburn 7 - 1

 Shane Loftus 17 v Michael Dewson  19
 Shane Ernest Rixom 13 v Fernando Di Giuseppe  16
 Rhett Butler 31 v Jason Thorn  15
 Christopher Lander 26 v Tod Weir  15

Huge game for both sides that probably had further consequences for everyone else in the top 4 or 5. 22 shots covered the Agg in the end & Sorrento did it quite comfortably which is a danger for the others.
Loftus got on the wrong end of Dewson, who's side is running hot at the moment. They were 0-3 at the start then roll in the Pasalich brigade & boom 4-0. Some close games in there but the are winning & more importantly it's closing a nice gap in the Saints armour. That's Loftus first defeat for the season so he won't dwell on that too much. Then DiGiuseppe got the run on Rixom by 3 shots & suddenly the Saints were looking like a chance for the Agg. That's 6 from 7 for the DiGiuseppe rink which is very impressive, especially considering Rixom was also unbeaten for the season.
Butler v Thorn is when this game started to drift dramatically from the Saints. When the Butler rinks gets up & about it hard to curb the ‘enthusiasm’ & they got rolling with a huge 16shot margin to give the Swans a huge chance of the Agg. Lander followed suit v Weir by 11 shots in another huge display against one of the Saints inform sides. Weir was travelling very well but so is the Landers rink so it sounded like a fantastic contest by 2 top sides.
Ossy Pk will dust down & get ready to focus on a now ‘not so easy’ Mavericks at home, knowing they still hold a good 2nd spot on the ladder. Sorrento have Warwick away but on this form it’ll be one they’re looking forward to.
Result: Sorrento 6 - 2
Prediction: Sorrento 6 - 2

ROSSMOYNE 70 (1) v KARDINYA 83 (7)
 Allan Petchell 17 v Michael Yates  22
 Rawley Lang 16 v Ross Knapp  23
 Edward Gollan 22 v Graeme Fewings  14
 Lee Jervies 15 v Craig Stokes  24

The upsets continued for the River Rats, who were looking for a few strong weeks to put together some solid home wins but nobody advised the Kats & they pounced on the opportunity & nearly took all 8pts.
Petchell v Yates was probably what the crowd got around on Sat afternoon as 2 top skippers went toe to toe. Yates coming out by 5 shots was exactly what the Kats needed & even a small loss contained Rossmoynes top side which allowed the others to take advantage. Knapp took good advantage over Lang with both skippers looking for another good win to steady the ship. Take 7shot victory gave the Kats a huge chance on top of Yates win.
However Gollans side stood tall v Fewings & pulled back a vital 8shots to bring it back to the final rink. Which was Jervies v Stoke & it was the Kats Stoke who came flying home with a huge 9 shot win to give Kardinya a massive 7pts & great confidence going forward.
That’s 1 win from the last 4 games for Rossmoyne as the hopes of topping the ladder fade. The take away was that all the other teams from 2nd to 5th lost so it could of been a lot worse as they still sit 3rd, although only 0.5pt from Wanneroo who are 4th & who they play next week, which should be interesting.
Result: Kardinya 7 - 1
Prediction: Rossmoyne 6 - 2

SOUTH PERTH 87 (6) v WARWICK 70 (2)
 Bill Roelofs 28 v Geoffrey Hinge  15
 Gregory Reagan 17 v Jon Borkowski  21
 Michael McRae 16 v Brian Ledingham  21
 Dean Calvo 26 v Jeffery Post  13

Another major upset was at Mends St where the Millers finally got the mojo together to run through Warwick quite convincingly by 17shots. It’s a valuable 6pts for South Perth & the only shine taken off that great win was the unusual circumstances where all surrounding teams also stocked up on some points.
Roelofs v Hinge game was close for most parts but their rink pulled away late to stretch out the lead & get back to winning ways after some rough weeks. Reagan’s tough weeks continue as he drops to 6 from 7 losses but Borkowski is a tough competitor, who’s travelling well. McRae v Ledingham was a great tough contest & the Warwick rink played the bigger shots late on. Calvo v Post went the way of the Millers as they finished strong. The win seemed to come from a great front end performance by Moretti & Holmes who’ve done very well over the initial Rounds & Moretti has been a great addition to their 1 White side.
A big win next week v Kats should see them jump up maybe even take the Kats current position with a big win. Warwick will surely bounce back after 2 losses in row but Sorrento next week will make things a little tricker
Result: South Perth 6 - 2
Prediction: Warwick 6 - 2

Osborne Park752016.5559536104.2936.5
South Perth72501155558794.5519
C Lander70070Sorrento
F DiGiuseppe61052Osborne Park
E Gollan61034Rossmoyne
R Butler51150Sorrento
M Yates51018Kardinya
J Borkowski52030Warwick
S Loftus41243Sorrento
C Buchholz43033Wanneroo
W TePania43021Cockburn
A Petchell43014Rossmoyne
N Costello43010Wanneroo
H Ward4306Wanneroo
M Dewson430-16Osborne Park
J Marevich32210Cockburn
D Calvo32114South Perth
D Turra32112Wanneroo
R Knapp33130Kardinya
B Roelefs33125South Perth
T Weir331-1Osborne Park
G Fewings331-7Kardinya
J Post34024Warwick
E O'Sullivan340-5Bassendean
L Sanders340-6Morley
B Ledingham340-26Warwick
G Hinge214-2Warwick
S Rixom21020Sorrento
R Halse2106Rossmoyne
M Sokol210-8Cockburn
D Bandy221-8South Perth
G Taylor220-29Sorrento
J Thorn232-12Osborne Park
J Krstic2414Bassendean
R Lang240-18Rossmoyne
C Stokes240-35Kardinya
R Revell25012Bassendean
W Mitchell250-39Morley
D Green1001Rossmoyne
W Barker1103Morley
S Srhoy121-20Cockburn
M Erceg121-22Bassendean
M Musulin120-6Cockburn
R Havercroft120-27South Perth
T Dawson130-31Morley
J Thomas140-44Morley
J Opie0010South Perth
S Kelly010-1South Perth
A Sharp010-5South Perth
M McRae010-5South Perth
B Henley010-9Kardinya
I Barrie010-11Kardinya
E Widermanski010-11Wanneroo
L Gervies022-20Rossmoyne
M Krajancic022-24Cockburn
G Reagan030-25South Perth
A Smith030-25Bassendean
G Grieve030-44Morley